Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper – What it Means for Your Canada Post Delivery

Electronic information submitted by shipper – you may have seen this notification when tracking a Canada Post package and wondered what it means. With more packages being shipped than ever before, understanding the delivery process can help set accurate expectations on when you’ll receive your order.

In this article we’ll break down what “electronic information submitted by shipper” means, why you may see it, and what it indicates for the status of your Canada Post delivery. Whether you’re waiting for something essential or just curious about where your package is, read on for a detailed look at how Canada Post tracking updates work.

What Exactly Does “Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper” Mean?

When a Canada Post tracking update says “electronic information submitted by shipper,” it means the sender has sent initial shipment details like a destination address, package weight, and type of service to Canada Post. This is one of the first steps in the delivery process – the shipper letting Canada Post know a package is on the way so it can enter the system.

At this point, Canada Post doesn’t physically have the parcel yet. The sender has simply notified them electronically that a shipment is coming.

Why Might You See This Particular Tracking Notice?

There are a few reasons why a Canada Post tracking update may say “electronic information submitted by shipper” rather than immediately showing the first scan:

  • The sender generated a tracking number and entered details ahead of time but hasn’t yet handed off the package to Canada Post or their pickup service.
  • There’s a lag time between the sender entering shipment details and the first scan by Canada Post. For example, the package may still be in transit between the shipper and Canada Post facility.
  • The timing of when data syncs between the shipper’s systems and Canada Post’s tracking system can create a gap between electronic notification and the first physical scan.
  • Less frequently, an error or tech issue could prevent the initial scan from transmitting properly.

So in most cases, it simply means Canada Post is aware of the coming delivery but doesn’t have the physical item in-hand yet to scan and track further.

What Does This Status Update Indicate for Delivery?

Seeing “electronic information submitted” as the latest tracking update doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a delay or problem with your delivery. It’s common for a package to have this status for a period of time before more scans occur.

However, if you’ve had this message for several days with no further tracking updates, it could mean:

  • The package was never tendered to Canada Post by the shipper.
  • There is a technical issue or error preventing additional scans.
  • The package is delayed in transit between the sender and Canada Post.

If your tracking has shown this status for more than 2-3 days with no change, you may want to contact the shipper to verify they handed off the item to Canada Post and inquire about the status.

When to Expect the Next Scan and Tracking Update

Typically, you can expect the next scan and tracking update within 2-4 business days of the “electronic information submitted” notice. This would indicate Canada Post has received the item from the shipper and it’s now moving through their network.

However, exact timeframes vary based on factors like:

  • Where the package originated from. International shipments involve customs which can add time.
  • The specific shipping service used – ground, air, priority, express, etc. Express services move quicker than standard.
  • Current volumes and weather impacts slowing the overall delivery network.
  • Distance to the destination and how many facilities it must route through.

While “electronic information submitted” means the process has begun, the package is still early in transit. The next few tracking scans as it enters the Canada Post network will give you a better idea of the estimated delivery date.

Quick Recap – What We Learned

Canada Post tracking updates aim to provide transparency into where your package is and when to expect it. Here are some key points on “electronic information submitted by shipper”:

  • It means the sender has notified Canada Post of the coming delivery and provided package details.
  • The item itself has likely not been handed off to Canada Post yet at this stage.
  • Give it 2-4 more days for the next tracking scan when Canada Post receives it.
  • If there’s no change after a few days, contact the shipper for status.
  • Once the first Canada Post scans occur, you’ll have greater visibility into estimated delivery date.

Knowing the meaning behind this common tracking status can help set your expectations. While your package is still in transit, you can feel confident delivery is in process when you see electronic information has been submitted by the shipper to Canada Post.

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