Do You Need to Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery?(+How Much To Tip)

Tipping for delivery service has become commonplace in recent years. But do you need to tip Walmart grocery delivery? With the rise of grocery delivery from Walmart and other big retailers, many shoppers are unsure about tipping protocols. Should you tip? And if so, how much is appropriate? This article will cover everything you need to know about tipping your Walmart delivery driver.

How Walmart Grocery Delivery Works

Walmart offers grocery delivery in many locations across the United States. The service allows you to place an order on the Walmart website or app and have your groceries delivered to your door.

Walmart delivery works a few different ways depending on your location:

  • Walmart employees deliver – Some locations have Walmart employees fulfill and deliver orders directly. This is more common in smaller communities.
  • Third-party delivery – In other areas, Walmart partners with third-party services like DoorDash or Postmates for delivery. You’ll place your order through Walmart, but a driver from the delivery service will bring your groceries.
  • In-store pickup – Many locations also offer curbside grocery pickup if you prefer to get your items yourself.

For home delivery, Walmart charges a flat $9.95 delivery fee per order. There is no additional charge or membership required beyond this fee.

Should You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery?

The question of whether to tip Walmart grocery delivery largely depends on who is doing the delivery.

If a Walmart employee brings your order, tipping is at your discretion. Walmart employees make standard hourly wages rather than relying on tips. There is no expectation from Walmart that customers have to tip, so it’s completely optional. Some shoppers like to tip as a friendly gesture, while others don’t tip at all. Either approach is fine.

However, if your groceries are delivered by a third-party service, it’s customary to tip. Unlike Walmart’s own employees, drivers for delivery services like DoorDash rely on tips as a major part of their income. Because they are independent contractors rather than employees, the delivery fee alone does not sufficiently cover their costs and effort. For third-party delivery, tipping is an expected part of the service.

How Much Should You Tip for Walmart Grocery Delivery?

If you choose to tip Walmart grocery delivery, whether by a Walmart employee or third-party driver, follow typical tipping etiquette for food delivery services:

  • Tip $5-10 for standard orders – For typical grocery orders of 1-2 bags, a $5-10 tip is appropriate and much appreciated. About 15-20% of the order total is a good rule of thumb.
  • Tip more for large orders – For larger grocery hauls, tip accordingly more – around $10-15 for slightly bigger orders, and 10% or more of the total for very large shopping trips involving a bigger effort from the driver.
  • Consider weather and accessibility – If the driver has to deliver in pouring rain, scorching heat, snowy conditions, long distances, flights of stairs, etc., tip at the higher end to account for the added challenges.
  • Tip in cash for third-party drivers – For third-party delivery drivers who rely on tips, cash tips are preferable as they don’t have to be reported as income. But in-app tips are still helpful if more convenient.
  • Adjust for excellent or poor service – As with restaurant tipping, you can tip more for an exceptionally positive experience or less for notably bad service. This is at your discretion.

Can You Add a Tip After Walmart Grocery Delivery?

If you forget to tip when you place your grocery delivery order, you may be able to add one later:

  • Walmart employee delivery – You’ll need to tip the Walmart associate directly in cash. Walmart’s system does not allow after-the-fact tipping.
  • Third-party delivery – Services like DoorDash typically give you a short 1-2 hour window to adjust your tip afterward if you wish. You can add or increase the tip through the delivery app.
  • In person – You may also be able to catch the driver right as they drop off your order and provide a cash tip before they leave.

If all else fails, make a note to tip extra on your next grocery delivery order.

5 Key Tips for Tipping Walmart Grocery Delivery

To recap, here are the top things to remember about tipping your Walmart delivery driver:

  • Tip based on who does the delivery – Walmart employees or third-party drivers
  • $5-10 for typical orders is a good tip amount
  • Consider order size, weather, accessibility when tipping
  • Cash tips are best when possible
  • You may be able to add a tip after delivery through the app

Frequently Asked Questions About Tipping Walmart Delivery

Tipping any delivery service comes with plenty of questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about tipping Walmart grocery delivery.

Should you tip Walmart delivery every time?

For third-party delivery drivers, yes – tipping is customary and expected each time. For Walmart employee delivery, it’s optional to tip every time or just when you wish.

How much do Walmart delivery drivers make without tips?

Walmart employees make standard hourly wages, while third-party drivers make a base delivery fee per order that varies by company and region. Without tips, third-party driver pay is typically very low.

Does Walmart take tips from third-party drivers?

No, Walmart does not take any portion of tips you give third-party delivery drivers. The entire tip amount goes directly to the driver.

Can you tip a Walmart delivery driver in the app?

For third-party services like DoorDash, yes – you can tip in the DoorDash or Postmates app. For Walmart’s own delivery there is no in-app tipping; you’ll need to tip cash.

Is Walmart grocery delivery worth it?

For many shoppers, paying the $9.95 delivery fee is worthwhile to avoid spending time shopping in-store. Prices on Walmart’s grocery delivery are the same as prices in the store. So the only added cost is the flat delivery fee, which you can offset by tipping less.

Do Walmart delivery drivers prefer cash tips?

Yes, third-party delivery drivers for services like DoorDash often prefer cash tips when possible because cash doesn’t have to be reported as taxable income. But in-app tips are still helpful.

Tipping your Walmart grocery delivery driver is a nice way to show appreciation for the convenience of getting groceries delivered to your door. While tipping is optional for Walmart’s own employees, it’s customary and expected for third-party drivers who rely on tips as income. Follow standard tipping recommendations, and your driver will be grateful for your generosity.

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