Why “Return to Consignor Has Been Requested” and What it Means for Your Order

“Return to consignor has been requested” can be a concerning status update for your order. However, it does not necessarily mean something has gone wrong. This article will explain what this status means, reasons it may occur, and what you can do about it.

What Does “Return to Consignor” Mean for My Order?

Return to consignor” is a status used by some delivery companies, especially DPD, to indicate the package is being returned to the original sender or consignor.

There are a few key reasons this return request may happen:

The Delivery Address Was Incorrect

If the delivery address on the order was entered incorrectly, the courier cannot complete delivery. They will return it to the sender. Double check your shipping details were correct.

You Were Not Home to Accept Delivery

If you were not available during the delivery attempt, the driver may return the parcel to the sender.

Your Payment Failed

For new customer orders, some companies do credit checks or payment authorizations. If this fails, they request a return.

The Sender Requested the Return

Rarely, the sender themselves may request the courier return the shipment to them before delivery is attempted.

What Should I Do if My Order Status Says Return to Consignor?

Don’t panic yet if you see this status. Here are some steps to take:

Check the Tracking Details

Look at the full tracking history and details. This can provide more context for why the return was requested.

Contact the Sender

Reach out to the company you ordered from. Explain you saw a return requested. They can look into it and resend if it was an error.

Update Your Details if Incorrect

If your shipping address or payment details were wrong, get these updated with the seller. Ask them to re-send the order.

Wait a Few Days

Sometimes returns are requested in error and delivery continues as normal. Wait a couple days to see if you still receive the order.

Request a New Shipment

If the return was valid, ask the seller to send the shipment again once the issue is resolved.

Don’t Stress, Just Take Action

While “return to consignor” can be worrying, it does not always mean your order is cancelled or lost for good. With some quick troubleshooting and communication, the situation can usually be resolved. Stay positive and take the right steps to get your delivery back on track.

To recap, key tips are:

  • Check tracking history for context
  • Contact seller to understand reason
  • Update any incorrect details
  • Allow a few days in case it still delivers
  • Ask for re-shipment once any issues are resolved

With the right approach, your order will be in your hands soon even after a return request!

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