My Frustrating Experiences with Parcel Delivery Company EVRI

As someone who recently spent time living in the UK, I had the opportunity to use various parcel delivery services. One that stood out to me was EVRI. As a frequent online shopper, I relied on delivery companies to get my packages to me promptly and undamaged. My experience with EVRI was unfortunately less than satisfactory.

The first time I used EVRI was when I ordered several household items online. The website estimated 3-5 business days for delivery, so I was surprised when a full week went by without my parcel arriving. When I checked the tracking, there were no updates after the initial “label created” status. No one at EVRI could provide me with any useful information when I called. Two weeks after I placed my order, the parcel finally showed up on my doorstep, with no explanation or apology for the delay.

This lack of communication and unreliable delivery times continued to be an issue any time I had a package shipped through EVRI. Birthday gifts for loved ones back home would arrive days or even weeks late. Perishable items like fresh food boxes from meal kit services would be left out in the rain instead of delivered to my door. I dreaded seeing the EVRI logo on any package heading my way.

The worst experience was when I was moving out of my rental apartment. I sold some furniture and boxes of other household items online before my lease ended. The buyers paid for EVRI to come pick everything up and deliver to them. On the scheduled pickup day, EVRI never showed up. The items ended up having to stay in the apartment for the new tenants to deal with. EVRI also failed to retrieve the items after multiple rescheduled pickup attempts. It was so frustrating and unprofessional.

In addition to delayed, missed, and damaged deliveries, EVRI also lacked effective customer service. The tracking system was glitchy and rarely updated. Calls and emails to customer support representatives resulted in confused, scripted responses with no resolution. For a delivery company, it did not seem like packages actually arriving was their top priority.

Maybe other customers have had positive experiences with EVRI that I’m unaware of. But during my time as a recipient of their parcel delivery services, I was let down time and time again. Their couriers seemed overworked and undertrained. As a company, they appeared disorganized and unreliable. I dreaded seeing EVRI assigned as the shipper for any online orders I placed while living in the UK. Their poor service proved to be more frustrating than worthwhile.

I’m sure EVRI works fine for some people. But in my experience, they were unable to provide professional, dependable parcel delivery. I missed birthdays, returned online orders late, and dealt with awkward situations thanks to their delayed and missed pickups and deliveries. Unless EVRI significantly improves their communication, tracking, and customer service, I won’t be trusting them with any of my deliveries again. There are better, more reliable delivery options out there.

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