Is Sunyou Tracking Fake? Everything You Need To Know About Sunyou Package Tracking

Sunyou has become a popular logistics company, especially for ecommerce sellers on sites like eBay and AliExpress. However, there are concerns about whether Sunyou tracking numbers are fake and if packages actually get delivered. This article will examine Sunyou tracking and packages to determine if they can be trusted for your shipments.

What is Sunyou?

Sunyou is a courier and logistics company headquartered in Shenzhen, China that offers international delivery services. They specialize in ecommerce and cross-border logistics. Sunyou delivers packages from China to destinations globally, with a focus on emerging markets.

The company was founded in 2010 and has grown rapidly along with the rise of Chinese ecommerce. Sunyou aims to provide low-cost shipping options for online sellers.

How Does Sunyou Tracking Work?

When your package is shipped with Sunyou, you receive a tracking number. This is an identifier that allows you to track the progress of your shipment.

You can enter the Sunyou tracking number on their website or mobile app. This will show you each step as the package travels from the shipper to your destination country.

The tracking will display statuses like:

  • Shipment information received
  • In transit
  • Arrived at facility
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered

Tracking typically updates when the package is scanned by Sunyou at each location. Tracking ends once delivered.

Is Sunyou Tracking Fake or Accurate?

There are concerning reports of Sunyou tracking numbers not matching actual package movement. This makes some question if Sunyou tracking is fake or inaccurate.

Some users claim their Sunyou tracking shows delivered, yet they never received the package. Others say it shows in transit for weeks with no further scans.

However, many packages do arrive successfully with matching tracking. Issues seem most common for certain destinations like USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

So is Sunyou tracking fake? It’s unclear if it’s outright fake, but reliability seems mixed. There are likely legitimate issues tracking and delivering some packages.

Why Would Sunyou Tracking Be Fake?

There are a few potential reasons Sunyou tracking information could be inaccurate or fake:

  • Technical issues – Problems with scanning systems and tracking databases could show incorrect info.
  • Laziness – Employees may skip scanning packages at certain steps but still deliver.
  • Package theft – Packages could be stolen before final delivery after incorrect “delivered” scans.
  • Fraud prevention – Sunyou may fake tracking to show “delivered” if they suspect fraud or blacklist a recipient.
  • Reputation – Sunyou may falsify records to improve delivery times and feedback.

While these reasons are speculative, it seems some level of fake tracking is likely unintentional or for business purposes.

Does Sunyou Actually Deliver Packages?

With concerns about fake tracking, a common question is whether Sunyou actually delivers packages or is a complete scam.

According to customer reports, many Sunyou packages do successfully arrive at their destinations. Issues seem to affect a minority of shipments.

However, some types of shipments have higher rates of problems:

  • High value items – Electronics, luxury goods, etc. are targets for theft.
  • Australia & UK deliveries – More reported incidents of non-delivery to these countries.
  • Unregistered accounts – Users not registered with Sunyou appear more likely to have problems.
  • Blacklisted items – Some products like branded fashion items may not get delivered.

So while many Sunyou packages do arrive, certain shipments are high risk. Use caution shipping expensive or restricted items.

How to Track Sunyou Packages

To track Sunyou packages:

  • Get the tracking number from your seller/shipper before the package is sent
  • Enter the tracking number on Sunyou’s website at
  • You can also use Sunyou’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • Check tracking frequently for updates as the package ships
  • Contact Sunyou customer service if tracking is stuck or if you don’t receive the package

Tip: Always get valid tracking before shipment. Avoid sellers that can’t provide a working Sunyou tracking number.

What to Do if Sunyou Tracking is Not Updating or Package Not Received

If your Sunyou tracking number is not updating after several days or the package is not received by the estimated delivery date:

  • Confirm the tracking number is correct and active in Sunyou’s system
  • Contact the shipper and verify they actually shipped the package and provided the right tracking number
  • Check if the package required a signature or pickup from a post office or carrier facility
  • Contact Sunyou customer service by email or live chat and inquire about the tracking and status of your package
  • If tracking shows delivered but you didn’t receive the package, start a claim with Sunyou right away
  • For expensive lost/undelivered items, threaten the shipper with a refund claim or negative review if they do not help resolve the issue with Sunyou
  • Be persistent and escalate to supervisors at Sunyou if needed until you get clear answers on your package status

Is Sunyou a Reputable Delivery Company?

Sunyou has a mixed reputation based on customer reviews:


  • Low shipping rates, especially for budget international delivery from China
  • Faster average delivery time vs. other economy carriers
  • Good tracking and customer service for some destinations like Russia, Brazil


  • Tracking accuracy issues and fake tracking numbers
  • Slow and inconsistent transit time for some countries
  • High shipment failure and non-delivery rates to certain destinations
  • Poor customer service and lack of support for tracking and lost package issues

In summary, Sunyou offers very cheap rates but reliability suffers. Use caution when shipping high-value or time-sensitive deliveries.

Should You Use Sunyou Logistics?

Whether you should use Sunyou depends on your specific shipping needs:

✅ Sunyou is fine for low value goods where some delivery loss is acceptable

✅ Good option for countries where Sunyou has better reputation like Russia, Brazil

❌ Avoid Sunyou for expensive, urgent or important packages

❌ Don’t use if your destination has higher shipment problem rates like Australia, UK

❌ Find other options if tracking reliability is critical

🤔 Only use Sunyou if you can afford some failed deliveries and lack of recourse

Evaluate your own tolerance for risk of lost packages before choosing Sunyou.

Sunyou Tracking Tips and Precautions

If you do decide to use Sunyou, follow these tips to help avoid issues:

  • Get valid Sunyou tracking number before sending package
  • Purchase delivery insurance if shipping high value goods
  • Ship only allowed items and avoid brand names
  • Check destination restrictions and customs policies
  • Don’t rely on Sunyou’s delivery estimates
  • Monitor tracking closely and follow up at first sign of delay
  • Document everything in case you need to file claim for refund
  • Use a credit card for purchase protection and ability to dispute
  • Always get signature confirmation for expensive items

Following precautions will minimize chance of problems with Sunyou shipments and tracking.

Bottom Line: Is Sunyou Trustworthy?

In summary, Sunyou has some definite risks:

  • Tracking accuracy is questionable
  • Delivery failure is higher for some countries
  • Customer service is hit or miss

However, many packages do arrive successfully. Sunyou offers ultra low rates that other carriers can’t match.

If you understand the risks and take precautions, Sunyou can be a cheap shipping option – just manage your expectations. But for reliable delivery, it’s smarter to use established carriers like DHL, FedEx or UPS.

Knowing these insights on Sunyou tracking and delivery practices will help you make an informed choice for your ecommerce shipping needs.

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