Accidentally Dropped UPS Package at USPS? What to Do Now

Have you ever accidentally dropped off a UPS package at the post office or put a UPS package in a USPS drop box? This is a common mistake that many people make, but it can lead to delivery delays and confusion if you don’t handle it properly. Here’s what you need to know about accidentally sending a UPS package through USPS and how to get your package moving correctly again.

Why This Causes Issues with Delivery

UPS and USPS are completely separate shipping carriers. While they both deliver packages, they have different systems, drivers, trucks, tracking numbers, and processes. Dropping off a UPS package at the post office essentially puts it into the wrong shipping pipeline.

The USPS carriers and workers who pick up from blue collection boxes or at post office counters do not know that package is actually supposed to go out via UPS. They simply see a package and assume it is USPS mail. This can lead to the package sitting at the post office for days or getting shipped very slowly via standard USPS ground routes.

Confirm It Was Actually Scanned by USPS

The first step is to confirm whether USPS actually has your package in their system. Just because you dropped it at the post office or put it in a blue box does not necessarily mean it was scanned. If it has not been scanned, you may still have time to intercept it and get it to UPS.

Use the tracking number and check online to see if there is any tracking history for the package within the USPS system. If not, there is a good chance it is still sitting at the post office. You can also call the local post office and ask if they can check for your specific package.

Pick Up The Package from USPS

If USPS does have the package in their system, act quickly to get it back. Go to the post office where you dropped it off and explain the situation. Ask them to retrieve your package so you can ship it properly via UPS.

Taking this action early in the process gives you the best chance of intercepting the package before it gets processed and sent out. The workers can look through bins of packages waiting to go out and find yours.

Request USPS Send It Back to Sender

If too much time has passed and the package has likely already left the local post office, you may need to request USPS return it to the sender. Call USPS customer service and ask them to send the package back due to it being accidentally shipped via the wrong carrier.

Provide them with the tracking number and explain that it needs to go back. This may cause a delay in getting the package to its intended recipient, but at least you can then ship it correctly once it is returned.

Get UPS to Pick Up The Package

Once you have the errant package back in your possession, call UPS to come pick it up or drop it at an authorized UPS drop-off location. Provide the UPS tracking number, explain the situation, and request a driver pickup at your address.

This will get the package into the proper UPS delivery network so it can resume the route to the intended recipient. Make sure to clarify any next steps with UPS before they depart with your package.

Mistakes happen, but now you know how to get a UPS package rerouted if it accidentally goes through USPS. Act quickly to minimize delays and keep things on track. With a few phone calls and pickups, you can get the package to where it needs to go.

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