Canada Post Verifying Recipient’s Address – Is There Going to Be a Delay(And What Does It Mean?)

When sending a package via Canada Post, you may see the tracking status “verifying recipient’s address” which indicates the postal service is double checking the recipient’s address before attempting delivery. This extra verification step can lead to possible delays, so understanding what’s going on can help senders and recipients alike track their packages and get them to their destinations successfully.

Why Does Canada Post Verify Addresses?

Canada Post verifies recipient addresses for a few key reasons:

Essentially, verifying the recipient’s address helps Canada Post correctly deliver packages and mail items to the intended recipient as efficiently as possible.

What Causes Canada Post to Verify an Address?

There are a few common triggers that can cause Canada Post to flag an address and go through address verification:

  • The recipient address is missing apartment or unit numbers
  • The postal code doesn’t match the recipient address details
  • The recipient address is a rural route or PO Box
  • There are errors or omissions in the recipient address details
  • The package is being shipped to a new address not previously verified

Canada Post maintains a database of verified addresses, so when a recipient address is new or formatted incorrectly, it can cause the postal service to stop and verify it before attempting delivery.

How Does Canada Post Verify Addresses?

When an address comes up for verification, Canada Post will first check it against their internal databases of known addresses. They look for typos, formatting issues, or missing unit numbers that can be corrected to match a valid address.

If the address still can’t be matched to a known good address, the postal carrier will investigate further on their delivery route. They may contact the recipient via phone or email to confirm the right address. The carrier may also speak to the neighbors or the building manager to help ensure the address is correct.

Once the address is properly verified, Canada Post updates their databases so future mail items to that recipient address won’t need verification again.

Does Verifying an Address Delay Delivery?

In most cases, yes – going through address verification can delay the delivery. But just how long can vary case by case.

Some tips on potential delays:

  • If Canada Post can quickly correct minor typos or formatting in the address, there may be no noticeable delay at all
  • For new addresses or more extensive verification, the delay is typically 2-4 business days
  • Rural routes and PO Boxes may take longer – up to 4-6 business days – to verify delivery access
  • If the address is determined to be completely invalid, the package will be returned to the sender which can take up to 10 business days

The best way to estimate the verification delay is to check the detailed tracking status and look for expected delivery date updates. Canada Post will provide revised delivery estimates once the address check has been completed.

How to Avoid Address Verification Delays

As the sender, there are a few things you can do to prevent recipient address issues from delaying your packages:

  • Double check with the recipient that you have the complete, correct address before shipping
  • Use Canada Post’s AddressComplete tool to validate and format the address
  • Include both apartment/unit numbers and postal codes whenever possible
  • Only ship to addresses that you know are occupied and able to receive packages
  • Provide recipient phone/email info when available so they can assist with verification
  • Always get a signature on delivery or set alternative delivery instructions to avoid returned packages

Following those tips will minimize the chances of Canada Post needing to verify the recipient address and ensure faster, smoother deliveries.

What to Do If Your Package is Delayed for Verification

If you see your package tracking stalled at “verifying recipient’s address”, here are a few things you can try:

  • Track the status daily for expected delivery date updates
  • Contact Canada Post support to get more details on the address verification
  • Have the recipient reach out to their local post office for assistance
  • Double check the address details yourself and provide corrections to Canada Post
  • Be patient, as verification delays are typically just a few business days
  • Arrange for package pickup at the post office if the destination address cannot be verified

As long as the correct address is provided eventually, Canada Post will get the package delivered as soon as possible once verification is complete.

When to Take Further Action on Delayed Packages

If your package is delayed longer than expected due to address verification, it’s reasonable to take additional steps to resolve the issue:

  • After 5 business days – Follow up again with Canada Post support and the recipient for status updates
  • After 10 business days – Consider recalling the package and re-sending it with corrected address details
  • After 15 business days – File a service ticket with Canada Post if the package appears to be lost in the verification process

Don’t hesitate to escalate with Canada Post support if it seems your package has fallen through cracks or you can’t get clear updates on the status.

Verifying Recipient’s Address Ensures Successful Delivery

Canada Post verifying recipient addresses might seem like an annoying delay at first, but it’s an important way for the postal service to maintain accuracy and satisfaction for senders and recipients alike.

Now that you know some reasons it happens, how long it takes, and how to avoid it, address verification doesn’t need to be a mystery on your Canada Post packages. A few simple tips will help ensure you receive prompt updates and faster deliveries.

Tracking that verification status is an useful way to follow along each step of your package’s journey and identify any hiccups as early as possible. Ultimately, verifying the recipient’s address means Canada Post can successfully get your item to the right person in the most efficient way.

To recap, key points to remember:

  • Canada Post verifies addresses to ensure proper delivery and avoid returns
  • Typos, formatting errors, new addresses trigger address verification
  • Delays from verification are typically 2-4 days but can take longer
  • Senders can avoid verification by double checking addresses beforehand
  • Recipients should provide correct address info ASAP when contacted
  • Monitoring tracking status and reaching out to Canada Post can help resolve delays
  • Address verification aims to improve delivery success rates for all packages

I hope this overview on Canada Post’s address verification process has been helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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