When Are Australia Post’s Iconic Red Street Posting Boxes Emptied? A Comprehensive Guide

Australia Post’s red street posting boxes are an iconic part of the Australian landscape. But when are they actually emptied? And what happens to your mail once it’s posted in one of these quintessentially Aussie red letter boxes? This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about how Australia’s post boxes work.

What Time Does Australia Post Empty Street Post Boxes?

The exact time that red post boxes are emptied varies depending on location. However, most red street posting boxes are cleared at least once per weekday.

Boxes in suburban areas are generally emptied in the late afternoon between 4pm and 5pm. Boxes in urban locations often have more than one collection per day, with the last pickup being around 5pm.

Some regional post boxes may only be emptied every second day or less frequently depending on volume. Peak times like before Christmas may see more frequent clearances.

Why You Should Post Before Closing Times For Same Day Processing

To ensure your mail is processed the same day, it’s important to post before the final collection time which is usually around 5pm on weekdays.

Posting earlier in the day helps ensure it makes that day’s clearance and isn’t left sitting overnight. This enables faster delivery with most letters sent before 5pm arriving at their destination address the very next business day.

So if you want next day delivery, always try to post before the last collection of the day. Leaving it until after the final pickup means your mail won’t start its journey until the following working day.

What Happens After Your Mail And Parcels Are Collected?

Once your letter or parcel has been collected from a street posting box, it travels to the nearest mail facility. Here it is sorted along with all the other post collected from post boxes and post offices throughout the day.

Mail is sorted overnight ready for delivery the next business day. So that birthday card posted before 5pm will arrive at its destination address tomorrow. Meanwhile your parcel posted at 9am should arrive in 1-4 business days depending on postage speed.

How Often Does Australia Post Empty Post Boxes?

  • Suburban post boxes – At least once on weekdays, usually in the late afternoon around 4-5pm
  • Urban post boxes – Often multiple times on weekdays with last pickup around 5pm
  • Regional/rural boxes – Varies depending on volume but could be every second day or less frequently
  • Pre-Christmas – More frequent clearances to deal with increased volumes

Why You Need To Post Before The Last Collection Time

What Happens To Your Mail After It’s Collected?

  • Collected mail goes to the nearest mail facility for overnight sorting
  • Then it’s delivery out the next business day if posted before 5pm cutoff
  • Parcels take 1-4 days depending on if you paid for Express Post
  • So posting before 5pm enables next day delivery for letters

Key Things To Remember About Posting Mail

  • Check collection times for your local post box and post before 5pm for next day delivery
  • Posting earlier in the day speeds processing and transit time
  • Post boxes are emptied at least once per weekday, sometimes multiple times
  • Your mail is sorted overnight ready for next day Australian delivery
  • Parcels and Express Post may have different clearance schedules to regular letter mail

So next time you need to dash out a last minute birthday card or tax return, check the collection times for your closest red street post box. Posting before the end of the day ensures your mail gets where it needs to go as quickly as possible.

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