What Does “Manifested for Delivery” Actually Mean for Your Package?

If you’ve ever tracked a package and seen the status “manifested for delivery,” you may have wondered what that actually means. Is your package definitely coming today? Or is it still just making its way through the shipping process? Understanding the meaning behind this tracking status can help you know what to expect from your delivery.

In short, “manifested for delivery” means the courier service has prepared all the documentation necessary to dispatch your package to you. This status indicates your parcel is ready to be loaded onto a delivery vehicle for the final leg of its journey. Seeing this tracking update is a good sign that your package is close to being delivered, but it doesn’t guarantee the delivery date.

So What Exactly Does the “Manifested for Delivery” Status Entail?

When a package is “manifested for delivery,” it means the courier has generated the shipping manifest document or load sheet required to ship your parcel to its intended destination. This manifest contains key information like:

  • The addresses of the sender and recipient
  • The parcel’s dimensions and weight
  • The service level promised for delivery
  • Details on the contents inside for customs purposes
  • Tracking number to identify the package

Shipping carriers like Evri or Hermes use manifests to plan vehicle loading at their depots and organize their daily delivery routes. The manifest allows them to verify every packaged item picked up along a route makes it onto the correct van or truck headed to its destination.

So if you get a “manifested for delivery” update, your package is all queued up for the driver. But it hasn’t necessarily been loaded onto the van yet.

How Long Until Delivery After “Manifested” Status Shows?

Seeing your tracking say “manifested for delivery” is a great sign your package is close to arriving. But it does not guarantee a delivery date.

In general, you can expect your parcel to be delivered within 1-3 days after this status appears. However, exact delivery timeframes vary by courier and service level.

For example:

  • Next day deliveries may arrive the same or next business day after being manifested.
  • Ground shipments could take 2-4 days after manifesting before they reach your door.
  • International packages can take 3 days to 2 weeks in some cases.

Shipping carriers batch packages heading to the same area onto one daily route. So even if your item was manifested for delivery today, it may get loaded onto tomorrow’s truck if that’s a more efficient route plan.

The key is the “manifested” status means your package is queued up and ready to move. Now the delivery just depends on available space and timing of transport to your local depot.

What If My Package Doesn’t Arrive on Time After “Manifested” Status?

Sometimes parcels fail to show up as quickly expected after being marked “manifested for delivery.” If your package is significantly late beyond the estimated delivery window, there may be a hold up like:

  • Transportation delays – Bad weather, traffic issues, or mechanical problems can slow down shipments.
  • Processing delays – A backlog at the shipper’s warehouse delays preparation and manifesting.
  • Incorrect address – An error in the recipient’s address delays proper delivery.
  • Customs clearance – International packages may get held up during export/import inspections.
  • Tracking lag – The tracking tool may not update to “out for delivery” status in real time.

If your package is late after being manifested, first allow an extra day or two for it to arrive. Courier tracking tools usually update every 24 hours, so your parcel may be further along than the status indicates.

If it still fails to show, you can contact the delivery provider’s customer service team. Have your tracking number ready and inquire politely about expected delivery date. The agent can investigate status, reroute if needed, and provide guidance on next steps.

How to Track “Manifested” Package Status Online

To keep tabs on your package’s journey after it’s manifested for delivery, turn to the courier’s online tracking tool.

Most carriers let you track by reference number on their websites or in mobile apps. For example:

  • Evri – Visit Evri.com and enter the tracking number in the search bar. You can also get updates by email or text.
  • Hermes – Input your tracking reference on MyHermes.co.uk tracking page or in the Parcel App.
  • Royal Mail – Enter your shipment’s tracking ID at RoyalMail.com/track to follow status.
  • UPS – UPS.com features package tracking by number once your parcel is in the system.
  • FedEx – Use FedEx.com tracking with your number to monitor latest scanned checkpoints.

Frequent checks after “manifested” status can give you a sense of when to expect delivery as the package travels through sort facilities towards your local depot. But don’t worry too much if progress seems slow at first. Movement will pick up as it gets closer to your delivery date.

Key Takeaways on “Manifested for Delivery” Status

When your tracking says “manifested,” key points to remember include:

  • The package is prepared with a shipping manifest to be loaded for delivery.
  • Delivery typically occurs within 1-3 days but can vary based on service and destination.
  • Delay past the estimated window may indicate a transportation or address issue.
  • Frequent tracking checks after manifesting show progress towards the delivery depot.
  • Contact customer service for help if the package is late and you need answers.

Knowing what the “manifested” status signifies helps set proper expectations on when your parcel will realistically arrive. While not a guarantee, it’s an optimistic signal your package is nearing the final stretch on its way directly to you.

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