Yanwen Facility Everything You need To Know!

Yanwen tracking allows you to track your shipments and parcels sent via Yanwen Logistics. This guide will provide everything you need to know about Yanwen package tracking and delivery times.

What is Yanwen Logistics?

Yanwen is a leading logistics company in China that provides domestic and international express delivery services. It offers various shipping options like Yanwen Economic Air Mail, Yanwen Express, Yanwen Special Line, and Yanwen International Express. Yanwen often acts as an intermediary shipper, delivering packages from China to destinations across the world.

How to Track a Yanwen Shipment

Tracking a Yanwen package is easy. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Yanwen’s tracking website or use a universal tracking tool.
  • Enter your Yanwen tracking number. Tracking number formats usually start with two capital letters like RR, EY, LP, RV etc.
  • Click track and your Yanwen parcel’s current status and location will be displayed.

You can also track Yanwen shipments directly on courier websites like USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail etc. Just paste your tracking number and double-check your tracking details.

Yanwen Tracking Number Format

Yanwen tracking numbers are alpha-numeric codes starting with 2 capital letters followed by a combination of digits. For example:

  • RR123456789CN
  • EY987654321US

The first two letters indicate the service type – Yanwen International, Yanwen Express etc. The digits are unique shipment identifiers and the last two letters denote origin and destination country.

How to Contact Yanwen Customer Support

If you have any queries about your shipment or tracking is not updating, you can contact Yanwen customer service. You can email them at [email protected] or call their support helpline. Make sure to have your tracking number handy when you contact them.

Yanwen Delivery Time by Service

Yanwen offers various shipping services catering to different delivery timeframes:

  • Yanwen Economic Air Mail – Takes 35 to 60 days for delivery
  • Yanwen Express – Delivers within 14 to 28 days
  • Yanwen Special Line – Takes 6 to 25 days for shipping
  • Yanwen International Express – Offers the fastest delivery in 6 to 19 days

Shipments to North American countries and regions outside China generally take longer than deliveries within China. Yanwen shipping times also depend on destination, shipment size, and customs clearance.

How to Track Yanwen Shipments: Key Takeaways

  • Use Yanwen’s website or universal tracking tools to track parcels
  • Yanwen tracking numbers begin with two letters like RR, RV, EY etc
  • Economic Air Mail takes over a month while Express services deliver within 4 weeks
  • Contact Yanwen customer support if you have any tracking issues
  • Enter correct tracking number and verify shipment details for accurate tracking

Knowing how to track Yanwen packages will help ensure you get updates on your delivery status and location. With proper tracking, you’ll always know where your parcels are.

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