My Complete Sendle Review

G’day mates! The name’s Joshua Thompson here, coming to you from the Land Down Under. I recently had the chance to use Sendle’s parcel delivery service during my time living in Australia, and I wanted to share an in-depth review of how it went.

About Sendle

For those who haven’t heard of it, Sendle is an Australian-owned shipping service for delivering parcels and small goods within Australia. They market themselves as an affordable and reliable alternative to Australia Post.

Some key things to know about Sendle:

  • Aussie-owned and operated
  • Offers delivery services within Australia (not international)
  • Claims to have cheaper rates than Australia Post
  • Provides door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Allows online booking and tracking

I first heard about Sendle from some Aussie friends who were using it for their small business shipping needs. They said the rates were way better than the post office, and deliveries were reasonably quick and reliable. This made me interested to give it a go.

Booking a Sendle Shipping Label

When I needed to ship some possessions between cities in Australia, I decided to book through Sendle and see how it compared to my past experiences with Australia Post.

The process of getting a label and booking a pickup through Sendle’s website was super straightforward. I simply entered all the details about my parcel – contents, dimensions, weights, pickup address, delivery address etc.

After entering everything, the rates were clearly displayed so I could select the speed of delivery I needed. There were a few options to choose from, like Express, Priority, or Standard shipping. The prices were very reasonable.

One thing I loved is that I could schedule a pickup for my parcel right from my house. No need to drive to the post office or a depot to drop it off. The website had a calendar where I could select a date and time window that suited me.

The Pickup Experience

On the scheduled pickup day, I got a text notification of my 1-hour pickup window. The courier arrived within that timeframe, scanned my pre-paid Sendle label, took the parcel, and I was done!

The courier was friendly and efficient. It was so convenient not having to take my package somewhere to ship it. This is a major advantage Sendle has over Australia Post in my opinion.

Tracking the Delivery

Once my parcel was on its way, I could track its progress through Sendle’s website and mobile app. The tracking updates showed each step – picked up, processed at facility, in transit, out for delivery, delivered.

The tracking gave me peace of mind that my items were making their way to the destination and would arrive on time. Everything showed up precisely when expected without any hiccups.

Overall Experience

To summarize my experience using Sendle for shipping within Australia:

  • Booking process was quick and easy
  • Rates were affordable compared to other options
  • Door-to-door pickup service was very convenient
  • Tracking kept me informed during transit
  • Items arrived on-time and undamaged

I was really satisfied with how smooth and reliable Sendle was during my time living in Oz. It saved me the hassle of going to the post office for every little delivery.

So if you need to send parcels or small goods within Australia, I highly recommend checking out Sendle. It made domestic shipping simple, seamless, and stress-free based on my experience as a happy customer!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!

Joshua Thompson

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