Why Is My FedEx Shipment Stuck on “Label Created” Status? Key Facts to Know

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Seeing your FedEx tracking status stuck on “label created” can be frustrating when you’re expecting a shipment. This article will explain what this tracking status means, why it happens, and what you can do get your package moving. With the right information, you can get your shipment unstuck and on its way.

What Does “Label Created” Status Mean for FedEx Shipments?

When a FedEx tracking status shows “label created,” it means that a shipping label has been generated for your package, but FedEx does not yet have the package in their possession. This typically happens when the sender prints the label through FedEx’s online processing system, but has not yet tendered the package to FedEx.

The “label created” message is FedEx’s way of saying a label has been made, but the package is still with the shipper. FedEx does not actually have custody of your shipment yet. This status will stay in place until the shipper drops off the package at a FedEx facility or pickup location.

Why Would a FedEx Shipment Get Stuck in “Label Created” Status?

There are a few common reasons a FedEx package may get stuck at the “label created” stage:

  • The shipper has not dropped off the package yet. The most common scenario is the seller printed the label but hasn’t handed over the package to FedEx yet. FedEx can’t scan a tracking barcode and begin tracking until your box is in their possession physically.
  • There was a missed scan at pickup. Sometimes a package gets picked up or dropped off but doesn’t get immediately scanned by FedEx. This may show as “label created” until the first scan at a facility updates it.
  • The label was printed too far in advance. Sellers can print labels ahead of the ship date. If a label was created days before the actual shipment, it may sit as “label created” until pickup on the ship date.
  • The package was rejected at drop-off. In some cases, FedEx may reject a shipment at drop-off if it’s missing required documentation or is oversize, requiring the shipper to rework the shipment.
  • The shipper used a third-party vendor. Some sellers use third-party shipping services that create labels ahead of pickup. This can lead to a gap between label creation and FedEx taking possession.

What Does It Mean If FedEx Tracking Is Stuck on “Label Created”?

When your package seems to get stuck in “label created” status for multiple days with no updates, it typically means:

  • FedEx has not yet received the package from the shipper. It’s still sitting with the seller.
  • There are issues on the shipper’s end delaying drop-off or pickup.
  • An exception like incorrect address or refused package is holding things up.

The package is still with the seller until FedEx takes custody and scans it into their tracking system at an origin facility. Stuck labels mean the handoff from merchant to FedEx has not yet taken place.

How Long Will FedEx Stay Stuck on “Label Created”?

Most FedEx packages will move past the “label created” status within 1-2 business days after the shipper drops off the box. However, it’s possible for a shipment to remain stuck in this status for several days or weeks in rare cases.

Some reasons a FedEx package may stay stuck in this status for an extended time include:

  • The shipper is significantly delayed in tendering the package to FedEx.
  • There are repeated missed scans of the package at pickup and in transit.
  • The package has been rejected and requires correction before shipping.
  • The shipment encountered Exceptions team processing delays.
  • Severe weather or natural disasters caused major network disruptions.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, a FedEx package should not stay stuck in “label created” status indefinitely. If your package remains stuck in this status for over 3-4 days with no updates, it warrants checking into further.

I’m Stuck in “Label Created” Status. What Should I Do Next?

If your FedEx shipment seems to be stuck in “label created” status for multiple days, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Contact the shipper. Let them know your tracking is still showing “label created” days after purchase. They can look into whether the package has actually shipped from their end.
  • Confirm the ship date. Check your order details to see if a future ship date was listed. Label creation may precede shipping by a few days.
  • Look for an email notification. If the shipper provided an email confirmation, check to see if they notified you of any delays or issues.
  • Visit the FedEx tracking page. Enter your tracking number and check for updates indicating FedEx has the package. Sign up for text and email alerts.
  • Call FedEx customer service. A representative can open a tracing case and investigate the stuck shipment. Call 1.800.463.3339 for help.
  • Request proof of drop-off. Ask the shipper to provide documentation that they tendered your package to FedEx, if available.
  • Open a claim after 5 days. If there are still no updates, you can open a claim process online at fedex.com after 5 days stuck in “label created.”

Why Does FedEx Get Stuck on “Label Created” Status?

When a FedEx shipment gets stuck on “label created,” there are a few root causes:

  • FedEx doesn’t have the package yet. FedEx can’t scan and track until they have your package in their network. The package is still with the shipper.
  • Technical errors or integrations issues. Problems with label printing software integrating with FedEx systems can cause tracking gaps.
  • Missed scans. Packages can miss getting scanned at pickup or at hubs, delaying tracking updates.
  • Shipper errors. Invalid addresses, improper packaging, or unresolved payment issues from the shipper can hold up pickup.
  • Weather or natural disasters. Severe storms, floods or other acts outside of FedEx’s control can lead to tracking delays.
  • Peak surcharges. During FedEx’s peak holiday season, volume overwhelms capacity and can cause some transit delays.

FedEx relies on shippers to tender packages correctly and for scans to happen consistently throughout their network. When breakdowns happen, tracking gets stuck in the earliest stage until issues are resolved.

FAQs: FedEx Stuck on “Label Created” Status

Why does FedEx say “label created” when I already shipped my package?

Once you’ve shipped your package, it takes 1-2 business days for FedEx to scan the barcode and update the tracking status past “label created.” This lag is normal as packages move through the pickup and sorting process. If it doesn’t update after 2 days, investigate with the shipper.

FedEx says “label created” but my package hasn’t arrived. What do I do?

If FedEx continues to show “label created” but you haven’t received your package, contact the seller. They should be able to confirm if they’ve tendered the package to FedEx. If they have and there are still no scans after 2 days, escalate with FedEx tracing.

What if FedEx stays stuck on “label created” for a week?

If your package remains stuck on “label created” for over 5 business days with no updates, you can open a claim with FedEx. This initiates an investigation into the status of your shipment. Make sure to also follow up with the seller in case they have any records of drop-off or exceptions.

My seller says they shipped the package, but FedEx still says “label created.” Why?

There can be a lag between the package tender and FedEx’s first scan at an origin facility. Contact FedEx after 2 days with no movement and open a tracing case. FedEx can determine if they have the package somewhere in their network with a missed scan.

How long does FedEx take to update from “label created”?

Once FedEx has possession of the package, it typically takes 1-2 business days for the first scan and tracking update to move past “label created.” If the status does not change after 2 days, follow up with the shipper and FedEx.

Key Takeaways: FedEx Package Stuck on “Label Created”

  • “Label created” means the shipper has printed a label, but FedEx does not have the package yet.
  • Common reasons include delayed drop-off, missed scans, and invalid addresses.
  • Contact the seller and FedEx after 2 days with no change. Escalate with a claim after 5 days.
  • Opening a case can help FedEx trace the package and find if they have possession.
  • Technical issues, weather delays, and peak surcharges can sometimes cause FedEx tracking to stall.
  • Make sure to utilize FedEx’s customer service team for assistance getting a stuck package moving again.

Seeing a FedEx shipment stuck on “label created” can raise concerns, but being proactive in contacting the shipper and FedEx can help get your package back on track. With the right troubleshooting approach, you can get stalled packages unstuck.

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