Is The Post Office Open on Saturday And Sunday?

Whether the post office is open on Sundays is a common question for many people who need to mail letters, packages or miss the regular hours during the week. The short answer is – it depends. Read on to learn all about Post Office Sunday hours, what types of mail get delivered, and how to find your local hours.

What Are the Typical Hours for Post Offices?

Most post office locations are open regular business hours Monday through Friday and have shorter hours on Saturdays. Their hours range anywhere from 7am to 7pm on weekdays, and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays.

Of course, hours can vary quite a bit from location to location. Some post offices have longer hours during the week, some are open earlier or later, and some have extended hours during the busy Christmas season and at other peak mail volume times.

Are Post Offices Ever Open on Sundays?

In general, post offices are closed on Sundays. The United States Postal Service saves money by closing all of their post office locations across the country on Sundays.

However, there are a few exceptions when you may find post offices open on Sundays:

  • Some locations offer Sunday hours before major holidays like Christmas and Independence Day when mail volume is very high.
  • A small number of post office locations have regular Sunday hours printed on their website or posted at the location.
  • During the Christmas season, some post offices are open on the two Sundays before Christmas to accommodate the huge volume of holiday packages and cards.
  • If a federal holiday falls on a Monday, some post offices may open for a few hours on the preceding Sunday.

Does the Post Office Deliver Mail on Sundays?

The United States Postal Service does not typically deliver regular First Class mail on Sundays. Their carriers and staff get the day off.

However, USPS does deliver Priority Mail Express packages on Sundays, as guaranteed under that expedited service. They also deliver Amazon packages on Sundays in select major cities, under contract with Amazon.

So you can receive a delivery from USPS on Sundays, but it will be limited to your Priority Mail Express packages or Amazon packages (if you live in an eligible zip code). Regular letters and mailed packages will not arrive at your mailbox on Sundays.

Can I Send Mail from a Post Office on Sundays?

Since the majority of post office locations are closed on Sundays, you generally cannot go into a post office and mail something on Sundays. The exceptions would be if you happen to have a local office with Sunday hours, or you go on a rare holiday weekend when some locations are open.

Of course, you can always drop mail into a blue USPS collection box on Sundays. Just note that it will not get processed until Monday.

What Are Some Ways to Mail on Sundays?

If you need to absolutely mail something on a Sunday, you do have several options:

  • Find a Contract Postal Unit – These are small postal counters inside grocery stores or pharmacies that can accept packages and mail on Sundays.
  • Use Priority Mail Express – This expedited service guarantees delivery on Sundays for an extra fee. You can schedule a Sunday pickup when ordering online.
  • Schedule a package pickup from your home – USPS offers pickup service for a fee, allowing you to get your packages sent on Sundays without going to a post office.
  • Find a Self-Service Kiosk – These automated kiosks located outside some post offices allow you to weigh, pay for, and drop off packages after hours and on Sundays.

How Do I Find Out if My Local Post Office is Open Sunday?

To determine if your own post office location has Sunday hours printed on their website or posted at the location. You can search for your local office on and see if any Sunday hours are listed.

If not, your safest bet is to assume they are closed Sundays, unless it’s a holiday weekend. Then check the USPS website around major holidays to see listings of locations open on Sunday.

The hours can change each year, so always check annually for the most up-to-date Sunday openings.

Key Takeaways: Is the Post Office Open on Sundays?

  • Most post offices are closed on Sundays
  • Priority Mail Express and some Amazon packages deliver on Sundays
  • You can’t go to a post office and mail letters on Sundays, except at limited locations
  • Always check to find current Sunday hours for your local post office
  • Use self-service kiosks, package pickup, or Priority Mail Express if you need to mail something on Sundays

So in summary – while post office hours are limited on Sundays, you do have mailing options if needed. Just plan ahead to accommodate the Sunday closures at most locations across the country. With a bit of preparation, you can still successfully send your mail and packages, even with the restricted Post Office Sunday schedule.

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