Is Saturday Considered a UPS Business Day for Delivery?

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When the weekend rolls around, and your expecting a package, you might find yourself asking, “Does UPS deliver on Saturdays?” Understanding the ins and outs of UPS’s delivery schedule can help you better plan for the arrival of your important shipments. This article dives into the details of UPS’s Saturday operations, providing valuable insights into their delivery and pickup services, costs, and how to make the most of there weekend offerings.

What is a UPS Business Day?

A UPS business day is typically considered any standard working day, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. During these days, UPS carries out its regular pickup and delivery services. However, the concept of a business day for UPS has evolved to include additional options for those who need more flexibility.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturdays?

Yes, UPS does deliver on Saturdays. While Saturday is not a traditional business day, UPS recognizes the demand for weekend delivery options and has expanded its services to accommodate this need. Saturday delivery is available in many areas, but it’s important to note that it may not be offered everywhere.

What Services Include Saturday Delivery?

UPS offers Saturday delivery through several of its services, such as UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air. This means that packages sent via these services can be delivered on a Saturday if the option is selected and available in the delivery area. It’s a convenient solution for urgent shipments that need to arrive before the next business week.

How Can I Use UPS for Saturday Deliveries?

To use UPS for Saturday deliveries, you’ll need to select a service that includes this option, such as UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2nd Day Air. When scheduling your shipment, specify that you require Saturday delivery. You can arrange this online through the UPS website or by contacting UPS customer service for assistance.

Is There a Cost Difference for Saturday Delivery?

When opting for Saturday delivery with UPS, it’s important to note that there may be an additional cost compared to standard weekday delivery. The cost of Saturday delivery will depend on the service you choose, the package’s destination, and its size and weight. You can use the UPS shipping calculator on their website to estimate the cost for your specific shipment.

What About UPS Ground and Weekend Delivery?

UPS Ground is the company’s standard shipping option, which typically delivers within one to five business days. While UPS Ground doesn’t inherently include Saturday as a standard delivery day, UPS has expanded services in some areas to include Saturday deliveries. It’s best to check with UPS directly or consult the UPS website to see if Saturday delivery is available for your UPS Ground shipment.

Understanding UPS Express and Weekend Services

UPS Express services, such as UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air, offer expedited shipping options that can include Saturday deliveries. These services are designed for time-sensitive shipments that require fast transit times. When scheduling your shipment, you can select Saturday delivery if it’s crucial that your package arrives on a weekend.

Saturday Delivery and Pickup Options with UPS

In addition to delivering on Saturdays, UPS also provides Saturday pickup services for certain shipping options. This allows you to send out packages at the end of the week, knowing they’ll be on their way to their destination without waiting until the next business week. Saturday pickup and delivery options can be especially beneficial for businesses that operate on weekends or have time-sensitive logistics needs.

Are There Any Limitations to UPS Saturday Services?

While UPS does offer Saturday delivery and pickup, there are some limitations to keep in mind. Not all areas are eligible for Saturday delivery, and not all services include the option for weekend delivery. Additionally, UPS Express Critical®, the service for extremely urgent shipments, is available 24/7, including Saturdays, but comes at a premium cost. Always check with UPS directly to confirm the availability of Saturday services for your specific needs.

Tips for Shipping with UPS on Saturdays

  • Plan Ahead: If you need a package delivered on a Saturday, plan and schedule your shipment in advance.
  • Check Eligibility: Confirm that your destination is eligible for Saturday delivery by consulting the UPS website or contacting customer service.
  • Choose the Right Service: Select a shipping option that offers Saturday delivery, such as UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2nd Day Air.
  • Be Aware of Additional Costs: Understand that Saturday delivery may incur extra charges and use the UPS shipping calculator to estimate these costs.
  • Schedule a Pickup: If you need to send a package on a Saturday, schedule a pickup service with UPS to ensure your package is on its way without delay.
  • Track Your Shipment: UPS provides tracking for all shipments, allowing you to monitor your package’s progress and estimated delivery date, including on Saturdays.
  • Use UPS Access Point Locations: If you won’t be available to receive a package, consider having it delivered to a local UPS Access Point location where you can pick it up at your convenience.
  • Contact UPS Customer Service: If you have any questions or need assistance with Saturday delivery services, don’t hesitate to contact UPS customer service for support.

Summary of Key Points

  • Saturday is considered a business day for certain UPS services, such as UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air, which offer the option for weekend delivery.
  • Not all areas are eligible for Saturday delivery, so it’s important to check with UPS directly or through their website to confirm service availability.
  • Additional costs may apply for Saturday delivery, and using the UPS shipping calculator can help you estimate these fees.
  • UPS Ground may offer Saturday delivery in some locations, but it’s not a standard feature of the service.
  • UPS Express services provide faster transit times and may include Saturday delivery options for urgent shipments.
  • UPS also offers Saturday pickup services, which can be arranged for packages that need to be sent out at the end of the week.
  • Limitations exist for UPS Saturday services, and not every service includes weekend delivery options.
  • UPS Express Critical® is available 24/7, including Saturdays, for extremely urgent deliveries but comes at a premium cost.
  • Planning and confirming details in advance can ensure a smooth experience when shipping with UPS on Saturdays.

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