What Does “Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA” Mean for Your USPS Package?

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Have you been tracking a USPS package only to see the status update “Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA”? If you’ve never had a package go through the Los Angeles International Service Center (ISC) before, this status can be confusing. This article will explain what it means and what to expect next when you see this tracking update.

Getting an update that your package has been processed through the ISC Los Angeles facility is common for USPS packages entering the US from another country. For many, seeing this status triggers questions and concerns about where their package is and when it will be delivered. We’ll walk through what exactly happens when a package is processed in ISC Los Angeles and what to expect after this status update.

What is the ISC Los Angeles Facility?

The ISC Los Angeles is a USPS international mail processing facility, also known as an international service center. There are five ISCs in the United States, located in:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Chicago, IL
  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA

Any mail coming into the US from another country will be routed through one of these ISCs for customs clearance and processing. The ISC Los Angeles handles packages entering the US via the western region.

When an international item arrives, the ISC acts as a central hub to inspect, sort, and route mail coming from abroad before sending it on for domestic delivery. Packages go through customs checks and clearance here before being sent on to local post offices.

What Does “Processed Through ISC Los Angeles” Mean?

When you receive a “Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA” scan, it means your package has entered the International Service Center facility in Los Angeles for special processing since it’s coming from another country.

Specifically, the update means:

  • Your package has arrived at the Los Angeles ISC from an international location.
  • It has been scanned and sorted at the facility.
  • Your mail has gone through customs verification and checks.
  • After clearing customs, it has received a sort to route it to the proper domestic delivery post office.

This status indicates your package has cleared customs and will continue on to your delivery address shortly. The ISC Los Angeles processes huge volumes of international packages daily. By the time you receive this update, your package has gone through the first leg of special international mail sorting, security checks, and customs clearance.

What Happens in Customs at the ISC?

Clearing US customs is an essential part of the ISC process. All international mail goes through Customs and Border Protection (CBP) screening. Packages will undergo verification of:

  • Recipient addresses
  • Contents screening
  • Duties and taxes paid on imports
  • Legality and restricted items
  • Overall customs clearance

This involves both human reviews and X-ray scans of packages. Customs officials need to confirm the contents, ensure proper duties were paid, and that the package can legally enter the country. This process verifies nothing dangerous or prohibited was mailed.

The “Processed through ISC Los Angeles” update means your package has undergone and passed these customs and verification checks.

What’s Next After ISC Los Angeles Processing?

Once clearing customs, the package gets routed and sorted within the Los Angeles ISC facility to go to the proper state and local post office. The Los Angeles ISC covers packages coming in from Western region international mail gateways.

After ISC processing, you can expect:

The ISC Los Angeles is the starting point for getting your item into domestic USPS mail flow. But there are still USPS transit times to account for once it leaves the ISC.

Plan for 1-3 days for your package to exit the Los Angeles ISC and enter domestic transit. Then allow normal USPS First Class or Priority Mail delivery times from California to your address.

What If My Package Is Stuck at ISC Los Angeles?

With millions of packages processed, unfortunately some get held up at the ISC. Packages may sometimes get flagged during customs checks or randomly selected for further screening. This can mean an extra 1-3 days processing beyond normal ISC times.

If your package is stuck at ISC Los Angeles for over 5 days with no tracking updates, you may need to take action. First, contact USPS to see if they have any information on a delay or issue. If not, reach out to the shipper to start tracking down what is happening with customs and your package.

While it can be frustrating, some delays are normal as packages move through customs and international transit hurdles. As long as processes continue moving forward, your package should progress through ISC LA within 5 days or less in most cases.

Key Takeaways on ISC Los Angeles Processing

A status of “Processed through ISC Los Angeles CA” means your package has:

  • Entered the US after international transit
  • Arrived at the Los Angeles ISC facility
  • Is undergoing necessary customs verification and screening
  • Will continue routing to your delivery address shortly

This status is a positive step showing your package has cleared customs and will be handed off to your local post office soon. While not the final delivery scan, it means your package is successfully checked into USPS systems from international transit and is on the way!

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