What is the SF Express Tracking Number Format?

Your guide to understanding and using SF Express tracking numbers for shipments

When ordering products online and having them shipped internationally, tracking your packages is crucial. You want to know where your parcel is and when it will arrive at your doorstep. This is especially true when using delivery services like SF Express for shipments coming from China. But to track your packages, you need to understand the tracking number format used by SF Express. This article will break down everything you need to know about SF Express tracking numbers.

To start, what is SF Express and why is it commonly used? SF Express is a major delivery company in China, owned by SF Holdings. It ships both domestically within China and internationally to over 220 countries. SF Express is popular for e-commerce shipments from Chinese retailers like AliExpress. So chances are, if you order products online from China, your items will be shipped via SF Express.

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of SF Express tracking numbers and how they work.

What is the structure and format of SF Express tracking numbers?

SF Express tracking numbers are typically 12 digits long, consisting of only numbers 0-9. For example, a valid SF Express tracking number would be:


There is no standard format or structure to SF Express tracking numbers. The digits are randomly generated and do not encode any particular information about the shipment, destination, origin, etc. This distinguishes them from tracking numbers from carriers like UPS that use structured, encoded tracking numbers.

The lack of structure can make SF Express tracking numbers more difficult to enter correctly. Be sure to input the full 12-digit tracking number carefully with no spaces or dashes. Entering even one digit incorrectly will result in an error when tracking.

How can I find the SF Express tracking number for my package?

Your SF Express tracking number will be provided by the seller when your order ships out. Make sure to save this tracking number and any shipping confirmation emails you receive.

The tracking number will also be printed directly on the SF Express package label. So if you can’t find the tracking number from the seller, you can retrieve it when the parcel arrives by looking at the label.

If you truly cannot find the tracking number anywhere, you will need to contact the seller for assistance.

Where do I enter SF Express tracking numbers to track shipments?

To track your SF Express packages, you’ll need to visit the official SF Express website and use their tracking tool. Go to http://www.sf-express.com/cn/en/dynamic_function/waybill/#search

On this tracking page, simply enter your 12-digit SF Express tracking number and click “SEARCH”. You’ll then see the latest tracking updates and status of your shipment.

You can also track SF Express packages on third-party sites like ParcelsApp.com, AfterShip.com or PackageRadar.com. These aggregators will lookup tracking info across many carriers.

What are the different shipping statuses shown when tracking?

When you track your SF Express shipment, you will see status updates as the parcel moves through transit. Here are some common statuses and what they mean:

  • Shipment information received – The tracking number was generated but package not yet received by SF Express
  • In transit – The parcel is moving through the SF Express network
  • Arrived at facility – The package has arrived at an SF Express station
  • Out for delivery – The courier is out to attempt delivery of the parcel
  • Delivered – The shipment has successfully reached its destination
  • Exception – There was an error or problem handling the package

The tracking will show the date, time and sometimes location for each status update. If you see an exception, you may need to contact SF Express customer service for help.

How long does SF Express delivery take?

Delivery times with SF Express vary based on where your package originated from and its destination. On average, delivery times are:

  • Within Mainland China: 1-3 business days
  • From China to Asia: 3-5 business days
  • From China to USA/Canada: 6-10 business days
  • From China to Other Countries: 5-7 business days

Bear in mind that delays can happen. If your package is significantly late compared to the estimates above, you may need to reach out to SF Express support.

What if my SF Express tracking number doesn’t work?

If you try to track your SF Express shipment but get an error like “tracking number does not exist”, there are a few potential reasons:

  • Wrong tracking number – Double check you entered the full 12 digits correctly
  • Invalid tracking number – The shipper provided an incorrect or fake tracking number
  • Not yet in system – The courier didn’t scan the package when picking it up
  • Non-registered shipment – Certain SF Express parcels cannot be tracked

First verify the tracking number and try again later. If it still doesn’t work, contact the seller or SF Express for assistance.

How can I get support from SF Express if needed?

If you have any issues with delayed, lost or damaged shipments, you can contact SF Express customer service for support.

On their website, you can submit an inquiry form or live chat with a representative. There are also SF Express contact phone numbers available on their site for many countries.

When reaching out about a problem parcel, be ready to provide the tracking number, your order details, and information about the specific issue you need help with.

Key Takeaways on SF Express Tracking Numbers

  • SF Express tracking numbers are 12 digits long with no set structure
  • Carefully enter the full tracking number on SF Express’s website to track status
  • Shipments can take 1-10+ days to arrive depending on origin and destination
  • If a tracking number doesn’t work or your package has an issue, contact support
  • Save your tracking number and use SF Express’s online tools to monitor your deliveries

Understanding the ins and outs of SF Express tracking can help ensure your China mail makes it to you smoothly. With the right tracking number and a few website checks, you can stay updated on your package every step of the way.

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