DHL Forwarded to a Third Party Agent – What Does It Mean?

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Seeing the tracking status “forwarded to a third party agent” on your DHL package can be confusing. This article will explain what it means when DHL forwards a package to a third party agent, why it happens, and what to do next to track your package.

When you’re eagerly awaiting the delivery of a DHL package only to see it’s been “forwarded to a third party agent”, it’s natural to have questions. Is my package lost? Why did DHL hand it off? And most importantly – what does this mean for my delivery? This article will provide answers so you understand this common tracking update.

What Does “DHL Forwarded to Third Party Agent” Mean?

The tracking status “forwarded to a third party agent” means that DHL has handed your package off to another carrier to complete the delivery.

DHL is a global courier company with an expansive logistics network. However, there are some countries or remote areas where DHL’s own delivery infrastructure is limited. In these cases, DHL will forward the package on to a local postal service, courier company, or third-party agent that has better regional coverage to deliver the parcel to its final destination.

So seeing this tracking update lets you know your DHL package has been passed on to another delivery provider who will handle the final mile shipment and delivery. The third party agent will be responsible for getting your package to the recipient address.

Why Would DHL Forward a Package to Third Party Carriers?

There are a few reasons why DHL may need to hand off a package to a third-party agent or local carrier:

  • Limited infrastructure in destination country – DHL cannot deliver to all areas globally. They may use third-parties in countries where their own delivery network coverage is limited.
  • Remote/rural area delivery – Recipients in remote or rural regions may be outside DHL’s delivery range, requiring a hand-off.
  • Cheaper delivery costs – Forwarding to a local carrier can be more cost-effective for international shipments.
  • Local partnerships – DHL has partnerships with postal services in some countries to utilize their infrastructure.

So in short, forwarding packages helps DHL provide broader delivery coverage, reduce costs, and leverage local partnerships in certain areas. This ultimately helps them deliver to more addresses globally.

What Carriers or Agents Might DHL Forward Packages To?

DHL can forward packages on to various different carriers and delivery agents depending on the destination. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • Local postal services – Such as USPS in the USA, Royal Mail in the UK, etc.
  • National couriers – Domestic courier companies with better local networks.
  • Local delivery agents – Small third-party delivery companies in the destination region.
  • Amazon – For deliveries to Amazon lockers or other Amazon pickup points.

So you may see your DHL package handed off to a wide variety of different carriers and agents, depending on what makes the most sense for your particular shipment based on the destination address.

What Does It Mean for Package Delivery When DHL Forwards It?

When DHL forwards your package to a third party, it means the delivery may take a little longer than expected. But it does NOT mean your package is lost or there is a problem.

The delivery time may be extended by a few days depending on how quickly the secondary carrier can pick-up the package from DHL and get it to the recipient address.

It also means you may not be able to track the package directly on DHL’s website anymore. You’ll likely have to use the third party carrier’s tracking webpage instead.

But as long as you have the tracking number, you’ll still be able to monitor the progress and see when the package is delivered.

So try not to panic if you see this status update. It’s quite common and your package should still arrive soon. Just expect potential minor delays.

What to Do When DHL Forwards Your Package

If you see the tracking status “forwarded to third party agent”, here are some tips on what to do next:

  • Identify the carrier – DHL should list the name of the company they forwarded to. This is who you’ll track through.
  • Find the carrier’s tracking site – Google to find the carrier’s tracking page and bookmark it.
  • Track through the new carrier – Enter your DHL tracking number on their website to follow your package.
  • Allow extra delivery time – Give some extra buffer time for the package hand-off and new carrier transit.
  • Contact DHL if needed – If it’s been over a week with no updates, contact DHL support to investigate.
  • Communicate with recipient – Let the recipient know it’s coming via a different carrier and may be slightly delayed.

As long as you track through the new carrier, your DHL package should still arrive safely within a few days. Communicate with support if you have any concerns.

Can I Pick Up The Package From The Third Party Agent?

In most cases, you cannot pick up a DHL forwarded package from the third party carrier. DHL hands off the package for final delivery, so the agent will usually deliver it directly to the recipient address.

However, if the package is being held up for some reason like incorrect address or a delivery problem, the third party carrier may contact the recipient to coordinate pickup from one of their locations.

But unless the new carrier reaches out advising you to pick up the package, it’s best to let them complete the scheduled delivery themselves.

FAQs About DHL Forwarding Packages:

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about what it means when DHL forwards a package:

Does DHL forwarded to third party mean lost package?

No, it does not mean the package is lost. It just means it has been handed to another carrier for delivery.

Why does DHL use third party carriers?

To expand delivery reach, reduce costs, and leverage local partnerships in certain regions.

What carriers might DHL forward my package to?

Local postal services, domestic couriers, delivery agents, Amazon – depends on destination.

Can I still track my DHL package after forwarded?

Yes, use the new carrier’s tracking site and your DHL tracking number.

How much delay does DHL forwarded cause?

Usually only a few extra days – but allow some extra time.

What if I need to contact someone about a forwarded DHL package?

Reach out to DHL support and they can investigate with the third party.

Key Takeaways: What to Remember if DHL Forwards Your Package

Seeing that DHL has forwarded your package on to a third party agent can be perplexing at first. But most importantly, remember:

  • It’s a common tracking update, not an error.
  • Your package is still on track for delivery.
  • It may just take a couple extra days to arrive.
  • Track it through the new carrier’s website.
  • Contact DHL support if you have any issues or concerns.

As long as you follow along the tracking, your DHL package should still arrive safely in a reasonable timeframe, even if it’s been handed to another provider for final delivery.

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