Does FedEx Deliver To PO Boxes(UPDATED With New Restrictions!)

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Wondering if FedEx can deliver to a post office (PO) box? Many people prefer using PO boxes for receiving mail and packages rather than their physical street address. PO boxes provide privacy, security, and convenience – you don’t have to be home to receive deliveries. But not all carriers can deliver to PO boxes. So can FedEx ship to a PO box?

The short answer is yes – with some caveats. FedEx offers certain shipping services that allow packages to be delivered to PO box addresses. However, there are also restrictions depending on the type of service used.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about shipping with FedEx to a PO box. Read on to learn about:

  • How PO box addresses work
  • FedEx shipping services that deliver to PO boxes
  • Restrictions and limitations on FedEx PO box deliveries
  • Alternatives for shipping FedEx packages to a PO box
  • Tips for smooth FedEx PO box delivery

Understanding how PO box addresses function is key to navigating the nuances of PO box shipping. Let’s start by looking at the role of the United States Postal Service (USPS) in delivering to PO boxes.

How Do PO Box Addresses Work?

PO boxes are located at USPS post office locations. They provide private and secure mail receptacles for customers to receive mail and packages.

To ship a package to a PO box, the address must include the PO box number along with the post office location where the box is housed.

For example:

Jane Doe
PO Box 123 Main Post Office 123 Main St Anytown, NY 12345

The post office address indicates the physical location where the package will be delivered. The PO box number specifies the specific mailbox within that post office where the mail will be placed.

This is an important distinction when shipping to a PO box. Delivery services like FedEx can transport packages to the post office address. But only USPS postal carriers can place mail and parcels into the individual PO boxes located inside the post office.

This means FedEx relies on the USPS for “last mile” delivery of packages shipped to PO boxes. Understanding this handoff is key to knowing how and when you can ship FedEx packages to PO boxes.

FedEx Shipping Services That Deliver to PO Boxes

Not all FedEx shipping options can deliver to a PO box. Certain FedEx services hand packages off to the USPS, allowing delivery to PO boxes. Others do not offer this USPS handoff and therefore cannot deliver to PO box addresses.

Below are the main FedEx shipping options and whether they can deliver to PO boxes:

FedEx SmartPost

FedEx SmartPost is aeconomy ground shipping service for low-weight packages (under 10 lbs). With SmartPost, FedEx transports the package across long distances. But the final delivery to the recipient’s address is handled by the USPS.

This handoff allows FedEx SmartPost shipments to be delivered to PO box addresses. It’s one of the most affordable FedEx options for PO box delivery. Just note it moves through the USPS for final delivery, so transit times are slower than other FedEx services.

FedEx Home Delivery

FedEx Home Delivery is a residential ground shipping service. Like SmartPost, FedEx handles long-distance transportation, and the USPS does final “last mile” delivery.

So FedEx Home Delivery also enables packages to be shipped and delivered to PO box addresses. Expect 1-5 business day transit times based on distance.

FedEx Express

FedEx Express is the flagship express air shipping service. Packages move through the FedEx air transportation network for fast 1-2 day delivery.

FedEx Express does not offer USPS handoff. So Express packages cannot be directly delivered to PO box addresses. However, there are workarounds like holding at FedEx location for USPS pickup (more below).

FedEx Ground

FedEx Ground provides economical ground shipping without the USPS handoff. FedEx Ground packages are delivered directly to physical addresses only. Ground packages cannot be delivered to PO boxes.

FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight moves large palletized shipments over 150 lbs. It does not provide delivery to PO boxes. Freight moves direct to businesses and commercial addresses.

So in summary, FedEx SmartPost and FedEx Home Delivery allow delivery to PO box addresses, taking advantage of USPS final delivery. Other FedEx services don’t offer USPS handoff, so they can’t deliver directly to PO boxes.

Key Limitations On FedEx PO Box Delivery

While useful for many situations, using FedEx SmartPost and Home Delivery to ship to a PO Box does come with some limitations to note:

  • Slow transit time – Packages access PO boxes via the USPS, extending delivery time 1-5+ days. Not ideal for express shipping needs.
  • No saturday delivery – The USPS does not deliver to PO boxes on Saturdays. So FedEx SmartPost/Home Delivery don’t deliver on Saturdays either.
  • No delivery guarantees – Since USPS does final delivery, FedEx cannot guarantee delivery dates or offer refunds for late PO box packages.
  • Limited package sizes – FedEx SmartPost has a 10 lb weight limit. Home Delivery allows up to 150 lbs but packages over 70 lbs cannot be placed into PO boxes by USPS.
  • No hold for pickup – FedEx cannot hold SmartPost/Home Delivery packages for retrieval at FedEx locations when shipping to a PO box address.
  • Residential only – Home Delivery is solely for residential addresses. It cannot deliver to PO boxes registered to businesses or organizations.
  • No international service – Neither SmartPost nor Home Delivery ship packages internationally. So FedEx cannot deliver overseas packages to US PO boxes.

These restrictions can make using FedEx SmartPost or Home Delivery frustrating if you need faster, guaranteed, or oversized FedEx shipments to a PO box. Next we’ll look at some alternative shipping solutions for these scenarios.

Shipping FedEx Packages to a PO Box: Alternatives

If certain limitations prevent you from using FedEx SmartPost or Home Delivery to a PO box, you still have options. Here are some alternative ways to ship FedEx packages to a PO box address:

Use FedEx Ground to a UPS Store

One option is to ship FedEx Ground (which doesn’t deliver to PO boxes) to a nearby UPS Store location instead.

Packages shipped to a UPS Store physical street address can be signed for and received on your behalf. You can then pick up the package at the store. Some UPS Stores may even accept packages addressed to their street location “c/o” your PO Box number.

This allows you to use speedy FedEx Ground service but still securely receive the package by presenting your PO Box ID at pickup. However, confirm first that your local UPS Store offers PO box package pickup. Not all locations do.

Hold FedEx Express Packages at FedEx Locations

You can also utilize FedEx Express and hold packages for pickup at FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers or FedEx staffed shipping locations. These provide convenient package retrieval points.

To do this, simply ship your time-sensitive FedEx Express package to the physical street address of the FedEx location. Use “Hold for Pickup” as the name. Put your PO box number in address line 2 for identification.

The FedEx location will receive and hold the Express shipment. You can pick it up at your convenience by showing your PO box ID. This takes advantage of fast Express shipping while using your PO box for final delivery.

Reroute with USPS PO Box Street Addressing

Some post offices allow PO box customers to use the physical post office street address along with their box number for receiving packages from carriers like FedEx.

For example:

Jane Doe
PO Box 123
5800 Memorial Hwy
Anytown, NY 12345

In this case, FedEx Ground could deliver packages directly to the post office street location. The USPS would then place them into the corresponding PO box.

Check with your local post office to see if they allow this “PO Box Street Addressing” for packages. It can open up more possibilities for FedEx shipping.

Open a FedEx Virtual PO Box

FedEx offers virtual PO box services through FedEx Shipprint and FedEx Express. These provide real street addresses to ship packages to, which FedEx then forwards to your physical PO box.

FedEx virtual PO boxes remove restrictions around PO box shipping by giving you a legitimate street address for deliveries. Packages can be sent via any FedEx service for fast, reliable delivery.

The main downside is it adds cost on top of your traditional PO box. But for frequent shipments, the convenience may be worth it.

As you can see, with some creative solutions you can use FedEx to ship packages to your PO box, even with limitations of certain services.

Tips for Shipping FedEx Packages to Your PO Box

When using FedEx SmartPost, FedEx Home Delivery or other methods to ship to your PO box, follow these tips for smooth, successful PO box delivery:

  • Confirm PO box addresses – Always verify you have the correct post office location and PO box number to avoid misdelivery.
  • Provide both PO box and street address – Give the full post office street address along with your PO box number. Both are needed for FedEx and USPS to route properly.
  • Know size restrictions – Be aware of FedEx SmartPost 10 lb weight limit and other size restrictions around PO box shipping.
  • Check tracking closely – Monitor delivery status closely so you know when your PO box package arrives at the post office for retrieval.
  • Pick up promptly – Retrieve PO box packages quickly once delivered to avoid overcrowding or return to sender.
  • Communicate with recipients – Share tracking info and delivery timelines with PO box recipients so they know when to expect the package.
  • Hold at FedEx for large packages – For oversized packages, use FedEx Hold for Pickup so large packages aren’t returned to sender.
  • Get post office approval – Confirm with post office if you want to use PO Box Street Addressing before routing packages.

With a bit of planning and preparation, you can ship seamlessly to a PO box via FedEx. Just be aware of service limitations and understand the handoff process for getting packages into your PO box.

Key Takeaways on FedEx PO Box Shipping:

  • FedEx SmartPost and FedEx Home Delivery allow FedEx packages to be delivered to PO box addresses by handing off to USPS for final delivery.
  • Other FedEx services like FedEx Ground and FedEx Express cannot deliver directly to PO boxes themselves.
  • There are transit time, delivery date, package size and other restrictions when using FedEx SmartPost or Home Delivery to PO boxes.
  • Solutions like holding packages at FedEx locations, UPS Store pickup or virtual PO boxes can overcome limitations of PO box shipping.
  • Always use the full PO box address format with post office street location and box number for successful delivery.

While it takes some effort to ship with FedEx to a PO box, the privacy and security of using a PO box make it worthwhile for many. With the right strategies, you can make FedEx and PO box delivery work smoothly.

Hopefully this guide gave you all the tips and answers needed to start utilizing FedEx PO box shipping for your package delivery needs. Reach out if you have any other questions!

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