Why Is My Shein Order Stuck In Transit and How Can I Fix It?

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Have you ordered something from the popular online retailer Shein only to find that your package seems to be stuck in transit with no updates? Here’s a comprehensive guide on why your Shein order may be delayed and what you can do to get it moving or get a refund.

When you place an order with Shein, you likely expect your items to arrive in a timely manner. However, you may encounter various hiccups that cause your order to get held up during the shipping process. Getting no tracking updates for an extended period usually means the package is stuck in transit somewhere between the Shein warehouse and your home.

There are several potential reasons why your Shein package is not moving:

Outline of Main Reasons a Shein Order Can Get Stuck in Transit

  • Shipping delays at the origin warehouse
  • Package held up at customs
  • Courier issues like weather, misrouting, or delays
  • Incorrect shipping address
  • Website tracking glitches
  • Security checks and inspections
  • Loss by the courier
  • Other transit issues and delays

Understanding why your order is stuck in transit is key to figuring out how to get it delivered or how to get a refund or replacement item if needed. This article explores the main reasons for stuck Shein orders and provides tips to track, locate and potentially expedite your delayed package.

Why Has My Shein Order Not Arrived Yet?

There are a number of possible reasons why your Shein order is stuck in transit and has not reached you yet:

Delays at the Shein Warehouse

The first place your order can get held up is right at the source – the Shein warehouse where items are picked, packed and shipped out. During busy periods, Shein may experience bottlenecks at its fulfillment centers that lead to slower processing and shipping of orders.

Your order could sit at the warehouse for several days before the courier even picks it up. Contact Shein customer service if your tracking shows the package has not left the warehouse after 4-5 days.

Stuck in Customs Clearing

One of the most common reasons Shein orders get delayed is that the package gets held up in customs when entering the destination country. Customs inspects packages and levies any applicable duties and taxes. This process can sometimes take 2-3 weeks.

If tracking shows the package reached your country’s main airport but has not moved in over a week, it is likely stuck in customs inspection. You may have to pay any customs fees before the package gets released for delivery.

Courier Issues

Once Shein ships your order, it is at the mercy of the courier for timely delivery. Courier delays due to weather, misrouting, backlogs and other issues can hold up the package in transit to you.

Domestic couriers like USPS sometimes delay packages with no tracking updates. International couriers can face even more transit issues across countries. If the package seems stuck en route, it’s an issue on the courier side.

Incorrect Shipping Address

A Shein order can also get stuck if you made a mistake entering your shipping address. If the address is inaccurate, incomplete or invalid, the courier cannot deliver it.

Double check your Shein order and confirm your shipping address is 100% correct. Update it if needed and contact Shein to rectify any address error.

Website Tracking Glitches

Before assuming your order is truly stuck, consider that the Shein website tracking may simply be glitched or delayed in updating. Apps and sites regularly have tech issues on the backend.

Try tracking on the courier website or app instead. Clear your browser cookies and cache and recheck the Shein tracking page. If other tracking sources show movement, your package is likely not stuck.

Security Checks and Inspections

Shein ships internationally, so packages are sometimes pulled aside for random security checks and inspections, especially on international shipments. This leads to transit delays but is for safety purposes.

Be patient if tracking shows the package is held up or undergoing scrutiny by customs. It may take a few extra days but should resume movement after clearing any inspections.

Lost or Stolen Packages

In rare cases, a Shein order gets lost or stolen somewhere along the delivery route. Couriers sometimes misplace and cannot recover packages. Theft also occurs occasionally, though retailers take precautions.

If a package seems to be missing and unrecoverable by the courier, you’ll need to file a claim with Shein to refund or reship your order.

Other Transit Setbacks

Shipping internationally or domestically inevitably involves some uncertainties and mishaps leading to delayed packages. Severe weather, holidays, incorrect scans, and other unforeseen events can also hold up orders in transit.

While frustrating, transit hiccups are inevitable. Be patient and persistent in tracking your order. But know when to seek help or refunds after an extended stuck status.

Now that we’ve explored why your Shein order may get stuck in transit, here are some tips on what to do next:

What to Do If Shein Order Stuck on “In Transit”

If your Shein order remains stuck in transit with no delivery and the tracking status does not progress, here are ways to get it unstuck or get reimbursed:

  • Contact Shein Customer Service – The first step is reaching out to Shein’s customer support by email or phone and providing your order and tracking details. Shein can investigate on their end, contact the courier, and resolve any address or information errors causing the delay.
  • Check with the Courier – You can also research the courier tracking tools and information to get more details on your package’s status. See if they can provide any transit updates or recovery assistance if the package seems lost.
  • Pay Any Customs Duties – If tracking shows the package stuck in customs, contact your customs office and pay any required taxes or duties to get it released. Shein orders can face customs delays especially when shipping across continents.
  • Update Shipping Address – Make sure to double check the address Shein has on file is accurate. Log into your account and update it if you made any typos or errors. Confirm the postal code, street name and number match.
  • Request Order Reship – If your package ultimately gets very delayed, stolen or lost, request Shein to reship a replacement order. Shein will conduct an investigation and resend the items if the courier cannot recover the original shipment.
  • Get a Refund – If you would rather get reimbursed versus a reshipped order, you can request a full refund from Shein if a package has been lost or delayed beyond a set time frame (30-60 days).

Helpful Tips for Tracking a Shein Order Stuck in Transit

Trying to pinpoint where your Shein order is stuck and why can be frustrating and confusing. Here are some useful tips for keeping tabs on a delayed order:

  • Check both the Shein website tracking and courier tracking sites for the most up to date and detailed status. Crosscheck to see if they match up.
  • Be patient right after shipping as packages can take a few days to update with initial scans. Allow over a week before worrying about lack of tracking movement.
  • Look for the last scan location and see where it got held up. Contact facilities in that area if needed to locate the package.
  • Review the expected delivery date and transit path to determine if the package is severely behind schedule or off course.
  • Take screenshots of tracking maps and status histories in case you need to provide details to customer service.
  • Confirm the correct courier and tracking number – packages sometimes get misrouted or incorrectly scanned.
  • Try using package tracking apps which compile and track across multiple couriers in one dashboard.
  • Request Shein to initiate a package trace with the courier if it seems lost or scan updates have lapsed.
  • Be sure to hold onto your Shein order information and tracking number until you confirm delivery.

Can Shein Resend an Order Stuck in Transit?

If your Shein order ends up being very delayed with no updates or gets lost in transit, you can request a resend/reship of your full order. Here is Shein’s reship policy if a package is stuck:

  • You must first alert Shein of the stuck order and provide the tracking details so they can conduct an investigation.
  • Shein may reship an order that has shown no updates and no delivery within 30 days of the shipping date.
  • For international shipments, Shein may reship orders with no delivery after 60 days from the ship date.
  • If evidence shows the courier lost or damaged the package, Shein will reship the entire order for free.
  • You will need to email Shein Customer Service via the tracking help request form to get your stuck order reshipped after qualifying delays.

So if your Shein package remains perpetually stuck in transit with no updates, Shein will make it right by reshipping a replacement package. Just be sure to stay on top of tracking and provide them with documentation of the stuck status.

Steps to Get a Refund on a Shein Order Stuck in Transit

If your Shein order is delayed too long or you would rather get your money back, you can request a refund by following these steps:

  • Contact Shein customer service by email with your order details and explain you have not received your package. Provide tracking screenshots showing no updates.
  • Specify if you want a reship or refund. Refunds are generally given if the courier declares a package lost after investigation.
  • Shein may ask you to wait a set time period (15, 30, 45 days, etc) during which a stuck package could still potentially be delivered.
  • After the waiting period has passed, email Shein again for a status update, reiterate you still have not received the order, and request a refund.
  • Shein will likely issue a full refund within a few days once the courier has exhausted search efforts and declared the package lost for good.
  • Refunds are generally credited back to your original payment method. Allow 2-5 days for processing.

So while stuck packages are annoying, Shein aims to make it right in the end, either through reshipping orders or refunding customers if needed. Keep the lines of communication open with their customer service when you have an order stuck in transit.

FAQs About Shein Orders Stuck in Transit

How long does a Shein delivery take?

  • Shein shipping times can range from 1-4 weeks with most packages arriving in 10-20 days. Allow longer for delays based on origin, destination, courier, and other factors.

Why does my Shein tracking not update?

  • If Shein tracking shows no changes, it may be a technical glitch. Try the courier site instead. If both show no scans, the package is likely stuck.

What happens if Shein loses my order?

  • Shein will reship or refund lost packages after investigating and confirming the courier cannot locate and deliver your order.

How do I contact Shein about a delayed order?

  • You can email Shein customer service via the help request form on tracking order pages. Or call their customer service phone number at 844-802-2500.

Can I pick up my Shein package from a courier facility?

  • As Shein uses third party couriers, you likely cannot pick up orders directly. You must arrange redirection or hold for pickup via the courier.

Why does my Shein order say “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment”?

  • This status means the package has been processed at the origin country (China) but not yet handed over to the destination country’s postal service. It is likely still awaiting international transfer.

How long can an international package be in transit?

  • International deliveries can understandably take longer, up to 4-6 weeks in some cases depending on customs and transit processes.

Having a delayed Shein order can be highly frustrating but being armed with information helps. Now you know why Shein orders get stuck in transit, how to track down packages, and steps for getting a reshipment or refund from Shein when needed. Stay diligent yet patient, and your order should eventually resume its route and make it safely to your door.

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