The Item Is Processed At The PostNL Sorting Center What does It Mean?

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Have you ordered a package from China or another country and seen the status update “The item is processed at the PostNL sorting center”? If you’re wondering what this means and how long your package will take to reach you, this post has the answers. We’ll look at what happens when your package arrives in the Netherlands, the key sorting centers it passes through, typical transit times, and how to track your shipment every step of the way. Read on for a complete guide to navigating PostNL and Netherlands post tracking.

What Is the PostNL Sorting Center and Why Does My Package Go There?

PostNL is the leading postal operator in the Netherlands. When packages from China, the US, or other countries arrive in the Netherlands, they are handed over to PostNL for final delivery within the country.

All incoming international mail and parcels pass through PostNL’s sorting centers before going out for delivery. At these facilities, PostNL sorts the mail by destination postcode so it can go to the correct local delivery offices around the Netherlands.

The main PostNL sorting centers are located in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Zwolle. Your package from China will likely pass through one or more of these hubs on its journey to your address. So seeing the “sorted at PostNL facility” scan means your item has arrived in the country and is now making its way through the PostNL network.

How Long Does Processing at PostNL’s Sorting Center Take?

Most parcels will spend anywhere from a few hours up to 2 days at a PostNL sorting center before moving on. The exact time depends on factors like:

  • Arrival time – Packages received late in the day may sit overnight before sorting begins.
  • Sorting center workload – Some facilities are busier than others.
  • Final destination – A package going to a remote address will take longer to sort out.

On average, expect your parcel to spend about 24 hours at the PostNL sorting facility once it arrives in the country. But it could be less if you live near a major hub like Rotterdam.

What Happens During Processing at the PostNL Sorting Center?

When your package arrives from overseas, here are the key steps it goes through at the PostNL sorting center:

  • Unloading – PostNL workers unload the trucks, planes, or other transportation carrying foreign mail and packages.
  • Scanning – Each item gets scanned into the PostNL system so it can be tracked.
  • Sorting – Workers sort parcels by destination postcode into different bins, bags, or containers.
  • Transport – Sorted mail goes to different regions and local delivery offices around the Netherlands.

Advanced sorting machines can process over 40,000 items per hour! Once it’s sorted, your package gets one step closer to your home.

How to Track Your Item Through PostNL Sorting Centers

To follow your package’s progress through PostNL’s network, use the tracking number provided by your seller. Here are some of the key tracking statuses you may see:

  • “Handed over to PostNL” – Item has arrived in the Netherlands.
  • “Processed at PostNL sorting center” – Parcel is at one of the main hubs.
  • “Sorted at distribution center” – Item is sorted for regional delivery.
  • “Out for delivery” – Parcel is loaded on a van for final delivery.

Major delivery companies like DHL often hand off to PostNL once a package arrives in the Netherlands. So you may need to track through both DHL and PostNL’s websites.

How Long After Processing Until Delivery?

Once your package leaves the sorting center, most PostNL deliveries take 1-3 days to reach their destination address depending on where you live. Urban areas may receive parcels the next day, while remote addresses can take up to 3 days.

So if you see your package was “Processed at PostNL facility” on Monday, expect it to arrive sometime between Tuesday and Thursday depending on your location.

Key Factors That Impact Time in Transit

A few key factors can speed up or slow down your PostNL delivery time:

  • Destination – Major cities get faster service than rural areas.
  • Shipping method – Express is faster than economy shipping.
  • Weight and size – Bulkier or heavier parcels take longer to process.
  • Backlogs – Temporary delays can happen during peak seasons.

Patience is key! PostNL handles millions of parcels, so delays of a few days are not uncommon. But items rarely get stuck or lost in the PostNL network.

How to Speed Up Your PostNL Delivery

If you need your package faster, a few tips can help expedite the process:

  • Pay for express shipping – Upgrade to DHL, UPS, or other express carriers and get prioritized handling.
  • Get live tracking updates – Use PostNL’s app or website to monitor progress.
  • Contact PostNL with any issues – They can investigate if a parcel is delayed.
  • Pick up at location – Skip home delivery and collect your item sooner. Key Takeaways on PostNL Sorting and Delivery

Tracking that your package is “Processed at PostNL sorting center” means it has arrived in the Netherlands and is entering the final delivery stage. Key points to remember:

  • Parcels typically spend 24 hours or less at the sorting hub.
  • Packages are sorted by postcode before going to local post offices.
  • Once sorted, most PostNL deliveries take 1-3 days depending on destination.
  • Check PostNL’s website or app using your tracking number to follow your package’s journey.
  • Contact PostNL if your parcel is delayed more than a few days to resolve any issues.

With some patience and tracking vigilance, your PostNL package from China or elsewhere overseas will soon arrive safely at your address. Knowing what happens behind the scenes helps set proper expectations so you can eagerly await your order!

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