Your Package Has Been Released by The Government Agency – What It Means and Why You Should Care

If you recently received a notification that your package has been released by the government agency, you may be wondering what that means and what comes next. This release notification is common when anticipating an overseas shipment, but can cause confusion if you don’t know what it signifies.

In this article, we’ll break down what this notification means, why your package may be held up in pending release status, how long release can take, and what you can do to track your package through the release process. We’ll also provide tips on communicating with the shipping carrier and government agency to get your package delivered as quickly as possible.

By the end, you’ll understand the government agency release process and have the information you need to receive your pending package soon. So let’s dive in!

What Does “Released by The Government Agency” Mean for Your Package?

When you receive a shipment notice that your package has been released by the government agency, it means your package has cleared customs and been approved to continue on to you.

Every nation regulates commodities as they transit across borders. The process of levying any taxes or duties imposed on commodities crossing international boundaries is known as customs clearance.

So your package being released by the government agency means that any required customs clearance is complete, and your package is no longer being held in customs. This notice signifies that your package has passed inspection and can proceed with delivery, usually into the destination country’s main postal or carrier system.

Why Might Your Package Have Been Held in Pending Release Status?

Before a government agency releases a package to continue to you, the package goes through pending release status. This means your package is being held until any required government agency processing is complete.

There are a few key reasons your package may have been held in pending release status:

  • Customs inspection – To check the contents of the package and validate they are allowed into the country. Certain commodities like alcohol, tobacco, etc. may have restrictions.
  • Duty calculation – To determine if any customs duty taxes need to be levied on the package based on contents, value, and country of origin.
  • Security screening – To clear the package from a security standpoint, especially for international mail.
  • Missing paperwork – If the shipper did not provide proper documentation or invoice details needed for customs clearance.
  • Delinquent taxes – If the shipper owes any outstanding taxes that need to be paid prior to customs release.

So pending release is a common status as government agencies complete required processing to approve your package for delivery. Release means that process is complete!

How Long Will Your Package Be in Pending Release Status?

There is no definite time frame for how long release takes, but you can expect your package to be in pending release status for 2 days to 2 weeks in most cases. It depends on factors like:

  • Where it’s shipping from and to (release tends to be faster within the same country)
  • The carrier shipping method
  • How backed up the customs agency is with other packages
  • If any issues are identified that delay release

The release process involves both the shipping carrier and government agency. The shipping carrier delivers the package to the agency for inspection. The agency reviews documentation, checks the package contents, calculates any duties owed, and then clears the package for release back to the carrier for delivery.

This handoff process means release can take some time to complete. Be patient, and continue tracking your package status for updates. Most packages clear release within 2 weeks at most. If it goes longer than that, you may need to contact the carrier.

How Can You Track Your Package Status Through Release?

To monitor your package as it goes through pending release and then gets released, be sure to:

  • Check any tracking updates from the carrier website or app to see package scans and status remarks. Look for scans like “In customs”, “Customs clearance”, “Released from customs”, etc.
  • Note any government agency tracking numbers provided in tracking – this may allow you to track directly on the customs or other agency website as well.
  • Sign up for delivery alerts/notifications from the carrier so you are proactively notified when there are status changes like release.
  • Contact the carrier periodically if you don’t see any scans or status changes in 4-5 days. They can reach out to the facility your package is at for more information.
  • Contact the government agency if your package seems excessively delayed in pending release status. They can provide more details on any issues holding up the release process.

Actively tracking your package helps ensure you stay updated on its status as it goes through release and can identify any delays earlier on.

What Should You Do if Your Package is Delayed in Pending Release?

If your package is stuck in pending release status for longer than 2 weeks, it’s time to take action:

  • Contact the carrier – They will file paperwork to investigate the delay and work with customs on release.
  • Contact the government agency – Provide them any tracking numbers/info and inquire about release status.
  • Double check customs requirements for the items in your package – Make sure proper forms, invoices, licenses, etc. were completed accurately. Work with the shipper to provide any missing info to the agency.
  • Pay any owed duties – If an invoice was sent for customs duties, make sure to pay it promptly to avoid further holding up release.
  • Consider authorized brokers – For complex international shipments, a licensed customs broker can help navigate requirements to get your package released sooner.
  • Be patient – With added scrutiny on international mail, government agencies can understandably take longer to clear and validate certain packages. Keep cordially following up.

With some persistence and escalation to both the carrier and government agency, you can get resolution on a delayed release. Most packages do eventually clear, but it requires active tracking and communication.

What Happens Once Your Package is Released?

Once released, your package continues on its journey to you! The government agency will return the package to the carrier, and the carrier delivers it through their domestic network.

The carrier should scan the package upon release and as it passes through their sorting facilities to your destination. Track these scans to know when the package enters the final delivery stage after pending release.

Expect to see delivery scans like:

  • Released from customs
  • Arrived at carrier facility
  • Out for delivery

Once the carrier scans “Out for delivery”, your long-awaited package should arrive very soon! You made it through the pending release process.

Key Takeaways on Your Package Pending Release Status

A few key points to remember about government agency release notifications:

  • It means your package cleared customs and inspections required to enter the country.
  • Pending release is a common status as the agency reviews the package. It can take 2 days – 2 weeks.
  • Actively track scans and delivery status updates during the release process.
  • If delayed, contact both the carrier and government agency for help getting it released.
  • Once released, your package continues on for delivery to you.

Understanding package pending release means you can receive your items smoothly through this common international shipping milestone. With proactive tracking and communication, you’ll get your package safely and quickly despite any short holds during the release process.

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