“Shipment Has Been Given a Release Status by Customs” – What Does it Mean for Your DHL Shipment?

Have you checked your DHL tracking info and seen the message – “Shipment has been given a release status by customs”? Don’t worry, this is a good sign that your package is moving through the international shipping process. In this article, we’ll explain what this status update means and what to expect next for your DHL express package.

What Does “Given a Release Status” Mean for a DHL Shipment?

When an international DHL shipment is given a release status, it means that the package has cleared customs clearance in the destination country. This is a very positive step, as it means your parcel has passed inspection and been approved to proceed to DHL for final delivery.

The “release status” indicates that your shipment is no longer being held or delayed by customs. Unless there is an adhoc physical inspection or a stop by another regulatory authority, your DHL package will now move forward to the delivery facility.

Why Would a Shipment Be Held Up in Customs in the First Place?

Shipments sent via DHL internationally go through a customs clearance process in the destination country before final delivery. This involves the customs authority inspecting the paperwork, assessing any duties or taxes owed, and clearing the item for import.

Delays can happen if there are issues with the shipping documents, if customs decides to do a physical inspection of the package contents, or if another government agency needs to review the shipment. Many countries have complex customs regulations, so it’s common for international deliveries to be held up during this process.

What Comes Next After “Given a Release Status”?

Once DHL receives the notice that your package has made it through customs and has been given a release, the shipment will proceed to the nearest DHL facility for processing and final delivery.

You can expect that delivery will happen fairly quickly after this point. The package is already in the destination country and has cleared the biggest potential hurdle—customs clearance. As long as there are no other stops or inspections required, the item will now move to the delivery stage.

Continue monitoring the DHL tracking number and status updates. The next scans and messages you see will reflect the shipment’s progress towards the final destination as it transfers through DHL hubs and vehicles.

What If My Shipment Status Doesn’t Update After “Given a Release”?

In most cases, you can expect your DHL delivery to get moving again quickly after being given release from customs hold. But if a day or more goes by after this status update with no further scans or progress, it may indicate another delay.

Some potential reasons your DHL shipment might still be stuck after getting customs release:

  • Additional regulatory review is required by a government agency before final release.
  • There is an ongoing customs discrepancy that needs resolved.
  • The package was mistakenly set aside for inspection after clearing customs.
  • There are weather or mechanical delays slowing movement.

If your package seems to be stuck in limbo after getting release status, don’t hesitate to contact DHL and speak to a representative. They can look into what’s holding up your shipment, provide time estimates, and resolve any issues.

Key Takeaways on “Given a Release Status”

  • This status means your DHL international shipment has cleared customs at the destination country. It’s a major milestone!
  • Packages can be delayed in customs due to paperwork problems, inspections, taxes, etc. Getting past this hurdle is great news.
  • After release, the package will proceed to DHL for quick processing and delivery to the recipient address.
  • Monitor tracking closely and contact DHL if your package stops moving again after this status update.
  • “Given a release status” means your shipment has crossed a major hurdle and is now on the home stretch towards delivery!

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