What Does “Urging Dispatch” Mean on Shein in 2023?

shein urgent dispatch

Shein is one of the most popular fast fashion e-commerce retailers today. With thousands of orders shipped out daily, delivery and logistics is a massive operation for Shein. When you place an order, you may see the ambiguous shipping status “urging dispatch” appear post-checkout. But what exactly does this term mean for your Shein order in 2023?

The phrase “urging dispatch” often leaves Shein customers confused about the current status and estimated delivery timeline of their purchases. This article will explain what “urging dispatch” means on Shein, why the company uses this term, and how you can track your order to receive it as quickly as possible in 2023.

What Does “Urging Dispatch” Mean on Shein?

The term “urging dispatch” on Shein simply means your order has been shipped out from their warehouse and handed over to the postal service, carrier, or courier for delivery. It is in transit to you but has not yet left the origin country.

In simple terms, “urging dispatch” indicates your order is no longer with Shein and is now in the transportation stage with your country’s mail service or a private shipping company. Shein has fulfilled their duty of processing and shipping out your order.

The phrase signals that Shein has dispatched your parcel and is urging the logistics provider to deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Why Does Shein Use the Term “Urging Dispatch”?

Shein likely uses vague shipping terminology like “urging dispatch” to imply they’ve done their part and the order is now out of their control. As a massive fast fashion retailer shipping out thousands of parcels per day, Shein wants to assure customers their purchases have left the warehouse and are in transit.

The term “urging dispatch” also suggests Shein is requesting and reminding the carrier to dispatch orders quickly instead of letting them sit. However, it does not necessarily mean your delivery will arrive faster than the estimated timeline.

How Long Does the “Urging Dispatch” Stage Take?

Shein orders typically take 1-3 weeks to arrive after being marked as “urging dispatch”. The estimated delivery window provided post-order is the most accurate timeline. There are no guarantees “urging dispatch” orders will arrive significantly faster than usual.

However, some customers have reported receiving orders within 1-5 business days of the status changing to “urging dispatch”. But your experience may vary depending on order volumes, customs checks, and other conditions impacting postal services in your country.

What to Do If Your Shein Order Is Delayed

Sometimes “urging dispatch” orders end up delayed due to high order volumes, lengthy customs procedures, or other unforeseen factors. If your Shein order does not arrive within the estimated delivery window, you can take action.

Firstly, check the order tracking again to see if there are any new shipping updates. If there are none, contact Shein customer service to inquire about your order status and expected delivery date.

If the order is eligible for a delivery delay refund, you can request that from Shein. However, processing refunds may also take 1-3 weeks during busy periods. Following up politely with their customer service is the best recourse.

Should You Expect Faster Shipping with “Urging Dispatch”?

There is no evidence that orders marked “urging dispatch” receive prioritized handling or shipping. Customers have not conclusively reported faster delivery times for these orders. There is no reason to expect notably speedier transit due to this status alone.

The term seems to be Shein’s internal system of denoting orders shipped out and in transit. It does not necessarily mean your individual order will be expedited or dispatched quicker than usual by the logistics company.

Key Takeaways: What “Urging Dispatch” Means on Shein

  • Urging dispatch indicates your Shein order has left their warehouse and is now in transit with the postal service or private courier.
  • It does not guarantee faster shipping or arrival times compared to estimated delivery windows.
  • You can track up-to-date shipping status and expected delivery using the order tracking feature on Shein.
  • If your order is delayed, contact Shein customer service for assistance – not the postal carrier.
  • Urging dispatch is an internal Shein term denoting shipped orders. It does not mean third-party carriers will expedite individual orders.

In summary, “urging dispatch” means your Shein order is in transit and you’re one step closer to receiving it. The shipping process is now in the hands of the mail carrier. Continue monitoring your order tracking for current status and expected delivery date.

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