Does DPD deliver on Sundays and bank holidays? All You Need to know about DPD weekend delivery

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Sending and receiving parcels is an important part of business and personal life. With the rise of online shopping, more and more people rely on delivery services to get their parcels efficiently and conveniently. DPD has become one of the leading parcel delivery companies in the UK, providing fast and reliable delivery across the country. But does DPD offer Sunday and bank holiday delivery? Can you get your parcels on weekends? Let’s take a look at DPD Sunday and weekend delivery options.

Knowing DPD delivery options for Sundays and weekends can help you plan your shipments better. Whether you need to send an urgent parcel or receive an important package, it’s useful to understand when you can expect DPD to deliver. This article outlines everything you need to know about DPD Sunday and bank holiday parcel delivery in the UK.

Does DPD deliver on Sundays?

The short answer is yes, DPD does offer Sunday delivery in certain cases. However, Sunday delivery is not part of DPD’s standard delivery options and needs to be booked separately.

What are the DPD Sunday delivery options?

DPD provides Sunday delivery through its DPD Express service. This is an extra delivery option you can book when sending a parcel through DPD. There are two main DPD Sunday delivery options:

  • DPD 9am Express – Early morning Sunday delivery by 9am
  • DPD 10am Express – Morning Sunday delivery by 10am

Both services are available to many areas across the UK. However, Sunday delivery may not be possible for some remote locations. When booking your shipment, DPD’s website will tell you if Sunday delivery is available for your intended destination.

How much does DPD Sunday delivery cost?

DPD Sunday delivery comes with an additional charge on top of the standard delivery price. For the DPD 9am Sunday service, the surcharge is around £10 extra per parcel. The DPD 10am Sunday option costs approximately £7.50 more per shipment.

So you need to decide if getting your parcel on a Sunday is worth the premium fee. For urgent shipments, paying extra for DPD Sunday delivery can be worthwhile.

Can you track DPD Sunday deliveries?

Yes, DPD allows you to track parcels booked with Sunday delivery options. You can track their progress in real-time using DPD’s online parcel tracking tool.

Simply enter your tracking number and delivery postcode on the DPD website. The tracking updates will show you when your Sunday delivery parcel has been collected, is out for delivery, and has been successfully delivered.

Does DPD deliver on bank holidays?

Bank holiday parcel delivery with DPD follows a similar format to Sundays. Let’s look at how DPD handles deliveries on UK bank holidays:

  • DPD does not offer normal collections or deliveries on bank holidays across the UK and Ireland.
  • You can book DPD’s Express delivery options for delivery on bank holidays in many areas.
  • Bank holiday delivery incurs an additional surcharge, comparable to DPD’s Sunday service.
  • Parcels shipped by DPD can be tracked on bank holidays too.

So in summary, getting a DPD delivery on a UK bank holiday Monday is possible by paying extra for an Express delivery service. Use DPD’s booking process to check bank holiday delivery options for your intended destination.

Can you get DPD Saturday delivery?

DPD does operate most delivery services on Saturdays as part of their standard delivery timelines.

When you book a DPD parcel delivery from Monday to Friday, it will typically arrive on the next working day, including Saturdays. So you can receive DPD parcels on Saturdays without paying an additional surcharge.

Some key things to note about DPD Saturdays deliveries:

  • Most DPD deliveries scheduled for Monday-Friday will arrive on Saturday if not delivered earlier.
  • You can also book DPD’s express delivery options for Saturday delivery, such as DPD 9am Express.
  • Saturday deliveries have a latest time of around 12-1pm for residential addresses.
  • DPD does not offer collections from sender locations on Saturdays. You cannot book collections for Saturdays.
  • DPD’s customer services team does not operate on Saturdays or Sundays.

So in short, DPD does offer delivery services six days per week, with Saturday deliveries as standard for parcels shipped Monday to Friday.

How do I book DPD Sunday or bank holiday delivery?

If you want a delivery on Sundays or bank holidays with DPD, here is how to go about booking it:

  • When getting a quote and booking your DPD parcel shipment, check the available delivery options.
  • Select your required Express delivery option, such as DPD 9am Sunday or DPD 10am Bank Holiday delivery.
  • This will automatically add the additional charge to your total shipment cost.
  • Proceed to book and pay for your delivery, and get your parcel shipped on a Sunday or bank holiday.
  • Use DPD’s tracking tool to follow your delivery’s progress as normal.

It’s also a good idea to check if Sunday or bank holiday delivery is possible for your intended delivery address. DPD’s booking process will inform you about availability for different postcodes.

What time do DPD deliver on Sundays?

As outlined above, DPD offers two main delivery time slots on Sundays through its Express services:

  • DPD 9am Express – Early morning delivery by 9am on Sundays.
  • DPD 10am Express – Morning delivery by 10am on Sundays.

So you can receive your parcels as early as 9am on Sundays if you select the DPD 9am option.

For residential addresses, the latest Sunday delivery time is around 12pm. Although for some regions or postcodes it may arrive slightly later in the early afternoon.

When you book DPD Sunday delivery, your confirmation and tracking updates will specify the exact delivery time window.

Can DPD deliver to my area on Sundays?

DPD Sunday deliveries are available to many parts of the UK, but not guaranteed nationwide. When entering your delivery details, DPD’s website will confirm if Sunday delivery is possible.

Coverage can depend on factors like your precise postcode and location. For example, Sunday deliveries may be available for major towns and cities but not to remote rural areas.

If Sunday delivery shows as unavailable for your intended destination, DPD’s next day delivery is still an option. This will deliver your parcel on the next working day instead.

Check with DPD to see if your area is included in their Sunday delivery networks across the UK.

Key things to remember about DPD Sunday delivery:

  • DPD offers Sunday delivery through pre-bookable Express services
  • Two main options are DPD 9am Express and DPD 10am Express
  • Sunday deliveries incur an additional surcharge
  • You can track parcels booked for Sunday delivery
  • Sunday services have limited availability in some regions
  • DPD also delivers on bank holidays with Express delivery options
  • Saturday deliveries are provided as standard from Monday to Friday shipments
  • Use DPD’s booking process to check Sunday/weekend options for your address

The ability to get parcels on Sundays through carriers like DPD adds extra convenience for today’s online shoppers and businesses. While Sunday delivery costs a bit more, it provides a great option for ensuring your important parcels or gifts arrive in time for the weekend.

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