Shipment Picked Up By Canada Post – A Guide to Tracking and Understanding Your Delivery Status

Have you ever received that coveted “Shipment picked up by Canada Post” notification, only to be left wondering what it actually means? As a frequent Canada Post user, I know how frustrating the tracking process can be. That’s why I’ve created this comprehensive guide explaining shipment pickup notifications, what they signify, and tips for keeping track of your packages every step of the way. Whether you’re shipping within Canada or internationally via Xpresspost, let’s decode Canada Post’s tracking system together!

What Exactly Does “Shipment Picked Up by Canada Post” Mean?

When you receive the “picked up” notification, it means your package has officially entered the Canada Post logistics network. This occurs when a Canada Post driver physically collects your shipment from the originating postal outlet or drop-off location.

Some key points:

Essentially, this is the first of many tracking events that will occur until final delivery. It’s an important milestone showing forward progress. But the shipment must still journey through processing plants and transportation routes before arrival.

Why Isn’t There Immediate Tracking Information After Pickup?

Given today’s on-demand culture, it’s understandable to expect real-time tracking updates after that first pickup scan. However, it’s normal for the tracking status to not change for 24-48 hours following initial pickup. Here’s why:

  • Time for the driver to return and unload all parcels collected during their route
  • Waiting period at the postal outlet before being taken to the sorting plant
  • Potential weekend/holiday gap between pickup and first facility scan
  • High volume of parcels moving through the system
  • Manual scan process at some stages of transit

While it can be frustrating, try to be patient. Canada Post is transporting millions of packages daily across a vast geographical area. Your parcel is safely in their network, though it may take a day or two to start moving again.

How Long Until My Shipment Is Delivered After Pickup?

Once Canada Post has your shipment in hand, how long should you expect delivery to take?

For domestic Canadian parcels, the standard delivery timelines are:

  • Xpresspost: 1-2 business days within a province, 2-6 business days coast to coast
  • Regular Parcel: 2-9 business days within a province, 4-14 business days coast to coast

For U.S. and international deliveries, average timeframes are:

  • Xpresspost USA: 4-8 business days
  • Xpresspost International: 6-10 business days
  • International Parcel: 6-12 weeks

However, pickup does not automatically mean your shipment will arrive as fast as listed above. Destination, service standard, time in transit and other factors can impact actual delivery times. But pickup is the first step – now you can start tracking incoming scans to estimate arrival.

How to Track Your Shipment and Understand Status Updates

Canada Post’s shipment tracking system can certainly be confusing. But learning to navigate it makes monitoring your deliveries much easier. Here are some tips:

  • Enter your tracking number on or in the Canada Post app
  • Sign up for email/SMS notifications so you don’t have to constantly check manually
  • Notice where scans occur – local depot, processing plant, etc.
  • Look for phrases like “item processed” to know it’s moving through facilities
  • Watch forOut For Delivery scan – means it’s reached local depot and on the truck for delivery
  • Don’t worry if there are occasional gaps between scans – as long as it’s progressing

Learning to interpret the tracking map, status descriptions and location names takes some time. But you’ll quickly get better at knowing where your parcel is and estimating that final delivery date.

Troubleshooting Tips If Your Shipment Stops Moving After Pickup

Sometimes a shipment will seem to stall after being picked up by Canada Post. The status doesn’t change for several days and no new scans occur. What should you do?

  • Wait 2-3 days in case there’s just a tracking delay in the system
  • Check for service impacts in your area like weather events or COVID-19
  • Contact Canada Post customer service for assistance investigating
  • Have the shipper open an investigation request if needed
  • Request proof of delivery or signature capture for extra assurance

Don’t panic – there are options if your parcel stops tracking. The pickup scan means it is in the postal network and hasn’t been lost. With extra monitoring and communication, you can get things moving again.

Key Takeaways: Decoding “Shipment Picked Up” Notifications

In summary, here’s what you need to know about that first Canada Post tracking update:

  • Pickup means your item has entered the postal stream and is no longer your responsibility
  • Allow 1-2 days for the package to journey to the sorting plant for the next scan
  • Factor service standard and geography into delivery timeframe estimates
  • Be diligent about tracking until the parcel reaches your local depot
  • Proactively communicate with Canada Post if tracking stalls in transit
  • Pickup is the critical first step – now focus on safe travels to your door!

I hope this guide has helped demystify Canada Post’s pickup notifications and tracking. With the right insight and tools, you can monitor every shipment’s status for peace of mind. Trust the process, stay patient when needed, and your parcel will safely arrive. Happy tracking!

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