PostNL: The Consignment Has Arrived In The Country Of Destination

If you’ve ordered a package that’s being shipped internationally via PostNL, you may have gotten an alert that your package has arrived in the destination country. But what exactly does this mean? And what happens next for your package? Read on for a full overview of what to expect when PostNL says your consignment has reached its destination country.

When PostNL indicates your package has reached the destination country, it means your item has arrived in the country where it will ultimately be delivered. This is a major milestone in the international shipping process – it means your package has successfully crossed borders and passed through customs to enter the delivery country.

However, there are still a few steps to go before your item is delivered. Arriving in the destination country does not necessarily mean out for delivery or available for pickup. There is typically some processing and transportation time before the package is ready for the final delivery to you.

What Happens When a PostNL Package Arrives in the Destination Country?

Once an international PostNL package arrives in the destination country, a few key things occur:

  • Customs Processing: If customs clearance was not finalized at the originating country, the package will likely undergo customs inspection and clearance in the destination country before release. This ensures all required duties and taxes are paid.
  • Carrier Transfer: PostNL will transfer the package to the local delivery partner or postal service who will handle final transportation and delivery. This may be PostNL themselves or another carrier.
  • Transportation to Delivery Area: The package is transported from the international arrival facility to the sorting center nearest the delivery address. It may stop at postal service hubs along the way.
  • Out for Delivery Scan: The local carrier scans the package as out for delivery when it departs the local post office or facility for the final delivery run.
  • Delivery Completed: The postal courier delivers the package to the recipient address and scans it as delivered.

This entire process usually takes at least 1-3 business days after arriving in the country but can vary based on customs, holidays, and other factors. Continue monitoring the tracking status for updates.

How Long Until Delivery After Arriving in Destination Country?

Most PostNL packages take 1-4 business days after arriving in the destination country before final delivery. However, it depends on these key factors:

  • Where in the country it arrived – Distance to delivery address matters
  • How quickly it clears customs
  • If transfer to local carrier is fast and efficient
  • Weekends and holidays that cause delays
  • Local mail and carrier operations

Shipments to major cities and logistics hubs tend to process faster than remote areas. Prioritize monitoring the tracking details once it arrives in country for the most accurate delivery estimate.

What Does the Tracking Status Mean When It Arrives?

PostNL and partner carriers use various scans and tracking status messages to indicate a package has arrived in the country. Here are some common ones:

  • Arrived at Destination
  • Arrived in Country
  • Arrived at International Service Center
  • Foreign Acceptance
  • Received at Facility
  • Arrived at Local Facility

These all indicate the package has reached the destination country. Look for details like the city or facility name to identify where specifically it has arrived.

Can I Pick Up the Package?

Once a PostNL package arrives in the delivery country, you typically cannot request to pickup the package or redirect it to a new address. The delivery address is set when shipping.

However, if delivery fails after multiple attempts, the package may be returned to the local postal facility for pickup. The tracking should indicate this return to sender status.

Troubleshooting Tips After Arrival in Destination

If your PostNL package seems delayed or stuck after arriving in the destination country, here are some tips:

  • Confirm the address entered correctly – mistakes cause failed delivery
  • Contact PostNL customer service for assistance
  • Check if a duties/taxes payment is required before release
  • See if a signature is required and not able to be provided
  • Look for return to sender scans or notices

Getting a package successfully from origin to destination involves many international touchpoints. Arriving in the destination country is a great step, but there’s still a bit more to go. Monitor the tracking closely and be proactive with customer service to get your package as fast as possible.

Key Takeaways When Your PostNL Shipment Arrives in the Destination Country

If you receive a notice your PostNL package has arrived in the delivery country, keep these tips in mind:

  • It still needs customs clearance if not done already
  • PostNL transfers it to the local postal carrier
  • Expect 1-4 more days for final delivery
  • Check tracking for arrival scans and current status
  • Address mistakes can prevent successful delivery
  • Customer service can investigate any delays or issues

International delivery involves many moving parts, but you’re on the home stretch once your item arrives in the destination country. Stay informed on the tracking and proactive with customer service for smooth final delivery. Your PostNL package will be in your hands before you know it!

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