What Does “Hand Over to Airline” Mean for Your 4PX AliExpress Shipment Tracking? A Step-by-Step Guide

When ordering products from AliExpress and seeing the status update “Hand over to airline” on your 4PX tracking, it can be confusing to know what exactly is happening with your package. This guide will explain each step of the process and what “hand over to airline” means for your 4PX AliExpress package tracking.

Why “Hand Over to Airline” Is an Important Tracking Status

The “hand over to airline” status indicates your AliExpress order has been handed from the 4PX logistics provider to the airline for the international transportation leg of the delivery journey. This is a key step, as it means your parcel is now leaving China and heading to your destination country.

Seeing this tracking update means your package has cleared customs and is on its way!

Step-By-Step Process For a 4PX AliExpress Shipment

To better understand the meaning of “hand over to airline”, here is an overview of the typical steps for a 4PX express package from AliExpress order to final delivery:

  • Seller ships order – The seller packages and hands over your item to 4PX for initial processing and tracking. This may show as “shipped” status.
  • 4PX processes package – 4PX receives the parcel at their facility and checks it is ready for dispatch. This can take 1-3 days.
  • Departure from China – 4PX transports the parcel to the departure airport and hands over to the airline. The tracking will now show “hand over to airline”.
  • Flight to destination country – The airline transports your package as air freight on flights from China to your destination country. This can take 2-5 days on average.
  • Arrival in destination country – When the shipment arrives in your country, it will go through customs clearance and be handed over to the local delivery post.
  • Local post delivery – The local postal service completes the final delivery leg to the delivery address. You will get an attempted/successful delivery scan.

Common Questions About “Hand Over to Airline” Status

Seeing “hand over to airline” for the first time often raises some questions for 4PX customers. Here are some common queries:

  • How long after airline handover until delivery? – It usually takes 2-7 days after airline handover for the package to arrive in your country and be processed by local post for final delivery.
  • Does it mean my package has left China? – Yes, hand over to airline means your 4PX parcel has departed China and is in transit by air to your destination country.
  • Why does it take so long after airline handover? – The time varies depending on flight routes and customs clearance processes in your country. The airline handover is quite early in the international journey.
  • Does my package fly directly to my country? – Not usually. There are normally transit stops in places like Hong Kong or Singapore before reaching its destination.
  • What if there are no further updates? – Don’t worry. Further scans sometimes aren’t captured until arrival at your local post. If concerned, contact your 4PX seller.

Important Things to Remember About 4PX Tracking

  • Hand over to airline” means your package has left China and is on the way!
  • Full delivery usually takes 2-7 days from airline handover.
  • Transit stops are normal so don’t worry if tracking doesn’t show direct flight.
  • Local postal service does final delivery leg once it clears customs.
  • Contact seller if no change after 7 days from airline handover update.

Seeing “hand over to airline” is a great milestone showing your 4PX AliExpress order is on the way. Use this guide to better understand the meaning of this status and what to expect next in the delivery process. With proper tracking, you can ensure your purchases arrive smoothly!

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