What Does “Hold at UPS Access Point” Mean for Your Package Delivery?

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Seeing a “hold at UPS Access Point” status for your package delivery can be confusing. This article will explain what it means and what your options are when you see this status. By the end, you’ll understand why your package is being held, where it’s located, and how to retrieve it so you can get your order swiftly and securely.

When you’re anxiously awaiting a package delivery, few things are more frustrating than seeing its status suddenly change to “held at UPS Access Point.” This often happens without explanation, leaving you wondering:

  • What does this status mean?
  • Why is my package being held?
  • Where exactly is my package being held?
  • How and when can I get my package after this hold?

Luckily, UPS Access Points make package retrieval easy once you understand their purpose. This article will answer all your questions about UPS Access Point holds and shipments so you can quickly get your package where it belongs — in your hands!

What Is a UPS Access Point and Why Would a Package Be Held There?

A UPS Access Point is a conveniently located third-party business that acts as a temporary package holding location. UPS Access Points provide flexible delivery options for recipients. Your package may be directed to hold at a UPS Access Point for various reasons:

  • The delivery requires a signature, but no one was available to sign for the package at the primary delivery address.
  • The recipient requested the package be held for pickup at a UPS Access Point location.
  • The shipper selected a UPS Access Point as the delivery location when sending the package.

Access Points give recipients more control over when and where they can retrieve packages. Over 15,000 Access Point locations across the U.S. include grocery stores, pharmacies, and hardware stores. Packages held at Access Points are typically available for pickup within 1-5 business days.

How Do I Find My Package’s UPS Access Point Location?

You can identify your package’s Hold at UPS Access Point location in a few ways:

  • Check the tracking status online – The UPS website and mobile app show the address of the Access Point holding your package.
  • Look for a UPS My Choice email or text notification – Members of UPS’s free My Choice delivery program get notifications indicating their package is available for pickup at a nearby Access Point.
  • Call UPS customer support – A UPS representative can look up your package’s tracking number and provide the Access Point address.
  • Ask the shipper – If you purchased the held item online or had it shipped to you, contact the retailer/sender to see if they have Access Point details.

Knowing the exact UPS Access Point address ensures you can quickly retrieve your package at your convenience.

What Do I Need to Pick Up a Package from a UPS Access Point?

Picking up a held package from a UPS Access Point is easy once you know what to bring:

  • Government-issued photo ID – You’ll need to show a valid ID like a driver’s license to verify you’re the intended package recipient.
  • UPS tracking number – Have the package tracking number handy to easily look up your held item. Staff can scan or search for it.
  • Packaging supplies – If you plan to open and repackage part of your shipment on site, bring tape, boxes, etc.

Most Access Points have self-service kiosks where you can conveniently look up packages using your tracking numbers and ID. Staff will retrieve held packages from the secure storage area on request.

What Happens If I Don’t Pick Up My Package From a UPS Access Point?

You typically have 5-7 days to collect your package from the Hold at UPS Access Point location before it gets returned to the sender. However, retrieval times can vary by retailer policies, package contents, etc.

If you can’t pick up your package or it’s already been returned from the Access Point, you’ll need to either:

  • Contact the shipper and request they resend your package, often at an additional shipping fee.
  • Redirect your package delivery to an alternate address where someone is available to receive it. This can be done on the UPS website.
  • Upgrade to a UPS My Choice Premium membership which allows you to extend the Access Point holding period or have packages delivered on a specific date.

Acting quickly is important if your package is held at Access Point. Following up with the sender or redirecting the shipment early on can prevent returns and redelivery fees.

Key Takeaways on UPS Access Point Holds and Retrieving Packages

  • A Hold at UPS Access Point status means your package is waiting at a nearby third-party location for convenient pickup.
  • Common Access Points include grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, and other retailers in many neighborhoods.
  • You will get an email/text with the Access Point address or can look it up on UPS.com with your tracking number.
  • Have your government-issued ID and tracking number ready to scan when picking up packages within 5 days typically.
  • If you can’t retrieve it in time, contact the shipper immediately to avoid return fees and redelivery delays.

Knowing how to find your package’s Access Point location, what to bring to retrieve it, and pickup time limits will ensure you can get your held packages quickly and hassle-free. UPS Access Points give delivery flexibility – as long as you follow up on that “Hold at UPS Access Point” status promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions About UPS Access Points

Here are answers to some common questions about UPS Access Points when your package has a “hold” status:

What does a “hold at UPS Access Point” status mean for my package delivery?

This status means your package is being held at a nearby UPS Access Point location for you to pick up during that store’s business hours within 5-7 days typically. The package won’t be delivered to your home or original shipping address.

Why would my package go to a UPS Access Point instead of my home?

Packages get redirected to Access Points if no one was available to sign for it, if the shipper selected an Access Point delivery, or if you requested it be held there for pickup via UPS My Choice.

How do I find my closest UPS Access Point location?

Your tracking status on ups.com or the mobile app will list the Access Point address. Or you can search for nearby Access Point locations by zip code on the UPS website.

Can I change my package’s UPS Access Point location?

Unfortunately no – once your package is assigned to an Access Point, it will be held there until retrieved, returned to the shipper, or redirected to a new address. You cannot change the assigned Access Point.

How do I pick up my package from the UPS Access Point?

Take a photo ID and the package’s tracking number to the Access Point store within 5-7 days. Scan/check-in at a self-service kiosk, then staff will retrieve your package from the secure holding area.

What if I’m unable to pick up my held package?

Contact the shipper immediately if you can’t retrieve your package before the 5-7 day holding period ends. They can help redirect the shipment or reship your items if needed to avoid return fees or delays.

In Conclusion

Seeing a “Hold at UPS Access Point” status can be confusing at first. But as you can see, UPS Access Points actually provide versatile package pickup options if you understand the purpose. Now that you know how to find your package’s Access Point, retrieve it properly within the holding window, and handle any issues – that package hold should be no obstacle to getting your delivery swiftly and seamlessly.

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