What To Do When Canada Post Misses Your Delivery And You Need To Pick It Up The Same Day

Missed deliveries from Canada Post can be frustrating, especially if you need the package right away. Coming home to a delivery notice slip instead of your parcel is disappointing. However, just because Canada Post attempted delivery, it doesn’t mean you have to wait days to get your package. There are still options for same day pickup if you act quickly.

This guide will explain why Canada Post may have missed your delivery and how to get your parcel the same day if a delivery attempt was made. Keep reading to find out what to do when Canada Post misses your delivery and you need the package ASAP.

Why Did Canada Post Miss My Delivery?

There are a few common reasons why Canada Post may have attempted delivery but failed to actually drop off your parcel:

You Weren’t Home

The most obvious reason your delivery was missed is because no one was home to accept the package. Canada Post will generally only leave parcels if someone is present to receive them. If no one answers the door, they’ll leave a notice instead.

Signature Required

If your parcel needed a signature, and no one was available to sign for it, Canada Post won’t be able to leave your delivery. Many higher value packages require a signature.

Unsafe Drop Off Location

Canada Post couriers won’t leave packages in unsecured locations where they could be damaged or stolen. If you don’t have a suitable drop off spot, they’ll take the parcel back to the post office.

Wrong Address

Sometimes parcels get misdelivered if the label or shipping details were incorrect. Canada Post will return undeliverable packages to the sender.

Extreme Weather

In poor weather like snowstorms, freezing rain, or other conditions that make delivery dangerous for couriers, Canada Post may opt to hold back certain parcels until the next day.

Pick Up Your Missed Delivery the Same Day

Just because Canada Post attempted delivery doesn’t mean you have to wait days for another chance. If you need your package right away, there are options for same day pickup:

Look Up Package Status Online

The first step is to check your parcel’s status on the Canada Post website. Enter your tracking number to see the delivery progress and get the most up to date information. This will confirm if an attempt was made and let you know the next steps for retrieval.

Call the Delivery Notice Number

On your missed delivery notice slip, there should be a toll free number to call. Do this as soon as you can. Canada Post will provide instructions on pickup options and locations. Let them know you’d like to retrieve your parcel the same day.

Visit Your Local Post Office

Your easiest option is often to visit your nearest post office branch. Take your notice slip as proof of missed delivery. Tell the postal clerks you came to pick up your package that was attempted today. Provide the tracking number too.

Pick Up from a Retail Postal Outlet

Canada Post also offers parcel pickup from participating pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retail outlets. Check your notice or the website for closest locations. Call ahead to verify they have your parcel before making the trip.

Request Redelivery for Tomorrow

If you absolutely can’t get to the post office today, you can call Canada Post and request delivery for the next business day. This gets your package back on the truck for another attempt. Make sure someone will be home this time.

Intercept the Mail Carrier

If you just narrowly missed your delivery, you may be able to catch the mail carrier on their route and pick up your parcel directly from them. Quickly check the status and see if they’re still nearby. Don’t let them leave before you get your package!

FAQs About Canada Post Missed Deliveries

Will Canada Post Reattempt Delivery Automatically?

No, if they miss a delivery, Canada Post won’t try again unless you take action to request redelivery. The package will stay at the post office until you pick it up.

How Long Do I Have to Pick Up My Package?

You typically have 14 days to retrieve your parcel from the post office before it gets returned to sender. But don’t wait that long – get it ASAP!

What Info Do I Need to Pick Up My Missed Delivery?

Bring your notice slip as proof the parcel is yours. It has the tracking number on it which you’ll need to retrieve your package. Government issued ID may also be requested.

What If I Lost My Delivery Notice?

If you lost or didn’t get a notice slip, you can still pick up your parcel. Bring government ID and the tracking number. Canada Post can look up the delivery details.

What If I Can’t Get to the Post Office Today?

You can request Canada Post to reattempt delivery tomorrow or another day if you won’t be available for pickup today. Just call the number on your notice.

What Happens If I Don’t Pick Up My Package for Weeks?

After around 2 weeks, unclaimed parcels get returned to the sender. So make sure to pick up your missed delivery within a few days. Don’t let it get sent back.

Remember These Tips When Canada Post Misses Your Delivery

Missed deliveries can be a hassle, but you don’t have to wait long to get your package. Following the steps in this guide will help you pickup your parcel the same day it was attempted. Just stay diligent and proactive. Get your delivery notice info, call Canada Post, and head to your nearest pickup location right away. Then you can finally get your hands on that item you’ve been waiting for!

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