What Time Do Evri Deliver Until? Delivery Times, Weekend Delivery, and More

Evri, formerly known as Hermes, is one of the leading parcel delivery companies available in the UK. If you’re expecting a delivery from Evri or need to send a parcel using their services, you likely have questions about their delivery times and days. When can you expect Evri couriers to deliver your parcel? Do they deliver on Sundays and bank holidays? How late do they deliver in the evening? This article will provide an in-depth look at Evri’s delivery times, weekend and holiday delivery, parcel tracking, and more.

What are Evri’s standard delivery times?

Evri offers next day delivery services in the UK. This means if you drop off your parcel before the collection cutoff time (which varies by location but is often early evening), it should arrive at its destination the next working day. Evri defines working days as Monday to Saturday.

Standard delivery times are 8am to 8pm. Evri couriers will attempt to deliver your parcel within this 12 hour delivery window. However, you may find your parcel gets delivered earlier or later in the day.

The estimated delivery time given for your parcel will reflect Evri’s best guess for when your item will arrive. But keep in mind this is just an estimate, as delays can happen. Be sure to track your parcel for live updates.

Does Evri deliver on Sundays or bank holidays?

Evri does not offer Sunday deliveries or bank holiday deliveries as part of their standard parcel delivery services. The company operates Monday to Saturday only.

So if you are expecting a delivery on a Sunday or bank holiday from Evri, it will not arrive on that day. Your parcel will be delivered on the next working day instead.

What are the Evri delivery times on Saturdays?

Evri provides full delivery services on Saturdays as part of their regular Monday to Saturday operations.

The delivery window on Saturdays is the same 8am to 8pm timeframe as weekdays. So you can expect your Evri courier to deliver your parcel at some point between 8am and 8pm on Saturdays, unless otherwise noted in your tracking information.

Does Evri offer late deliveries?

Evri couriers normally make deliveries between 8am and 8pm, even on Saturdays. The company does not advertise offering any official late delivery services every day of the week.

However, it’s possible your Evri parcel could arrive a bit later than 8pm if the courier is running behind schedule. But there are no guarantees of deliveries past 8pm. Evri’s official delivery window ends at 8pm.

What determines the delivery time for my parcel?

A few key factors influence when specifically your Evri parcel will arrive:

  • Location – Delivery times can vary based on where your parcel is being sent. More remote locations may get later deliveries.
  • Parcel size – Larger or bulkier parcels can take longer to deliver than smaller envelopes and packages.
  • Route optimization – Evri organizes the best routes for its couriers to deliver parcels efficiently, which impacts timing.
  • Traffic and other delays – Adverse weather conditions, busy roads, or other delivery obstacles can delay some parcels.
  • Seasonal volumes – Parcel volumes are higher year-round now but especially around holidays, which can cause some variances in normal delivery times.

The tracking updates and estimated delivery time Evri provides for your parcel will reflect their best assessment of when to expect your delivery based on these factors. But some variability is to be expected.

Does Evri offer weekend delivery?

Unfortunately Evri does not currently offer delivery services on Sundays or weekend delivery. The company only delivers Monday through Saturday presently.

However, Evri does deliver 6 days per week, which captures every day except Sunday. So you can ship and receive Evri parcels any day from Monday to Saturday.

Some other delivery companies do provide Sunday deliveries. But weekend delivery is not a service Evri offers at this time. They may consider adding Sunday delivery in the future based on consumer demand.

Can I get next day deliveries with Evri?

Yes, Evri’s services include next day delivery options. To get your parcel delivered the next working day with Evri, you simply need to drop off your item before the collection cutoff time.

The cutoff times vary by location. In some areas, Evri offers courier collections as late as 8pm for next day deliveries. As long as your parcel gets collected by Evri before the cutoff time, it should arrive at its destination the next working day.

Next day delivery is only available Monday to Friday and when sending parcels within the UK. Weekend drop offs would deliver on Monday (or Tuesday after a bank holiday).

How can I track Evri parcels and deliveries?

Tracking your Evri parcel is easy. When sending a parcel, make sure to get your tracking number from Evri. Then you can track your delivery in a few ways:

  • On Evri’s website – Enter your tracking number on Evri’s official website to view the latest tracking information and expected delivery date.
  • Evri mobile app – Download the Evri app on your smartphone and access tracking details for your parcels.
  • Text updates – Opt in to receive tracking updates by text message. Evri will text you with delivery details.
  • Email updates – You may get email updates on your parcel’s progress if you included your email address with the order details.
  • Follow your courier – Some areas allow tracking your Evri courier’s location on the day of delivery so you know when to expect your parcel.

Using parcel tracking gives you full visibility into where your item is in transit and its estimated delivery time. Track frequently for the most up to date arrival information.

What do I do if I miss an Evri delivery?

If you aren’t available to accept your Evri delivery, you have a couple options:

  • Arrange redelivery – You can contact Evri to schedule your parcel for redelivery on a specific day that works for you.
  • Collect it – Missed parcels may be taken to local Evri parcelshops or locker pickup points. Use your tracking number to locate your item and then collect it at your convenience.
  • Give delivery instructions – Provide Evri with instructions (like leave with a neighbor or in a safe place) to deliver your parcel if you’re not home.
  • Divert it – Temporarily divert your delivery to a different address where someone can accept it. Useful if you’ll be away.

Contact Evri as soon as possible about missed deliveries so you can either promptly collect your parcel or have it delivered again.

Does Evri deliver oversized or heavy parcels?

Evri delivers most types of parcels, including larger and heavier items. The maximum parcel dimensions are:

  • Up to 2 meters long
  • Up to 80 centimeters wide
  • Up to 80 centimeters high

The maximum parcel weight is 30kg.

So Evri can deliver oversized parcels and heavyweight items like furniture, as long as they fall within the size and weight limits. Bulkier parcels may take slightly longer to deliver.

How can I send parcels and book collections with Evri?

Booking Evri parcel deliveries and collections is straightforward:

  • Book online – Arrange collection and delivery through Evri’s website. Print your shipping labels at home.
  • Via the app – Use Evri’s app to schedule pickups and send deliveries.
  • In-person – Take your parcel to an Evri drop off location in person to send it.
  • Pickup – Request Evri courier pickup from your address when you want to send parcels.
  • Shops – Some local shops work with Evri to offer parcel drop off and collection points.

Choose the pickup and drop off method that’s most convenient for you. With multiple options, sending parcels through Evri is quick and easy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evri offers next day UK deliveries when sent before the collection cutoff time (often early evening)
  • Standard delivery window is 8am – 8pm, Monday to Saturday
  • No Sunday or bank holiday deliveries
  • Track your parcels for live delivery updates
  • Redelivery options available for missed parcels
  • Send parcels easily via online booking, the app, or in-person

Evri provides reliable nationwide parcel delivery across the UK. Their extensive network allows convenient drop off and collection, tracking visibility, and standard next day delivery services. By understanding Evri’s delivery times and options, you can fully utilize their parcel services.

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