Is Yanwen Tracking Fake? A Complete Guide on Yanwen Tracking and How to Spot Fakes

Yanwen tracking has become a controversial topic among online shoppers and ecommerce sellers alike. With more and more packages shipping from China through Yanwen Logistics, there is a lot of confusion around whether Yanwen tracking information can be trusted. In this complete guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Yanwen tracking, including how to spot fake tracking and what to do if you think your tracking is not real.

What is Yanwen Tracking?

Yanwen Logistics is a courier company based in Beijing, China that delivers packages and mail to destinations around the world. Like any major shipping carrier, Yanwen provides tracking numbers and package tracking services so customers can follow their shipments every step of the way.

A Yanwen tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to your package that allows you to trace its journey in real time. Simply enter the tracking code on Yanwen’s website or other third party tracking sites, and you’ll get status updates as your parcel makes its way through the Yanwen logistics network.

Is Yanwen Tracking Fake or Real?

There has been a lot of debate over whether Yanwen tracking information is reliable. Some customers have reported seeing fake scanning and delivery notifications when their packages were nowhere to be found.

The main question is – does Yanwen create fake tracking numbers and status events to make it seem like packages are moving through their network when they actually aren’t?

The short answer is: sometimes, but not always.

Like any delivery service, Yanwen certainly has some issues with fake tracking numbers and scans getting entered into the system. However, it does not appear to be an intentional or systematic effort by Yanwen to provide false tracking.

The reality is Yanwen handles millions of parcels per day. Inevitably, some packages will get misrouted or mishandled, leading to incorrect or fake scans getting applied in error. While Yanwen’s tracking system has some flaws, most Yanwen packages do arrive safely based on the real tracking history.

So how do you know if your Yanwen tracking is fake or real? Here are some tips:

How to Spot Fake Yanwen Tracking Numbers

If you’ve purchased an item online that ships via Yanwen Logistics, here are some red flags that may indicate your Yanwen tracking details are not legitimate:

  • The tracking number is not in the proper format (should be 12-digits starting with “YN”)
  • Entering the tracking code on Yanwen’s website returns an error or no results
  • The tracking shows an origin scan in a random location with no history moving to or within China
  • There are no real-time destination country scans for customs or post; just a single “delivered” scan
  • The delivery date is suspiciously fast (1-3 days) when it should take 2-4 weeks
  • The seller provides the same tracking number for multiple orders
  • The tracking stops updating after leaving China with no delivery scan

If you notice any of these issues with your Yanwen tracking number, it’s very possible the tracks are fake. Always double-check Yanwen’s official website in addition to third party tracking sites whenever you have doubts.

Why Do Sellers Create Fake Yanwen Tracking Numbers?

Many ecommerce sellers rely on Yanwen shipping from China to major marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and their own stores. Most buyers expect reliable tracking and delivery estimates.

So why would a seller generate fake Yanwen tracking details? There are a few potential reasons:

  • To buy themselves more time if an order is delayed
  • To mark an order as “shipped” before it actually goes out
  • To placate unhappy customers with fake proof of shipment
  • To make their delivery times appear faster than they really are

Providing fake tracking numbers allows shady sellers to game the system, while making it look like everything is moving smoothly on the customer’s end.

This can enable sellers to get paid and close orders before the real packages even make it to the carrier. While fortunately not all sellers engage in this practice, it’s why you have to be vigilant in double-checking Yanwen tracking updates.

What to Do if You Get a Fake Yanwen Tracking Number

If you’ve determined your Yanwen tracking details are fake, here are some steps to take in response:

  • Contact the seller – Report the fake tracking number to the seller first and ask them to provide a valid tracking code or proof of shipment.
  • Dispute the order – If the seller cannot produce evidence they actually shipped your order, file an “item not received” dispute on eBay, Amazon, or the payment provider used.
  • Leave negative feedback – Let other customers know the seller uses fake Yanwen tracking numbers by leaving neutral or negative feedback where possible.
  • Request a refund – Under most marketplace rules and payment provider policies, buyers are entitled to get their money back if no valid tracking is provided by the cutoff date.
  • Report the seller – Notify marketplace administrators or Yanwen directly about sellers using fake Yanwen tracking numbers. They may face penalties or bans.
  • Be patient – While frustrating, there is still a chance your package may arrive at some point based on the original estimates. Keep monitoring the tracking for any real updates.

With persistence and by following these steps, you can get to the bottom of fake Yanwen tracking numbers and still receive your items or get refunded. Do not let sellers get away with providing bogus shipment data.

Can Yanwen Tracking Be Trusted for Delivery Time Estimates?

Yanwen provides estimated shipping and delivery timeframes, but can these be trusted? Generally, Yanwen’s delivery estimates are less reliable than major carriers like FedEx or DHL. Here are a few key points on Yanwen time estimates:

  • Quoted timeframes are often faster than reality – Yanwen may overpromise on speed to win over sellers. Real transit times are usually 2-4 weeks.
  • Delays are common leaving China customs – Packages frequently sit for days or weeks before export from China.
  • Last-mile delivery speed varies country to country – Developed countries with modern postal networks may see faster final delivery than emerging markets.
  • Requests for earlier delivery rarely speed things up – While you can ask Yanwen to deliver faster, they rarely achieve expedited shipment times.

The best practice is to pad Yanwen’s estimated delivery date by at least a week, and avoid placing urgent orders via Yanwen Logistics. Their tracking can provide clues on delays, but quoted timeframes are not highly reliable.

Yanwen Tracking Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of Yanwen tracking and avoid being left in the dark on your package status, here are some useful tips:

  • Always get valid tracking codes from the seller upfront before payment
  • Enter the Yanwen number on their Chinese postal partner sites for earlier China scans
  • Use package tracking apps to get auto-syncing of multiple tracking numbers
  • Sign up for email and push notifications when the tracking is updated
  • If the tracking stops for over 5 days, contact the seller and Yanwen support
  • Keep the buyer protection window in mind before opening disputes (typically 30-90 days)
  • Yanwen customer service can be slow; follow up persistently for missing mail
  • Extend buyer protection if needed; don’t let it auto-close if shipment is delayed
  • Monitor the tracking daily once it dispatches and goes quiet near the destination
  • For undelivered packages, file claims before insurance timeframes expire

Is There an Alternative to Yanwen Shipping & Tracking?

If you want to avoid the uncertainty of Yanwen tracking and long transit times, what are the alternatives for affordable China postage? Here are a few options:

  • ePacket – A special USPS-China Post partnership that provides tracking and typically faster transit direct from China to the US.
  • Fedex or UPS – Higher rates but more reliable tracking, insurance, and faster delivery speeds direct from China to your country.
  • DHL eCommerce – DHL’s branded China Post offering focused on ecommerce with better tracking visibility.
  • SF Express – A FedEx-like 100% private carrier in China with dependable tracking and express shipping worldwide.
  • Pay a little more – Slightly pricier carriers like EMS are faster and more trackable than Yanwen’s base rates.

While Yanwen is one of the cheapest ways to ship from China to worldwide destinations, consider paying a small premium for carriers with better tracking and service records if delivery speed is important.

Should I Risk Using Yanwen Shipping & Tracking?

Whether you should use Yanwen boils down to your priorities as an online seller or shopper:


  • Very affordable China postage rates
  • Provides basic end-to-end tracking
  • Acceptable delivery timeframes for non-urgent goods
  • Covers most worldwide destinations


  • Higher instances of incorrect or fake tracking scans
  • Slower transit times vs premium carriers
  • Limited customer service and package research support
  • Cheaper rates mean more vulnerabilities in service

If you need rock-bottom shipping prices and are flexible on delivery speed, Yanwen can be an adequate option for lower-value goods.

However for urgent deliverables or high-value items where solid tracking matters, it may be worth using pricier but more dependable couriers.

The Bottom Line on Yanwen Tracking Reliability

At the end of the day, Yanwen tracking has pros and cons. While they don’t appear to systemically create fake tracking details, inaccuracies occur often enough that buyers have valid concerns over Yanwen’s reliability and transparency.

Yet it’s unrealistic to expect the same level of tracking precision as premium carriers when using ultra-budget shipping providers like Yanwen. The international logistics world is imperfect.

As a buyer, exercise reasonable precautions before paying for Yanwen-shipped goods. But don’t automatically assume the worst if something seems off with the tracking – have patience and work with the seller in good faith.

For sellers, be upfront about using economy carriers like Yanwen and set realistic delivery expectations for customers. Absorb the higher effort of customer service around tracking issues in exchange for the volume savings.

With sensible precautions by both parties, Yanwen can be a viable low-cost China shipping solution despite its tracking limitations. Just enter into transactions with eyes wide open using the tips in this guide.

Key Takeaways: Is Yanwen Tracking Fake or Should You Use Yanwen Logistics?

  • Yanwen tracking accuracy has flaws but is not entirely fake or fabricated
  • Spot fraud using tracking format, route, speed, seller behavior, and other red flags
  • Combat fake tracking by disputing orders and leaving seller feedback
  • Yanwen delivery estimates are often unreliable; build in extra buffer time
  • Higher-priced couriers offer better visibility and service than Yanwen
  • Approach Yanwen tracking with realistic expectations and patience

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