Can You Drop off USPS Packages At UPS?(2023 updated)

Dropping off a USPS package at UPS or another shipping company may seem like a convenient option, but it’s actually a common mistake that can lead to lost mail. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about dropping off USPS packages correctly.

Why You Shouldn’t Drop USPS Packages at UPS

While UPS and USPS are both major shipping companies, they have separate systems for collecting, processing, and delivering packages. USPS carriers will only pick up packages directly from USPS mailboxes, post offices, or drop boxes. If you drop off a USPS package at a UPS store or drop box, it likely won’t make it back to the postal service. This can result in lost mail and no way to track your package.

The Risks of Dropping USPS Packages at UPS

There are a few key risks if you try to drop a USPS package off somewhere other than an official USPS collection point:

  • No receipt or proof that UPS accepted the package. If your package goes missing, you’ll have no way to file a claim with USPS.
  • Longer delivery times. The package has to make its way back to USPS from UPS, which adds delays.
  • Potential for lost mail. UPS might return the package to you or it could simply go missing in their system.
  • No USPS tracking. You won’t be able to track the progress of your package until it’s back in USPS possession.

Can UPS Drop Off Packages at USPS?

UPS customers face the same issues if they try to drop packages at the post office rather than an official UPS access point. While USPS may accept UPS packages, those packages aren’t guaranteed to make it back to UPS. It’s always safest to use the drop-off points and mailboxes intended for each shipping company.

How to Properly Drop Off USPS Packages

To ensure your USPS packages get collected and tracked correctly, use one of their many official drop-off points:

  • USPS blue collection boxes – These iconic public mailboxes are located everywhere. Make sure your package fits and follows postage rules.
  • Post office – During open hours, you can hand deliver your package to a USPS post office clerk. They will scan your package for tracking.
  • Postal counters inside stores – Many grocery stores, pharmacies, or shipping stores have USPS counters where you can drop off packages.
  • Package pick-up – Schedule a USPS package pick-up from your home when you’re sending multiple packages or large parcels.
  • USPS drop boxes – Standalone drop boxes are located around towns and neighborhoods just for USPS packages.

No matter where you drop off your package, be sure it has a USPS shipping label attached and proper postage. Avoid covering up old labels or barcodes so your package is correctly tracked.

Dropping Off USPS: Pros and Cons

While USPS offers many drop-off options, there are some key advantages and disadvantages to be aware of:


  • USPS has the most drop-off locations, making it convenient
  • Dropping off at USPS ensures proper tracking and handling
  • The blue collection boxes offer 24/7 drop-off access


  • Post office and in-store counters have limited hours
  • You must affix postage yourself before dropping off
  • Pick-up and drop boxes aren’t located everywhere

UPS Dropoff for USPS Packages: What Are the Risks?

It may seem quick and easy to drop your USPS packages in a UPS box or store, but doing so comes with multiple risks:

  • No USPS tracking until package returns to USPS network
  • Potential for lost or delayed packages
  • No USPS insurance or losses coverage
  • No drop-off receipt from UPS as proof of mailing
  • UPS may return package to sender or charge additional fees
  • USPS cannot intercept packages once in UPS system

Your best bet is always dropping off your packages directly with USPS to avoid any hiccups in the process. Trying to shortcut the system often backfires.

Key Takeaways: Dropping off USPS Packages

  • Never use UPS, FedEx or other carrier for USPS packages
  • Only use official USPS mailboxes, post offices, stores, or pick-ups
  • Attach USPS label and enough postage before dropping off
  • Get a receipt when dropping at post office or store counter
  • Use USPS tracking after drop-off to follow progress
  • Dropping off improperly risks losing package or delay
  • Stick with USPS’s approved collection points for reliable service

Following USPS guidelines ensures your package gets where it needs to go. While dropping off at UPS may seem convenient, it often results in lost and delayed mail. For reliable service, always use official USPS drop boxes, post offices, or pick-ups when sending your packages.

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