UPS Says “Delivered Front Door” But No Package – What to do Now?

You know the feeling. You’ve been tracking a package you’re excited to receive, and the status finally says “delivered front door.” You rush to your front door, but there’s no package! This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if it’s an important or time-sensitive delivery. So what should you do if UPS says they delivered your package front door but there’s no package?

This article will walk you through the common reasons a UPS package might show as delivered but not actually be there, tips on where to look for your package, how to contact UPS to resolve the issue, and steps for reimbursement if your package is truly lost. Keep reading to find out what to do if UPS says delivered but no package appeared!

Why Would UPS Say Delivered But No Package Arrived?

There are a few reasons why UPS may incorrectly show that delivery has been completed when the package is actually still missing.

  • Incorrect status. On rare occasions, the delivery may not actually be finished, but the status was accidentally marked as delivered in the UPS system. As long as the package delivery period hasn’t passed, this may update to the proper status.
  • Misdelivered parcel. With millions of packages handled every day, occasionally a UPS driver puts a delivery at the wrong address by mistake. This results in UPS’s records showing delivered, but you not having the package.
  • Stolen package. Unfortunately, package theft is a big issue for parcel deliveries. If a UPS delivery was left in an insecure place, it’s possible someone stole it before you retrieved it.
  • Failed delivery attempt. If you weren’t home to accept delivery or the driver couldn’t access your building, the first attempt may have failed. But on the system it looks like delivery was completed.
  • Driver deception. While extremely rare, some UPS drivers have marked packages as delivered before they actually were to avoid late deliveries on their record. This results in fake delivered statuses.
  • Damaged package. Sometimes accidents happen and a package is damaged to the point the contents fell out. If the box looks empty, the driver may assume delivery occurred and note as such.

Where to Look for Your UPS Package

If the tracking shows delivered but you don’t see your package, all hope is not lost! Many times the package is actually nearby, but not in the most obvious spot. Before contacting UPS, check these locations thoroughly:

  • Porch or deck
  • Back door
  • Side or garage door
  • Under doormats or planters
  • Behind outdoor furniture
  • With a neighbor or leasing office
  • Mailroom or mailboxes if in an apartment
  • Inside screened porch or sun room
  • Trash or recycling bins

Also look around the area up to 20-30 feet away from your home, such as at the side of the house, behind bushes, or down the driveway. Sometimes drivers will leave packages in less visible areas to keep them safe.

Be diligent in your searching – you may be surprised to find your package tucked in a corner or under some leaves!

Contact UPS To Resolve a Missing Delivery

If you’ve thoroughly searched your property and don’t see any sign of your package, it’s time to reach out to UPS. Have your tracking number handy, and contact UPS in one or more of these ways:

  • UPS website – Report the undelivered package on the UPS Help page. You can also start a live chat.
  • Call UPS – Reach a customer service agent by calling 1-800-742-5877. Tell them your package shows delivered but never arrived.
  • Contact the local UPS center – Look up the number for your nearest UPS logistics center and tell them delivery shows completed but you don’t have the package.
  • Talk to your UPS driver – If you see your regular driver, ask them if they know what happened with your delivery. Sometimes they recall where it was left.
  • UPS Delivery Investigation – For missing packages valued over $100, you can start a UPS Delivery Investigation. This is the most thorough search process.

When you speak with UPS, have the delivery address, tracking number, shipment details, and delivery date ready. Explain the package is missing but shows delivered. UPS can then start the process of figuring out what happened – keep reading for the next steps.

Next Steps After Contacting UPS About a Missing Delivery

Once you’ve reported your package issue to UPS, here is what you can expect:

  • UPS will open a tracking inquiry and check when and where your delivery was scanned. This may identify if it was delivered to the wrong address.
  • The driver who marked your delivery as completed may be contacted to verify if and where they left the package.
  • UPS may check if the package was left with a neighbor or in an alternative safe location near your home.
  • You may receive a call or email when UPS has an update on your package’s whereabouts.
  • If delivery to the correct address is confirmed, UPS will search for your package by retracing the driver’s steps.
  • If the package isn’t found within 5 business days, you can escalate the claim and file for reimbursement.
  • For high value claims, UPS may involve local law enforcement to help track down the package.
  • If your package was insured or mailed with signature required, the delivery investigation will be easier to complete.

The whole process typically takes 3-5 business days, but can extend longer. Stay cooperative with UPS through the investigation and provide any details that may help uncover what happened.

Getting Reimbursed if Your Package is Lost

If UPS has exhausted all searching and your package still can’t be found, you’re owed compensation through one of these methods:

  • UPS refund or credit – The shipper who sent your package may issue a refund or account credit if insured or mailed with signature confirmation.
  • UPS claim – For packages not requiring a signature or insurance, you can file a claim with UPS within 9 months of delivery.
  • Merchant refund – If purchasing goods, request a refund or replacement items from the merchant you bought from.
  • Credit card chargeback – As a last resort, request a chargeback from your credit card company for package value.

Make sure to get reimbursement for the full value of your missing contents, including tax and shipping fees. It may take some time and persistence to get your claim approved and payment issued.

Tips to Prevent Future Missing UPS Deliveries

Once you’ve resolved your package problem, keep these tips in mind to help avoid UPS delivery issues going forward:

  • Add delivery instructions to your UPS My Choice account, such as suggesting a safe spot.
  • Require a signature for expensive or important packages.
  • Use an address with doorman service if possible.
  • Get packages delivered to your workplace instead of home.
  • Install security cameras to deter package theft.
  • Speak to neighbors to look out for your packages.
  • Provide a heads up to UPS if you’ll be out of town when expecting a delivery.
  • Pick up packages yourself from a UPS location when convenient.

Avoid the stress next time by taking precautions. But if UPS says delivered and you again can’t find your package, you’ll know exactly what steps to take. Stay vigilant in your searching and proactively notify UPS to get the problem resolved promptly.

Key Takeaways: What to do if UPS Says Delivered but no Package

  • Double check around your property, under objects, and with neighbors before contacting UPS.
  • Report the undelivered package on the UPS website or by phone right away. Provide tracking details.
  • Cooperate fully with UPS through their investigation and search process.
  • Request a refund or replacement from the sender if the package can’t be found after 5 business days.
  • Take preventative measures for future deliveries like signature required or pickup.

Don’t despair if your tracking shows delivered but your package is nowhere to be found. With some diligence you can get to the bottom of the delivery mishap and get made whole again!

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