SCAM Alert – What Is A gls Postman?

Facebook Marketplace has become a popular place for people to buy and sell items locally. However, it has also become a prime target for scammers looking to take advantage of unsuspecting users. One of the most common scams on Facebook Marketplace involves a supposed GLS postman.

Here’s how the scam typically works:

  • You list an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Soon after, you get a message from an interested buyer saying they want to purchase your item. However, they claim they cannot meet up in person to get the item and ask if you can ship it to them instead. They will say they will pay through GLS, a real shipping company, and send a GLS postman to your address to pick up the package. This adds a sense of legitimacy to the transaction.
  • Once you agree, the scammer will send you a fake payment confirmation email pretending to be from GLS. The email looks convincing, with logos and formatting that appears official. The scammer will say payment has been received and the postman will arrive shortly for pickup.
  • In reality, no payment has been sent. The scammer is hoping you will hand over the item without realizing there is no actual payment. The “GLS postman” who arrives is actually an accomplice of the scammer, or in some cases, the scammer themselves. Once they pick up your item, they disappear with your goods while you are left empty-handed.

Protect yourself from this Facebook Marketplace scam by following these tips:

  • Only accept cash payments in person for items sold on Facebook. Never agree to ship before payment is received.
  • Watch out for fake payment confirmations. Double check with the company if you receive an email claiming payment was sent.
  • Require a photo ID from the buyer and take a photo of it. This can help deter scammers or assist in tracking them down.
  • If possible, meet buyer/seller at a police station which many locales now encourage. This also deters criminals.
  • Trust your instincts. If something seems suspicious, it probably is. It’s better to lose out on a sale than lose your item altogether.

With scams on the rise, it pays to be extra cautious when buying or selling on Facebook Marketplace. Following these tips can help you avoid falling victim to the fake GLS postman scam. Stay vigilant so you can use Marketplace safely and successfully.

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