How Many Stamps Are in a Book 2023 (+How Much Does it Cost? Your 2023 Guide to Postage Stamp Booklets

Sending mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS) requires postage stamps. But how many stamps come in a book of stamps and how much does a book of stamps cost in 2023? This guide will explain everything you need to know about postage stamp booklets so you can efficiently buy stamps and always have enough on hand.

A book of stamps, also known as a stamp booklet, contains a certain number of postage stamps glued onto cardboard backing. The stamps are perforated so they can be easily torn out individually. The stamp booklet provides an organized way to store and dispense stamps.

The most common configuration is a booklet containing 20 first-class postage stamps. However, the number of forever stamps in a book can range anywhere from 10 stamps per booklet up to 100 stamps depending on the type of book you buy.

Forever stamps are a special type of postage stamp issued by the USPS that maintain their validity even if the postage rate increases. This makes forever stamps very convenient since you can stock up on them without worrying about waste if rates go up. The USPS sells forever stamp booklets containing between 10 to 100 forever stamps.

Some key things to know about stamp books:

  • A standard USPS forever stamp booklet contains 20 stamps
  • The price of a book of 20 forever stamps is currently $11
  • Specialty “Collectible” stamp books issued yearly contain even more stamps (usually 75-100)
  • Buying stamps in bulk through collectors can save up to 10-15% compared to post office prices
  • Third party websites like also offer discounted postage when buying stamps in larger quantities

Below we’ll explore these topics in more detail so you understand exactly what’s inside a book of stamps, how much it costs, and how to get the best value when purchasing postage.

How Many Stamps in a Book of Stamps?

The most common configuration for a book of stamps sold by the USPS contains 20 first-class or forever stamps. This makes the math easy – each booklet provides enough stamps for 20 one-ounce letters or postcards.

However, the USPS provides a lot of options when it comes to stamp books including:

  • Booklets of 10 stamps – Usually forever stamps sold in a handy booklet. Provides enough for 10 one-ounce letters.
  • Booklets of 20 stamps – The standard configuration contains 20 forever stamps. Good for 20 one-ounce mail pieces.
  • Rolls of 100 stamps – Bulk forever stamps provided in a roll rather than booklet. The USPS sells these rolls of 100 stamps to business mailers.
  • Collectible Stamp Yearbooks – Specialty annual edition stamp books with 75-100 unique stamps in a hardcover yearbook. More details below.

The number of stamps in a particular book depends on the specific product. But in general, the standard USPS stamp booklet contains 20 first-class or forever stamps.

Forever Stamp Books – Convenience and Flexibility

The USPS has been issuing special forever stamps since 2007. Forever stamps provide convenience and flexibility for the buyer:

  • Forever stamps are always valid as first-class postage, even if the postage rate increases
  • Buy forever stamps in bulk so you always have stamps on hand for your mailing needs
  • Forever stamps come in a variety of designs and themes – buy what you like with no waste

The USPS currently sells the following forever stamp products:

  • Sheet of 20 forever stamps – Provides 20 individual forever stamps for your convenience
  • Booklet of 10 forever stamps – Handy 10-stamp booklet, usually themed stamps
  • Booklet of 20 forever stamps – The standard 20-stamp book for all your postage needs
  • Coil of 100 forever stamps – Roll of 100 forever stamps perfect for small businesses

When buying forever stamps, you don’t need to worry about the stamps becoming invalid if the postage rate changes. For example, if you buy $10 worth of forever stamps today, those stamps will still be valid next year even if the postage rate increases to $0.60 per letter.

Forever stamps provide flexibility, convenience, and insurance against future price increases – making them the ideal choice for both personal and business stamp buyers.

Cost of a Book of Stamps in 2023

The total cost of a book of stamps depends on how many stamps are in the booklet. Here are the current prices in 2023 for USPS stamp books:

  • Book of 10 Forever Stamps – $5.50 for 10 stamps
  • Book of 20 Forever Stamps – $11 for 20 stamps
  • Collectible Stamp Yearbook – $14.95 for 100 stamps

Let’s take a closer look at each option:

Price of a Book with 20 Stamps

The standard 20-stamp booklet containing first-class or forever stamps costs $11 as of 2023. Therefore, each stamp in the 20-stamp book costs:

$11 (price of book) / 20 stamps = $0.55 per stamp

So when you buy a book of 20 forever or first-class stamps, you are effectively paying $0.55 for each individual stamp. This represents a bulk discount compared to buying a single stamp roll for $0.60 each.

Cost of a 10-Stamp Forever Booklet

The USPS also offers convenient 10-stamp booklets containing special forever stamp issues like holiday or animal stamps. A book of 10 forever stamps costs $5.50, making each stamp $0.55 apiece.

The 10-stamp booklets provide a handy way to get popular commemorative forever stamps at a discounted price compared to buying 10 individual special stamps.

Collectible Stamp Yearbooks

Every year the USPS issues a special “Collectible Stamp Yearbook” featuring replicas of all the commemorative stamps released that year.

These yearbooks contain between 75-100 stamps and cost around $14.95. That equates to roughly $0.15 to $0.20 per stamp when you buy the collectible yearbook.

The Collectible Stamp Yearbook provides stamp collectors an easy way to get mint replicas of an entire year’s worth of commemorative stamps at a very low cost per stamp.

How to Get Stamps for Cheaper Than Post Office Prices

The USPS provides stamp booklets at a small discount compared to single roll stamp prices. But there are even cheaper ways to get postage stamps, especially when buying stamps in larger quantities.

Here are some tips to get stamps for less:

  • Buy used stamps in bulk from collectors on eBay
  • Purchase discounted postage online from
  • Buy rolls or sheets of 100+ stamps to get deeper bulk pricing
  • Consider the Collectible Stamp Yearbook for cheap commemoratives

Let’s look at each of these options in more detail.

Buy Used Stamps in Bulk on eBay

One easy way to save money on postage is to buy bulk lots of used forever stamps from eBay sellers and stamp collectors. Forever stamps remain valid for postage regardless of cancellation marks.

When you buy used forever stamps in larger quantities like 1,000 stamps at a time, you can often get savings of 10-15% compared to new post office stamp booklet prices.

For example, 1,000 used forever stamps purchased in bulk might cost around $500, compared to $550 if buying 1,000 stamps at $0.55 each in new books. Just be sure to buy used “forever” stamps and not older discontinued designs.

Get Discounted Postage from is a popular online vendor that sells directly to consumers. They offer discounted postage rates when you signup for a monthly service plan and buy your stamps through them.

For example, charges only $0.51 per stamp on their basic $15.99/month plan. This represents an 8% savings versus paying $0.55 for each post office forever stamp. The more volume you print, the cheaper postage rates get with discounts.

Buy Rolls of 100 Stamps for Deepest Discounts

For the cheapest stamp prices, look to buy rolls or sheets of 100 stamps at a time. The USPS sells coils of 100 forever stamps directly for commercial mailers.

Buying stamps in larger bulk quantities can save up to 15% versus the 20-stamp booklet prices. For example, a roll of 100 forever stamps would cost about $55, working out to $0.55 per stamp. But you must have a commercial USPS account and order 100+ stamps at once to get the deepest discounts.

Collectible Stamp Yearbook for Inexpensive Commemoratives

Another great way to inexpensively acquire a lot of unique stamps is through the annual USPS Collectible Stamp Yearbook.

The yearbook contains high-quality replicas of every commemorative stamp issued the previous year – usually 75-100 stamps total. At around $14.95, purchasing the Collectible Stamp Yearbook allows you to acquire those stamps for as low as $0.15-$0.20 each.

The Collectible Yearbook provides an affordable method to obtain mint condition replicas of an entire year’s worth of hard-to-find commemorative stamps issued by the USPS.

Final Thoughts – Convenience and Savings with Stamp Booklets

Stamp books containing 20 or more stamps offer convenience and savings compared to single roll stamps from the post office. The USPS also provides Collectible Yearbooks with 75+ stamp replicas at just pennies per stamp for collectors.

Those looking for the most savings on bulk postage should consider buying used stamps from eBay sellers or discounted postage in volume from Commercial mailers can get rolls of 100 stamps at even deeper quantity discounts.

Be sure to stock up on forever stamps for convenience and flexibility. Forever stamps remain valid even if postal rates increase so they’re always a sound investment.

I hope this guide gives you a better understanding of how many stamps come in a book purchased from the post office. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Key Takeaways:

  • A standard USPS stamp booklet contains 20 or more stamps
  • Current pricing is around $0.55 per forever stamp when bought in a booklet
  • Special “Collectible” stamp yearbooks from USPS provide 75+ commemorative replicas for just $14.95
  • Buy stamps in larger quantities for the most savings – used stamps on eBay or discounted postage from
  • Forever stamps provide convenience and flexibility since they never expire

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