What Does “Item Processed” Mean for Your Canada Post Package? A Guide to Tracking Statuses

Seeing the status “item processed” on your Canada Post tracking can be confusing. What does it actually mean? Is your package still in transit or out for delivery? This article will explain what “item processed” means and walk you through the typical tracking statuses for Canada Post packages. Read on to better understand the delivery process and get your items faster!

When you order a package delivery through Canada Post, it goes through a journey with many stops and scans along the way before arriving at your door. Understanding these statuses is key to tracking your parcel and knowing when to expect it.

The first scan an item receives when entering the Canada Post system is “item processed.” This means the parcel has been accepted at the originating postal facility and is now in the Canada Post network. It does not indicate the package has started moving towards its destination yet.

What Exactly Does “Item Processed” Mean for Your Package?

When you see “item processed” as the status on your Canada Post tracking, it simply means your package has been received by Canada Post. This first scan verifies the parcel is now in their logistics network.

Some key things to know about the “item processed” status:

  • It is the first tracking event for any Canada Post shipment, domestic and international.
  • The item has been accepted by Canada Post, but has not started transportation.
  • No delivery estimate can be provided yet, since the parcel hasn’t begun moving towards its destination.
  • Once the item leaves the originating facility, the status will update to “item in transit.”

So in summary, “item processed” just means Canada Post has received the package from the sender and it’s now in their tracking system. The delivery process hasn’t started yet.

What’s Next After Your Item is Processed?

Once the origin facility sorts your parcel and dispatches it onto the next step of its journey, you will see a status change from “item processed.” Here are the common statuses you’ll see next:

  • Item in transit – The parcel has left the initial Canada Post facility and is on the way to the recipient’s city or community. This status will show the general region, city, or town.
  • Item processed in transit city – The package has arrived in the recipient’s city and is being sorted at the local depot. This prepares it for delivery.
  • Out for delivery – The parcel is loaded onto the delivery truck and is out for delivery this day. Check tracking again late afternoon for an expected delivery time.
  • Attempted delivery – The post office attempted delivery but no one was available to accept the package. A notice card should be left indicating the pickup location.
  • Available for pickup – The recipient can retrieve the item from their local post office branch. Bring your notice card and ID.
  • Delivered – The final status! Your Canada Post package has successfully reached its recipient. Enjoy your new item!

How Long Does “Item Processed” to Delivery Take?

The time it takes from “item processed” until the parcel is delivered to you depends on a few factors:

  • Destination distance – Packages traveling longer distances will have more transit time. Cross-country or international shipments take longer than Ontario-to-Ontario.
  • Time of year – Holiday peaks see higher package volumes, which can lead to slight delays. Off-peak seasons are less busy.
  • Shipping service selected – Express or priority shipping gets to you faster than standard ground delivery. Upgraded services cost more.
  • Remote locations – Rural and remote addresses require more transportation time. Urban addresses see faster delivery.

On average, expect a Canada Post parcel to go from “item processed” to delivered in 3-6 business days within a province, 5-10 days country-wide, and 7-14+ days internationally.

Top Questions About Item Processed Canada Post Meaning

Here are some frequently asked questions about what “item processed” means and what to expect after:

How long after “item processed” until delivery?

It usually takes 3-6 business days for packages within the same province, 5-10 days Canada-wide, and 1-4 weeks internationally. Times vary on factors like destination distance.

Does “item processed” mean its been shipped?

No, the item is not in transit yet. This status means it’s been received by Canada Post but hasn’t started transportation.

Does item processed mean out for delivery?

No, “out for delivery” is a later stage when the package is on the truck for delivery that day. “Item processed” just means it’s been accepted.

Why does my tracking still say item processed?

If there are no further scans after item processed, the package likely has not moved from the originating depot yet. Delays can happen during busy periods.

What do I do if my package is stuck on item processed?

Contact Canada Post if your item has shown no tracking updates for several days past the expected delivery date. They can investigate possible issues.

Knowing what the status “item processed” means is key for understanding where your package is in the delivery stages. Remember, it simply indicates Canada Post has received your parcel. Once dispatched from the origin facility, tracking will update as it makes its way towards you. Patience is key during busy shipping seasons when delays can occur. But if your tracking is stuck for many days, reach out to Canada Post to have them look into it.

A Quick Recap on What “Item Processed” Means:

  • Item processed is the first tracking event when Canada Post receives your package.
  • It does not mean the item has started transportation yet.
  • Next you can expect the status to update to “in transit” once it leaves the origin facility.
  • Wait 3-6 business days for provincial delivery, 5-10 for cross-Canada, and 7-14+ internationally.
  • Contact Canada Post if no updates after multiple days past expected delivery.

Knowing the typical shipping statuses like “item processed” helps you know what to expect from your Canada Post tracking. Hopefully this guide has explained what “item processed” means and given you insight into the stages parcels go through before arriving at your address. Soon your package will transform from “item processed” to “delivered” – enjoy!

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