Canada Post Out For Delivery Scan(Everything You Need To Know)

Seeing that coveted “out for delivery” scan on your Canada Post tracking can be an exciting moment. Your package is so close – just one final step away from arriving on your doorstep. But what exactly does this tracking status indicate? And what happens behind the scenes to get a parcel from the postal facility to your address after this scan?

This comprehensive guide will walk through the full meaning and implications of an “out for delivery” scan. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this important tracking event.

What Exactly Does “Out For Delivery” Mean?

An “out for delivery” scan is one of the last tracking updates you’ll see before a package arrives at its destination. It indicates that the parcel has left the local postal facility and is now physically on board a delivery vehicle for transportation to the recipient’s address.

In other words, it means that a Canada Post mail carrier has loaded your package into their truck, along with the rest of that day’s mail and parcels slated for delivery. So an “out for delivery” scan signals that delivery is imminent – you can expect the package to arrive sometime later that same day.

Why This Scan Marks a Major Milestone

Seeing this scan is a major milestone because it means your package has passed several key processing stages within the postal network. It arrived from the sender to your local sorting facility, where equipment scanned its barcode and sorted it accordingly.

The parcel was then transported to the correct local post office responsible for final delivery to your address. Here, mail carriers loaded it into their vehicles to go out on predetermined delivery routes.

So this scan indicates your package is completely sorted, transported, and ready for the very last leg of its journey – straight to your mailbox or doorstep.

What Comes Next After This Scan?

Once the “out for delivery” scan appears, the next tracking status you should see is “delivered” when your mail carrier successfully drops off your package.

Sometimes, if the parcel gets transferred between multiple vehicles before reaching your neighborhood, you may see another “out for delivery” scan when it gets loaded onto a new truck.

However, if delivery cannot be completed for any reason, you’ll see “notice card left” or “delivery attempted” instead. This means the carrier left a pickup notice for you to retrieve your package from your local post office.

Adverse weather, emergencies, or other disruptions can also result in a “delivery delayed” scan after your package is already out on the route.

Why Does an “Out For Delivery” Scan Not Always Lead to Delivery?

While most packages do arrive as scheduled after this scan, it’s not a 100% guarantee of delivery. Sometimes parcels fail to show up on the expected delivery date even with an “out for delivery” scan in the system. There are a few potential reasons:

  • Incorrect Routing: Package was misrouted and went out on the wrong delivery route.
  • Unscanned Notice Card: Carrier left a notice card but failed to scan it as “notice left.”
  • Disrupted Route: Severe weather, emergencies, or other issues significantly delayed or halted delivery.
  • Damaged Parcel: Package was damaged somewhere along the route before delivery could be completed.

Troubleshooting a Missing Delivery After This Scan

If your package still hasn’t arrived one or two days after an “out for delivery” scan, contact Canada Post to investigate. Provide them with the tracking number and inquire if another delivery attempt is scheduled.

Potential actions they may take include:

  • Searching postal facilities to see if the parcel is still onsite
  • Contacting the assigned carrier to verify the status
  • Submitting a Service Ticket to resolve the problem if the package appears lost
  • Reimbursing you for the value of the contents if the item is confirmed lost

How to Track an “Out For Delivery” Scan

Canada Post offers several tracking options to follow your package up to the coveted “out for delivery” status:

  • Check online via the Canada Post Tracking tool
  • Use the Canada Post mobile app on your smartphone
  • Sign up for email or SMS tracking alerts and notifications
  • Reference the printed tracking barcode from your original receipt
  • Call Canada Post’s toll-free customer service line for status updates

What To Do When You Receive This Scan

Once you receive that “out for delivery” scan, here are some tips:

  • Be available to receive the delivery or ensure someone else will be present
  • Have a safe place for the carrier to leave the package if you’re not home
  • Clear any potential obstacles or hazards from your walkway
  • Provide gate codes or other access if required to reach your door
  • Be prepared to show ID for signature verification if required
  • Keep your tracking notifications handy in case you need to contact Canada Post

The Final Stage of Your Package’s Journey

While mail processing and transportation happens behind the scenes, an “out for delivery” scan signals your package is on the final leg of its route. Driven by the Canada Post employee who will ultimately deliver your parcel, this scan builds anticipation and excitement that the package is virtually here. So when you see it appear in your tracking, be on the lookout for your delivery!

Key Takeaways About “Out For Delivery” Scans:

  • Signals the package is fully processed and on a mail truck en route for delivery
  • Typically the final scan before a successful delivery is completed
  • Indicates the parcel is on the way and will arrive that day unless disrupted
  • Does not guarantee delivery as issues can arise even after this point
  • Contact Canada Post if no delivery occurs a few days after this status
  • Use Canada Post’s tracking tools to monitor progress up through this milestone

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