What To Do When You Get A “USPS Moved Left No Address” Tracking Alert

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Getting a “Moved Left No Address” alert from USPS when tracking a package can be confusing and concerning. This tracking status indicates your package was undeliverable due to an insufficient or non-existent address. Don’t panic – this article explains why you may receive this notice, what it means, and most importantly, how to make sure your package gets delivered properly.

Why Would I Get A “Moved Left No Address” Notice?

There are a few main reasons why the United States Postal Service (USPS) would be unable to deliver your package and instead leave a notice about an insufficient address:

  • The recipient address is incomplete – missing apartment number, street name, city, state, or zip code.
  • The address is formatted incorrectly or illegibly.
  • There is no mail receptacle or secure location available for delivery at the specified address.
  • The address provided is invalid and does not exist.
  • The recipient has moved from the delivery address without filing a change of address form with USPS.

In any of these cases, the postal carrier has no choice but to return the mail piece to the sender. But the good news is that with proper tracking, this issue can usually be quickly resolved.

What Should I Do If I Get This Tracking Alert?

Don’t panic if you see a “Moved Left No Address” notice when tracking a package. Here are the steps you should take:

Confirm The Address Is Correct

Double check that the shipping address you provided matches the recipient’s valid mailing address. Look for any typos, misspellings, or missing unit/apartment numbers. An inaccurate address is the most common reason for insufficient address scans.

Contact The Recipient

If you aren’t certain you have the right address, promptly contact the recipient to confirm or obtain their complete, valid shipping address. Make sure to get any missing apartment or unit numbers that may have been omitted.

Update The Address With USPS

Once you have the full, confirmed address from the recipient, contact USPS to update the delivery address by phone, at a post office location, or through USPS.com. This quickly lets them know where to reattempt delivery.

Request Package Pickup

As an alternative, see if the recipient can physically go to their local post office and retrieve the package themselves with a photo ID. The package will be held there for pickup for a certain number of days before being returned.

Intercept The Package

If it’s urgent, you also have the option to request a USPS Package Intercept, which lets you redirect the package to a new address before delivery is reattempted. There is a fee for this service, but it ensures your package arrives quickly.

Ship To A Secure Alternative Address

If the recipient’s address is repeatedly problematic, consider shipping to an alternative secure location like their workplace or a trusted friend’s house where there will be someone available to accept deliveries.

As long as you act quickly to communicate with USPS and the recipient, there are many straightforward ways to get your package delivered correctly after a “Moved Left No Address” scan.

Common USPS Tracking Statuses You May See

When monitoring your package’s journey, here are some of the tracking statuses you may come across and what they mean:

  • Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS: The shipping label has been created and delivery information submitted to USPS ahead of drop-off.
  • Arrived at Post Office: The package has arrived at the USPS facility responsible for initial processing.
  • USPS in Possession of Item: USPS has scanned and accepted the item at a facility and the package is now in transit to the destination.
  • Departed Post Office: The item has left the originating postal facility en route to the next stop in the delivery chain.
  • Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility: The package has arrived at the USPS regional hub nearest the delivery address.
  • Out for Delivery: The item is currently loaded on a delivery vehicle for attempted delivery to the recipient address.
  • Moved Left No Address: The address is insufficient and USPS is returning the package to sender.
  • Available for Pickup: The post office is holding the package for customer pickup.
  • Delivered: The package has successfully arrived at the recipient address.
  • Returned to Sender: USPS was unable to deliver the item and is sending it back to the shipper address.

Knowing the various scans and notices you may encounter will help you quickly understand your package’s status and location throughout its journey.

FAQs About USPS Left No Address Scans

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about receiving a “Moved Left No Address” scan from USPS:

How long will USPS try to deliver my package before returning it?

USPS will typically attempt delivery for a couple of days before returning a package to the sender due to an insufficient address. The exact number of attempts may vary depending on mail class and delivery timeframe.

What if I accidentally entered the wrong zip code?

An incorrect ZIP code may result in a “no address” scan. Contact USPS quickly to notify them of the proper ZIP so they can redirect it appropriately.

Could my package be lost for good if returned?

USPS very rarely loses a piece of mail. Any undeliverable packages are typically returned safely to the shipper address on file. Just make sure your return address is clearly visible on the box.

What happens to my package at a Mail Recovery Center?

If the return address is illegible, the package may be sent to a Mail Recovery Center where USPS will open it to try to determine where to send it. Make sure your return address is clearly printed on the shipping label.

Who pays for the return shipping costs if USPS can’t deliver?

The original shipper is responsible for any return shipping fees if USPS is unable to deliver the package successfully.

Can I pick up a package at my local post office if I get this notice?

Yes, if you get the notice promptly, you can contact USPS to hold the package at your local post office for pickup, saving the time and cost of having it shipped back.

Being aware of the process will help alleviate stress if you ever get the dreaded “Moved Left No Address” tracking update. With some quick action, you can get that package to the right location.

What To Remember If You Get A “USPS Moved Left No Address” Scan

  • Double check the recipient address for accuracy before shipping.
  • Contact USPS and the recipient immediately if you get this notice.
  • Update the address, intercept the package, or set up a hold for pickup.
  • Make sure your return address is clearly visible on the package.
  • Eligible packages will be returned safely to the shipper address.
  • Monitor tracking closely so you can act promptly if there are delivery issues.
  • Getting this notice doesn’t mean your package is lost – it can still be quickly recovered!

While a “Moved Left No Address” scan from USPS can be worrying, just remember that with a few simple steps, you can get your package rerouted and properly delivered to its intended recipient. Keep the recipient informed, communicate with USPS, leverage tracking, and act quickly to resolve any delivery address issues that arise.

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