What Does “Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item” Mean For Your Package Delivery?

departed shipping partner facility usps awaiting item

Seeing the tracking status “Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item” can be confusing if you don’t know what it means. This article will explain what this status indicates and what happens to your package when you see this tracking update. Keep reading to find out why your delivery is taking so long and when you can expect to receive your package.

This tracking status simply means that your package has left the shipping partner’s facility and is now on its way to a USPS facility. The package is in transit between the two locations. This typically happens when a third-party shipping carrier like UPS, FedEx or DHL is used to ship your item.

These shipping partners hand off the package to USPS at some point for final delivery. So “Departed Shipping Partner Facility” indicates the package has left the initial shipping company and is now awaiting the hand off to the United States Postal Service. This transfer time explains why your delivery is delayed and why the tracking shows “USPS Awaiting Item”.

What Does This Tracking Update Mean?

When you receive the “Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item” status it means your package has been picked up from the shipping partner’s warehouse, distribution center, or service facility. It is no longer in the possession of the initial shipping carrier.

The package has left the shipping partner’s facility and is en route to an appropriate USPS hub for final delivery. This means your item is in transit between the two shipping companies. USPS does not physically have the package in their possession yet. They are waiting for the hand off from the shipping partner.

Why Is My Package Taking So Long To Arrive?

Seeing this status means your delivery is taking longer because your item has to go through an extra transit step. The package is being transferred from one carrier to another.

First, your shipping partner (UPS/FedEx) has to transport the item part of the way to the destination. Then the package is handed off to USPS to complete the delivery.

So your item has to go from the shipping partner’s facility to the USPS hub before final delivery can occur. This middle transfer time can take several days to process and cause a delay in your expected delivery date.

The distance between the shipping partner’s facility and the USPS hub can also impact your delivery time. The further the distance, the longer the transit will take. Additionally, the volume of packages being transferred and weather impacts can slow down the shipping process.

So when USPS marks your item as “Awaiting Item” it simply means they have not physically received your package yet from the shipping partner. The hand off likely has not happened due to transit time between facilities.

What Shipping Partners Does USPS Use?

The United States Postal Service utilizes third-party shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, Ontrac, and LaserShip to partially transport packages.

These carriers will ship an item part of the way to its destination. Then the package gets handed off at a facility for last mile delivery by USPS.

This is often referred to as parcel select, USPS parcel select, or economy shipping. It is a cheaper option than priority mail or express shipping with USPS.

The third party shipping partner tracks the package initially. Once they hand the item off to USPS, the tracking number you received will start updating on USPS’s tracking site.

What Does “Arrived Shipping Partner Facility” Mean?

Before you see the status “Departed Shipping Partner Facility”, you may notice your tracking updates show “Arrived Shipping Partner Facility”.

This means the carrier (UPS/FedEx) has received or picked up the package from the sender. It has arrived at the shipping partner’s warehouse or distribution facility and is awaiting further transit.

This is the first step in the shipping process before the package can be transported closer to its final destination and transferred to USPS.

How Long Until USPS Delivers My Package?

The timeframe can vary, but you can expect your delivery to take an additional 1-4 business days after the package leaves the shipping partner facility.

This accounts for the transit time to the USPS hub and then the final delivery to your address. Some common reasons for USPS delivery delays include:

  • Distance between shipping partner facility and USPS hub
  • High volume of packages transferring between carriers
  • Weather impacts slowing down transit
  • Weekends and holidays
  • Staffing issues at USPS facilities

While the “Awaiting Item” tracking status indicates your package has not arrived at USPS yet, rest assured your item is in transit and they are expecting to receive it soon. Once the hand off occurs, your tracking will be updated with the next steps in the USPS delivery process.

Does “Departed Shipping Partner Facility” Mean USPS Has My Item?

When a package is marked as “Departed Shipping Partner Facility”, it means the item has left the initial shipping carrier’s distribution center, transfer facility, or service center. But USPS does not have the item in their possession yet.

Your package is in transit between the two shipping companies. The partner carrier has handed it off, but USPS still needs to receive and process the item once it arrives at the USPS facility.

So no, the status does not mean USPS physically has your package. They are still awaiting arrival of the item from the shipping partner for final delivery. The package is simply one step closer to USPS possession.

How to Track Status After Arrival at USPS

Once USPS receives your package from the shipping partner, your tracking status will be updated to reflect the arrival. Common statuses you may see include:

  • Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
  • Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility
  • Departed USPS Regional Facility
  • In Transit to Next Facility

This means your item has now been handed off to USPS. You will begin seeing more detailed tracking as it passes through their sorting facilities towards the destination.

Eventually, you will see a status like “Out for Delivery” meaning USPS has your item and it’s on the truck for final delivery that day. So keep an eye on tracking once “USPS Awaiting Item” changes to confirm it is in their possession.

Why Does USPS Use Shipping Partners?

USPS utilizes third party shipping partners like UPS and FedEx rather than doing all delivery in house. This is called parcel select and it offers some key benefits:

  • Cheaper Shipping Rates: Parcel select is more affordable than Priority Mail for cost-conscious customers.
  • Faster Long Distance Delivery: Partners can transport to USPS hubs quicker than USPS trucks.
  • Focus USPS Efforts: Allows USPS to specialize in last mile delivery and use trucks efficiently in local areas.
  • Handle Peak Volumes: Partners help when huge spikes in holiday packages exceed USPS processing capacity.

So it makes the overall delivery process more efficient and cost-effective. Customers save money, and USPS focuses their resources on final mile service to your door.

What to Do if Package is Delayed After “USPS Awaiting Item”

If your order still has not arrived 3-5 days after receiving the “Departed Shipping Partner Facility” status, it may be delayed. A couple things you can try:

  • Contact USPS – Call or go online to open up an inquiry. They can investigate internally.
  • Check Tracking Frequently – Look for any new updates that provide clues.
  • Contact Sender – The retailer you ordered from may be able to help contact the shipping partner.
  • Request Reship – If delayed too long, you may need the seller to replace the order.
  • Wait a Few More Days – Delays around holidays are common with high order volumes.

Hopefully your package arrives within the expected 1-4 business day timeframe after leaving the shipping partner. But if not, be proactive with next steps to get your order or receive a refund.

Key Takeaways: What “USPS Awaiting Item” Means

A quick summary of what “Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item” means:

  • Item has left UPS/FedEx/DHL facility and is in transit to USPS
  • USPS does not physically have possession of package yet
  • Transfer time between shipping partners causes delivery delays
  • Continue monitoring tracking for arrival scan at USPS facility
  • Package is one step closer to your door after leaving partner facility
  • Expect delivery within 1-4 business days once USPS receives item

So this common tracking status simply indicates your package is in transit between carriers. It has to complete an extra shipping step which extends the delivery time. But rest assured USPS is expecting to receive your item soon for final delivery to your address. Just be patient during this transfer process and keep an eye on the tracking.

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