Why is My Shein Package Stuck in Shipped Status? Key Reasons and What to Do

Have you ordered a package from the popular online retailer Shein, only to find that your order seems to be stuck in “shipped” status for weeks? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many Shein customers have experienced packages that appear to be perpetually in transit with little or no updates. In this article, we’ll explore the key reasons your Shein order may be stuck in shipped status and provide tips on what you can do to get your package moving again.

A Summary of Main Reasons for Shein Packages Getting Stuck

There are a few main possibilities for why your Shein order is stuck in shipping:

  • International shipping delays – Shein ships most orders from China, so packages have to cross oceans and clear customs. This can cause unpredictable delays.
  • Inaccurate tracking info – The “shipped” status may not reflect the actual location of your package. Tracking systems can lag behind.
  • Lost package – There is a small chance the package was lost in transit and won’t arrive. This is rare but can happen.
  • Needing to pay import duties – If duties need to be paid, the package will be held until they are cleared.

The good news is there are steps you can take to get your order unstuck, which we’ll cover next.

Detailed Explanations on Why Shein Packages Get Delayed

Let’s now dive into the key reasons your Shein package may get delayed in more detail:

International Shipping Times Vary

One of the most common reasons a Shein package can get stuck in shipped status is that international delivery times are unpredictable. Shein ships most orders directly from warehouses in China to customers all over the world using standard international shipping.

This means your order has to make its way across the ocean and through customs checks in your country before being delivered to your doorstep. While delivery may only take 1-2 weeks for some, others find their Shein packages take over a month to arrive when using standard shipping options.

The farther your location from China, the more chances for delays with customs, weather, or other hiccups that can slow packages down. So if you live somewhere like the U.S. or Europe, an average transit time of 3-4 weeks from the shipped date is normal.

Be prepared for international delivery times to vary widely when ordering from Shein. Express shipping can help reduce transit days.

Tracking Information May Not Be Accurate

Another reason your Shein order could be stuck in shipped status is that the tracking information is not up-to-date. Oftentimes, the tracking can continue to show the status as “shipped” for weeks after the package actually left the Shein warehouse.

The tracking sites used by Shein’s standard shipping partners like China Post are notoriously slow to update. So even though your package may have already left China, the tracking still shows it as stuck in shipped status.

This is especially common when using China Post’s basic ePacket delivery option. The tracking won’t update until the parcel reaches your country’s main postal hub. So your package is likely further along its journey than the shipped status indicates.

Packages Can Get Lost in Transit

While unlikely, there is always a small chance that parcels sent via international delivery get lost or severely delayed along the way. If your Shein order has been in shipped status with no updates for over 6 weeks, it unfortunately may be lost in transit.

Situations like airline delays/cancellations, weather events, customs checks, or simple mishandling can lead to packages being lost. If after 1.5-2 months your order still has no update beyond shipped, it may be time to consider it lost and contact Shein.

Thankfully Shein provides full refunds or replacements for any lost packages as long as you contact them within 60 days of your order date.

Import Duties Need to Be Paid Before Delivery

If your Shein package was held up due to unpaid import taxes or duties at customs, it can appear stuck in transit until these fees are taken care of.

When importing goods from China, most countries will charge import duties, taxes, customs clearance fees, or VAT on arrival. If these aren’t prepaid at checkout, your local postal carrier has to hold the package until you pay them.

This causes packages to stay stuck in shipped mode if duties haven’t been paid. Check your country’s postal service website to see if there are any customs fees due on your Shein order so you can pay them and get your package released.

What to Do if Your Shein Order Is Stuck in Shipped Mode

If your Shein order seems to be stuck in transit with no delivery updates beyond the initial shipped status, don’t panic. Here are some tips on steps to take:

Track Your Order on Shein’s Website

The first step is to check for updates on Shein’s order tracking page itself. Shein has its own tracking system that may provide more accurate status than the third party shipping sites.

Enter your order number on the Shein website under My Account > My Orders. This will show the latest tracking notes from Shein on your order’s status. If it looks like your package is still processing or hasn’t actually left China yet, that’s useful info.

Contact Shein Customer Support

If your order tracking still shows no update beyond shipped status after 3-4 weeks, it’s time to contact Shein. Reach out to customer service through the live chat or email form with your order details.

Shein’s customer support can look into your order and provide any updates. They may be able to see additional tracking notes if your parcel has left China and tell you an estimated delivery timeframe.

Check with Your Local Postal Carrier

For packages that have cleared China customs and are in transit in your country, your local postal service may have more current tracking updates.

Search for your Shein order tracking number on your country’s postal service website to see if there are any new updates since it arrived in your country. This can alert you to any customs delays or provide a better delivery ETA.

Pay Any Import Fees Due

If your local postal carrier shows a customs fee is due on your Shein order, be sure to pay it right away so your package gets released. The fees are often able to be paid online by entering the tracking number.

Once duties are paid, your package should resume its journey quickly and exit the stuck in transit status. Just follow your postal carrier’s instructions for paying any owed charges.

Request a Reshipment or Refund

If your Shein order has been stuck for over 6 weeks with no updates, it may be time to consider it lost. Contact Shein customer service and kindly request that your order be reshipped or provide a full refund.

Shein’s policy is to provide a refund or replacement for any order that doesn’t arrive within 60 days of purchase. So don’t hesitate to reach out to Shein for help if your package is very delayed. Just have your order number ready when you contact them.

Key Takeaways on Shein Packages Stuck in Shipped Status

Having your Shein order seem perpetually stuck in transit can be annoying. But hope isn’t lost if your package is delayed beyond the shipped status. Here are some key tips to remember:

  • International delivery times vary, be patient for 1-4 weeks in transit
  • Tracking can be inaccurate and lag behind actual status
  • Contact Shein customer support for help with delayed orders
  • Pay any owed duties and taxes if being held in customs
  • Shein refunds/reships orders that don’t arrive after 60 days
  • Check with your local postal carrier for updated tracking

Don’t stress too much if your Shein order is stuck in shipped mode longer than expected. With some proactive tracking and communication with Shein, you should be able to get your package back on track or arrange for a replacement order to be sent. Just be sure to order early so you have plenty of time buffer in case of delays.

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