Does FedEx Mail Letters? Everything You Need to Know About Sending Letters Through FedEx

Sending personal mail and letters is still a popular way to communicate in our digital age. But with the decline of the United States Postal Service (USPS), many people are looking for affordable and reliable alternatives for sending important letters and documents. This raises the question – can you send letters through FedEx?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using FedEx to mail letters and small documents across the country. Read on to learn about FedEx’s letter mailing options, prices, pickup and drop-off locations, delivery speeds, size and weight restrictions, tracking services, and more. With this information, you’ll understand exactly how FedEx letter delivery works so you can make the right choice for your mailing needs.

Does FedEx Offer Letter Delivery Services?

The short answer is yes – FedEx does provide letter and document shipping services through FedEx Express. While FedEx is best known as a package delivery company, they recognize that customers still need to mail important letters and paperwork from time to time.

FedEx Express offers overnight, 2-day, and 3-day delivery options for envelopes and small packages under 1 pound. This makes it a viable alternative to USPS Priority Mail for urgent documents and letters. FedEx also provides tracking services and online shipping for added convenience.

What FedEx Shipping Options Are Available for Letters?

FedEx has three main express shipping options that can be used to send letters and small documents:

FedEx Overnight

  • Delivers by next business day morning (or afternoon in some areas)
  • Fastest option but most expensive
  • Great for urgent letters or documents

FedEx 2Day

  • Delivers in 2 business days by 4:30pm
  • Moderate speed and cost

FedEx Express Saver

  • Delivers in 3 business days by 4:30pm
  • Slowest option but most affordable

The delivery timeframes apply for U.S. domestic addresses only. Keep the service differences in mind when selecting the right FedEx letter delivery speed for your specific needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Mail a Letter through FedEx?

FedEx letter and document shipping rates are calculated based on the delivery speed, origin and destination, and package weight. Here are some example costs for sending a standard sized envelope weighing 0.5 pounds:

  • FedEx Overnight Letter: Starts at $26
  • FedEx 2Day Letter: Starts at $16
  • FedEx Express Saver Letter: Starts at $13

These rates can vary a bit based on your exact location and letter specifics. But it gives you a general idea that FedEx letter shipping will cost between $13-$26 for most mailings under 1 pound.

You can get an exact FedEx letter rate quote by entering details online. Overall the prices are higher than USPS, but the reliability and speed can make FedEx worthwhile for urgent mail.

What Are FedEx’s Requirements for Mailing Letters?

FedEx has a few specifications that apply when using their express services to ship letters and documents:

  • Max weight: 1 lb per envelope or package
  • Max size: 12″ x 15.5″ x 0.75″
  • Packaging: Must be shipped in a FedEx Express envelope, box, or tube

As long as your letter meets these size and weight limits, you can use FedEx Express. Heavier letters over 1 lb need to go through regular FedEx Ground or Home Delivery.

Make sure to weigh your letter to ensure you don’t exceed the 1 lb Express cutoff. Oversized letters may incur additional surcharges.

Where Can I Drop Off My Envelope for FedEx Pickup?

You have several options for dropping off FedEx letters to be sent out for delivery:

  • Schedule a FedEx pickup: Arrange a pickup at your home or office when you ship online or call 1-800-GoFedEx. There is no additional charge.
  • Drop it at a FedEx Office: Bring your letter to any FedEx Office, print shop, or pack & ship location near you.
  • Find a FedEx Drop Box: Look for a FedEx branded drop box in commercial areas for convenient 24/7 dropoff.
  • Take it to a FedEx ship center: Visit a local FedEx ship center if you need to hand it directly to an agent or have questions.

Dropping off your letter at an authorized FedEx location ensures it will be shipped out on time. Avoid post office boxes, as USPS does not transfer mail to FedEx.

How Can I Track My FedEx Letter in Transit?

When you ship a letter through FedEx Express, you’ll receive a tracking number that can be used to follow your letter’s journey to its destination. Enter the tracking number on or the mobile app to see:

  • Pickup confirmation
  • Location scans
  • Estimated delivery date
  • Proof of delivery

FedEx tracking provides peace of mind that your important letter is on the way. You’ll know when it has safely reached the recipient.

Does FedEx Deliver Letters to PO Boxes?

FedEx does not deliver to P.O. boxes. The USPS has exclusive access to PO boxes nationwide. FedEx letters must be addressed to a physical street address only.

If the recipient prefers to receive letters at their P.O. box, you will need to send it through USPS instead of FedEx. But for all residential and business street addresses, FedEx can deliver letters and documents.

Is Sending Letters through FedEx Reliable and Secure?

FedEx has an excellent reputation for providing fast, reliable delivery services. They are known for prompt on-time performance and have extensive logistics networks across 220+ countries.

Your letter will be securely transported from point A to point B. FedEx also runs background checks on employees, and drivers must pass ongoing training. This gives confidence in the integrity of their letter handling process.

FedEx offers additional “signature required” services upon delivery for valuable or confidential letters needing extra security. Ultimately, they provide a dependable way to send important mail.

Key Takeaways on Sending Letters Through FedEx:

  • FedEx Express enables overnight, 2-day or 3-day delivery for letters under 1 pound
  • Expect to pay between $13-$26+ for most FedEx letter shipments
  • Drop off your envelope at FedEx locations or schedule a pickup for convenience
  • Utilize FedEx tracking to follow your letter’s transit and final delivery
  • FedEx delivers to street addresses only – not P.O. boxes
  • FedEx offers a reliable, secure way to mail urgent letters and documents

In conclusion, FedEx can be a great option for sending time-sensitive or important letters requiring fast, trackable delivery services. Their express shipping network provides an alternative to USPS when you need speed, reliability, and tracking. Just be aware of FedEx’s size limits, pricing, and logistics policies for letters before mailing.

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