Canada Post “International Item Mailed In Originating Country”(Explainer)

Have you ever ordered an item online from another country and waited anxiously for it to arrive in the mail? Waiting for an international package can be frustrating when you don’t have clear tracking information. This article will explain what it means when Canada Post shows the tracking status “international item mailed in originating country” and provide tips on how to track your package from Canada Post.

Why Tracking International Packages is Important

When ordering online and having items shipped internationally, tracking numbers become essential. Tracking provides visibility into where your package is and when you can expect it to be delivered. This is especially important for international orders which can take weeks or even months to arrive. Without tracking, you’re left guessing when or if your package will show up.

What the Status Means

If you look up your Canada Post tracking number online and see the status “international item mailed in originating country,” it simply means the sender has shipped your item from their country of origin. This is the first tracking scan when an international parcel begins its journey.

It indicates your package was mailed from the sender’s country and has left their regional postal system. The item is on the way but has not yet reached Canada. This status will update once the package arrives in Canada and gets further scans.

What Countries Use Canada Post?

Canada Post serves as the postal service for Canada. It also handles many inbound international packages sent to Canadian addresses.

Some major countries that frequently use Canada Post for shipping to Canada include the United States, China, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Packages from these regions will transfer into the Canada Post system once they arrive in Canada for final delivery.

How Long Could It Take to Arrive?

Once an international package leaves the originating country, how long could it take to arrive in Canada? This depends on a few factors:

  • Where it’s coming from – Asia vs Europe for example
  • Shipping speed paid for – economy vs priority shipping
  • Customs processing time – can take a few days to over a week
  • Final destination in Canada – rural vs major city

On average, packages from the US take 1-2 weeks, while packages from other countries can take 2-6 weeks in normal conditions. Delays can occur during peak seasons like Christmas.

Tips for Hassle-Free International Shipping

To make sure your global delivery goes smoothly, here are some top tips:

  • Always get a tracking number – this is essential for monitoring progress
  • Check delivery estimates provided by the shipper
  • Make sure your address is clearly printed on the parcel
  • Supply accurate customs/import information
  • Purchase shipping insurance for valuable orders
  • Be patient once the package ships internationally

How to Track Your Package Step by Step

Ready to track your Canada Post package? Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

1. Get Your Canada Post Tracking Number

Your tracking number is a combination of letters and numbers, usually 10-12 characters long. The seller should provide this when they ship your item. If not, contact them.

2. Enter the Tracking Number on Canada Post’s Website

Go to and click “Track a Package” at the top. Enter your tracking number and postal code. Hit “Find”.

3. View the Current Status

You will now see details like where the package is currently located, the last scan update, expected delivery date, and more.

4. Check Back for Updates

Sign up for email notifications so Canada Post can email you when the status changes. Or check back on the site periodically to follow your delivery progress.

5. Receive Your Package!

Once the item arrives in Canada and gets processed through customs, it will be delivered to your address. Enjoy your new international delivery!

Common Statuses You Might See

Here are some other common tracking statuses and what they indicate:

  • “Item has left originating country and is en route to Canada” – Your package left the sender’s country and is heading to Canada
  • “International item has arrived in Canada” – The package reached Canada and will go through customs
  • “Item processed at postal facility” – The package is being sorted at a Canada Post facility
  • “Out for delivery” – Your package is on the truck for delivery that day

What If My Package Is Late?

Most international packages get held up in customs or delayed by the shipping carrier at some point. If your Canada Post package is late:

  • Confirm your address was entered correctly by the sender
  • Contact the seller to inquire about potential delays on their end
  • Check for weather events or backlogs impacting the courier
  • Call Canada Post to inquire about your overdue package
  • Be patient – delays of 1-2 weeks are common during peak season

Get Peace of Mind by Tracking with Canada Post

The next time you have an exciting international delivery on the way, remember to utilize Canada Post’s package tracking. This will give you visibility as your package makes its way to you. Understanding the meaning behind tracking statuses like “international item mailed in originating country” will help set accurate expectations. With proper tracking, you can feel confident your global package will safely arrive.

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