Is Cainiao Tracking on AliExpress Fake? Uncovering the Truth Behind Delivery Times

Online shopping has become a popular way to access cheap products from platforms like AliExpress. However, lengthy and often questionable shipping times can lead to frustration. This is especially true when your AliExpress order shows it’s being handled by Cainiao, their official logistics partner.

Your experience with Cainiao tracking likely led you to question whether the tracking information is fake. With comments from customers claiming the tracking numbers show fake updates, you may wonder if your AliExpress sellers actually shipped your parcel. This article will uncover the truth behind Cainiao and AliExpress shipping so you know what to expect.

Is Cainiao Tracking Fake or Real?

What is Cainiao and Why Do AliExpress Sellers Use It?

Cainiao is the official logistics company and network used by Alibaba Group, the parent company of AliExpress. It connects AliExpress sellers to shipping partners and carriers to fulfill orders worldwide.

Most sellers on AliExpress rely on Cainiao to provide tracking updates and estimated delivery times. It’s the main method used, especially for free shipping options like AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Why Does the Tracking Seem Fake?

The limited tracking updates from Cainiao often make customers feel their package was never actually shipped. Some blame wrong tracking numbers or fake tracking info.

In reality, Cainiao has implemented technology to work with various shipping carriers and estimate delivery times without full visibility. So the lack of updates doesn’t mean your order hasn’t shipped.

How Does Cainiao Tracking Actually Work?

Cainiao operates a logistics platform that connects AliExpress sellers to delivery partners. While it provides tracking numbers and basic event updates, it may not have full detailed tracking events like FedEx.

The tracking updates you see likely come from the courier Cainiao uses for your shipment. They may only update when leaving China’s export facility and on delivery. This differs from premium services that track each step.

What to Expect from Cainiao Shipping & Delivery Times

How Long Does Cainiao Shipping Take from China to the US?

Cainiao shipping times depend on factors like destination country, carrier, and shipping method. But most AliExpress Standard Shipping deliveries take 15-25 days through Cainiao. More remote destinations can take over 35 days.

Faster Cainiao options like Expedited Shipping cut time down to 10-20 days on average.

Should I Be Concerned if Tracking Doesn’t Update?

Some country’s postal services don’t scan parcels on arrival. So your package may deliver before Cainiao tracking updates again after leaving China. As long as your order is within the estimated 25 day delivery time, there’s no need for concern.

If your package is late, check with your AliExpress seller first. They can contact Cainiao to verify the status before you dispute.

How to Get Refunds for Late or Lost Cainiao Packages

If the tracking shows no updates within 60 days, your AliExpress order is likely lost. You can get a refund by opening a dispute and providing the Cainiao tracking number showing no delivery.

Just make sure your package didn’t deliver without an update first! Domestic postal services don’t always scan parcels on arrival.

Key Takeaways on Cainiao Tracking and AliExpress Shipping

To recap, here are the key facts on Cainiao and what to expect when ordering from AliExpress:

  • Cainiao is the official logistic company of AliExpress, not a random carrier. Sellers rely on them for tracking and estimated delivery times.
  • Limited tracking updates are normal since Cainiao works with various postal services. It doesn’t mean your order was never shipped.
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping deliveries take an average of 15-25 days to the US and other major countries.
  • If no delivery within 60 days, you can get a refund by disputing with evidence of non-updating Cainiao tracking.

While Cainiao tracking lacks updates compared to premium carriers, it provides a budget way for Chinese sellers to deliver worldwide. Just give your order time to arrive within the estimated window before taking action!

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