“We’re Expecting It” – What Does Royal Mail’s Message Mean?

Royal Mail’s “we’re expecting it” message can cause confusion for customers tracking their packages. This article will explain what this message means and provide tips on what to do if you see it for your order.

What Does “We’re Expecting It” Mean?

The “we’re expecting it” message from Royal Mail simply means they have received pre-advice that your order is on the way to them but they have not received the actual item yet.

Royal Mail gets pre-advice from the sender before your order physically arrives at their depot. So they are aware that your item is coming, but it has not been scanned into their system yet.

Why Hasn’t My Item Arrived Yet?

There are a few possible reasons why your order may not have reached the Royal Mail depot yet:

The sender has only just dispatched your order

It takes time for an item to be transported from the sender to Royal Mail. Depending on the shipping method, it can take 1-3 days for an order to reach the depot after being dispatched. Have patience, it is on the way.

There are postal delays or strike action

Royal Mail service can sometimes be impacted by postal worker strikes or weather delays. This may cause disruptions to delivery times. Check the Royal Mail website for updates.

The item originates from outside the UK

International orders take longer to clear customs and travel to the UK. Expect at least 3-7 days for items from Europe or 2-4 weeks for rest of world.

An error in tracking information

On rare occasions there may be a mistake with the tracking details. Contact the seller if you still have not received your order after allowing for standard delivery times.

The item is lost in transit

Lost or damaged items are uncommon but can occasionally happen. Royal Mail will try to locate missing parcels, but you may need to contact the retailer for a replacement order if it does not turn up.

What Should I Do If I See “We’re Expecting It”?

Seeing the “we’re expecting it” message is not necessarily a cause for concern. Here are some tips on what to do:

  • Be patient – allow time for the order to reach the Royal Mail depot based on standard delivery times.
  • Track periodically – check back every few days to see if the status has updated.
  • Verify the tracking number – double check you have entered the correct details.
  • Contact the seller – if it has been over 7 days with no change, inquire with the retailer.
  • Consider next steps – if the order remains lost after 2 weeks, you may need to request a replacement.
  • Avoid panic – there could be a simple explanation, give Royal Mail time to process and deliver.

When Will My Order Arrive?

It is difficult to say exactly when your order will arrive once you see the “we’re expecting it” message, but you can expect delivery within these time frames:

  • UK orders – Allow 2-5 working days after you first see the message.
  • EU orders – Wait at least 5-10 days for items coming from Europe.
  • Rest of world – Give 14-21 days minimum for items originating outside EU.
  • Contact seller – If no change after 7 days (UK) or 10 days (international), query with retailer.

Be aware delays can happen, but Royal Mail aims to deliver as quickly as possible once they receive your order. Continue monitoring the tracking status for updates.

Key Takeaways: What to Remember About “We’re Expecting It”

  • It means Royal Mail is aware your order is on the way but has not scanned it yet.
  • Be patient and allow standard delivery times before taking action.
  • Verify tracking number and check delivery progress periodically.
  • Contact the seller if no change after 7 days (UK) or 10 days (international).
  • It does not necessarily mean something is wrong, the item may just be in transit.
  • Royal Mail will deliver your package as soon as they receive it at their depot.

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