What Does “Departed From Airport of Origin” Mean When Tracking a Package?

departed from airport of origin package

If you’re tracking a package and see the status “departed from airport of origin,” you may be wondering what exactly this means and what happens next. Understanding this tracking event can help give you peace of mind about your shipment’s progress.

This status indicates your package has left the airport in the origin country and is on its way towards the destination. It’s an important milestone that shows the shipment is making progress after moving through the postal network in the origin country.

In this article, we’ll cover all the key things to know about the “departed from airport of origin” status, including:

  • What it means when a package leaves the airport
  • Typical timelines after departure
  • Reasons your package may get delayed
  • How customs clearance works
  • When to expect the next tracking update
  • FAQs about tracking a shipment’s airport departure

Gaining insight into this tracking event will help you stay informed on your package’s journey so you can estimate its arrival more accurately.

What Happens When a Package Leaves the Airport of Origin?

The “departed from airport of origin” tracking status means your package has been loaded onto an aircraft or other transit vessel after being processed at the origin airport. This is the start of the international leg of your shipment’s journey.

Once the package departs the airport, the shipping carrier has officially accepted custody of it. The package is now in transit on its way towards the destination country and airport.

This status indicates the package has exited customs and cleared export inspections in the origin country. All required paperwork and documentation should be complete for it to depart.

The airport specified in the tracking update refers to the major international airport in the origin country. For example, if you mailed a package from China, the update would typically specify “Departed from Beijing Airport” or another major Chinese airport hub.

What’s the Typical Timeline After Departure from Origin Airport?

On average, a package will take between 2 to 5 weeks to reach its destination after departing the origin airport. However, delays are common.

This wide delivery window is because international packages need to go through customs clearance and inspections again once they reach the destination country. There are also more logistics links in the delivery chain.

Shipments sent via economy carrier services often transit through multiple sortation hubs before reaching the destination country. This intermediate transport and sorting adds to the delivery timeline.

It’s not unusual for an international package to spend several days in transit between the airport of origin and the destination airport. Flights may not operate daily, and cargo transport tends to be slower.

The route between the origin and destination also impacts time in transit. Shipments from China to the United States often stop in Alaska or Hawaii before reaching the mainland US.

Why Could Your Package Get Delayed After Leaving the Airport?

Don’t panic if you don’t see any tracking updates for a while after the package leaves the origin airport. Delays of a few days or even weeks are not uncommon. Here are some reasons your package could get held up:

  • Waiting for the next available flight or transit connection
  • Undergoing customs clearance and inspections entering the destination country
  • Getting stuck in a backlog of shipments at a transit hub
  • Being randomly selected for additional security screening
  • Needing additional paperwork from the sender before release
  • Weather or mechanical issues causing flight cancellations or diversions

As long as the tracking shows “departed from airport of origin,” your package is still moving. It just may be progressing more slowly than expected. Be patient and allow the full delivery window before taking action.

How Does Customs Work When Your Package Arrives at the Destination?

All international mail must go through customs clearance in the destination country before final delivery. This involves:

  • Presenting documentation like commercial invoices to customs officers
  • Paying any taxes, duties or customs fees owed on the contents
  • Undergoing screening and examinations to detect prohibited items
  • Getting officially released after everything is in order

This customs clearance process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days in rare cases. Packages are typically cleared quickly, but it depends on the destination country’s customs department workload.

Delays are possible if there are issues with the documentation submitted or questions about the package contents. But the tracking status will update once customs finally clears and releases your shipment for delivery.

When Should You Expect the Next Tracking Update?

After departing the origin airport, most packages will go 1-2 weeks without any tracking updates in the middle of transit. This no-man’s land is normal as the package is making its way on flights and through intermediary hubs.

The next scan typically happens once the shipment arrives at an airport or postal facility in the destination country. However, the carrier’s sorting hub may also generate an intermediary scan if the package passes through there.

Don’t expect detailed interim tracking during the international transit leg. The destination airport arrival scan is the key update to watch for. At that point, the package has reached the delivery country and will undergo customs clearance before final delivery.

FAQs About the Airport Departure Tracking Status

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the “departed from airport of origin” tracking notification:

Does departed from airport of origin mean my package is in the destination country?

No, the package is still in transit after leaving the airport. It’s on the way to the destination but likely hasDays or weeks of transit ahead.

How long after departing will my package arrive?

Most packages arrive 2 to 5 weeks after leaving the origin airport. But delays at customs or in transit can extend this.

Why does the tracking still show departed from airport after weeks?

The carrier may not update tracking again until the shipment’s arrival airport. Interim scans rarely happen for economy international mail.

My package departed the airport but now seems stuck. Should I be worried?

Not necessarily. International packages often go 1-3 weeks with no tracking updates in the middle of transit. Have patience if still within the delivery window.

Does departed mean my package already cleared customs in the origin country?

Yes, the package already passed export customs inspections if able to depart the origin airport. But it will need to clear destination customs next.

How can I estimate when my package will arrive after departing?

Check past delivery times from the same origin and buyer feedback. Transit times vary but should give you an approximate idea of normal timelines.

The “departed from airport of origin” scan is an important milestone showing your package is on its way and progressing after export customs clearance. Now it’s a waiting game through the international transit leg before the package hopefully arrives at your nearest airport soon. Keep an eye on the tracking and be alert for that next destination arrival scan.

In Summary:

  • The “departed from airport of origin” tracking status means your package has left the origin country airport and is in transit internationally.
  • Packages typically take 2-5 weeks to arrive after departing the origin airport due to customs and multiple logistics links.
  • Delays after departure are common due to flight availability, customs checks, diversions, and other factors.
  • The next scan after departure is usually the airport arrival in the destination country. Interim tracking during international transit is limited.
  • Customs clearance happens again when the package arrives at the destination airport. This can extend the delivery timeline.
  • Check delivery histories from the origin to estimate when your package could arrive after departing the origin airport.

Knowing what happens when a package leaves the airport of origin can give you greater visibility into the typical transit timeframes. While delays are frustrating, “departed from airport” status means your package is still making essential progress in its journey.

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