How to Track a GM Vehicle(Chevy) in Transit: A Complete Guide

Knowing the exact location and status of your new Chevy truck, SUV, or car throughout the transit process provides peace of mind. Learn how to track a GM vehicle in transit until it arrives safely at your dealership.

Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting experience, especially when ordering a highly customizable Chevy truck like the Silverado 1500 or big SUV like the Tahoe. However, the anxious wait between finalizing your order and taking delivery can feel like an eternity. The good news is you can closely track your Chevy from the factory as it makes its way to your local dealership’s lot.

Tracking a GM vehicle in transit is easier than ever thanks to technology and communication improvements between the automaker, shippers, and dealers. With a few simple steps, you’ll know when your new Chevy enters production, gets shipped out, lands at the destination port, and arrives at the selling dealer. Read on to learn how to track a GM vehicle order from factory to dealer using the GM order tracking website, MyChevrolet mobile app, contacting your dealer, and examining window stickers.

How Long Does It Take for a Factory GM Order to be Delivered?

The first question on most buyers’ minds is “how long will my custom-ordered Chevy take to get here?” While delivery times fluctuate, plan for a 4-10 week timeframe from when the order is placed to when it shows up at your dealership.

GM builds vehicles to match incoming factory orders, not filling dealer lots speculatively. So your unique truck, car or SUV gets scheduled for assembly after the order is transmitted from your dealer to GM. Typically it takes 4-6 weeks for assembly, then 1-2 weeks for shipping to the regional distribution center, and 1-2 weeks more for trucking to your dealership.

Now let’s look at the step-by-step process to track your Chevy order from factory scheduling to transportation, so you know what to expect throughout the production and shipping process.

How to Track a GM Vehicle Order Status on the Website

GM provides a vehicle order tracking website where buyers can check the status of a factory order 24/7. All you need is the 17-digit GM order number provided by your dealer when you placed the order. Here are the steps to track online:

  1. Go to the GM order tracking website URL above.
  2. Enter your 17-digit GM vehicle order number and click “Search.”
  3. Select your dealer location in the dropdown menu provided.
  4. View your order status such as “1100 – Order Placed at GM” along with description and date information.
  5. Bookmark the page to check back periodically for status updates.

The online order tracker provides basic high-level status info and sequential tracking events. However, some buyers prefer more detailed production details provided on their vehicle window sticker, or want to connect with a real person by phone, chat, or email. Let’s look at some alternative GM order tracking methods.

Utilize the MyChevrolet Mobile App for Detailed Updates

The MyChevrolet app provides the most detailed tracking with granular production updates as your vehicle moves through the assembly process. After downloading, you can view the real-time status of your Chevy order with expected completion dates. Here is how to use the mobile app order tracker:

  1. Download the MyChevrolet app to your iOS or Android device.
  2. Login using your Chevrolet owner account credentials.
  3. Click the “Orders” tab, select your order, and view status such as “Final Assembly.”
  4. See detailed updates like “Paintshop Complete” or “Powertrain Install” with expected completion times.
  5. Get push notifications whenever the status changes.

The mobile order tracker is handy because you don’t need the GM order number. It pulls up by your account info and offers more detail than the website. But for simplicity, some buyers want to just call their dealer and talk to a real person.

Call Your Chevrolet Dealership for Updates

Your selling dealer wants you to take delivery when the new vehicle arrives, so they are invested in keeping you updated throughout the process. Here are some tips for contacting the dealer to track your Chevy order:

  • Call and speak to the salesperson who handled your order. They can provide status updates or transfer you to the manager overseeing orders.
  • Ask specific questions like “when does GM expect to start production?” or “what’s the estimated delivery date to your dealership?”
  • Leave your phone number for return calls when dealership staff dig up the latest tracking info.
  • Politely call back every 1-2 weeks for new status reports so you don’t annoy the staff handling orders.
  • Understand dealers may only get periodic GM updates, and estimated dates can change due to supply or transportation issues.

Your dealer wants you to take delivery when the new Chevy arrives, so they are happy to share order tracking updates by phone. But for the most detail, let’s look at reading the production status on your vehicle’s window sticker.

Check Window Sticker Codes for Detailed Production Status

When your new truck or car arrives at the dealer lot, you can find out a lot by reading the Toyota window sticker codes and descriptions. Walk around the vehicle and look for the factory sticker usually placed on the driver’s side window. Here are some tips for deciphering the status:

  • Look for two-letter “sales codes” like EL indicating the engine and transmission equipped.
  • Note the six-digit “options codes” like UK3 for the USB charging package.
  • Match letters to descriptions printed on the sticker like TRD for Toyota Racing Development package.
  • Decode status like FD = Factory complete, port stored, WB= Port processed, arrived at dealer.

Reading window sticker codes provides deeper insight into how your vehicle was built, transported, and prepped for delivery. Now let’s examine some tips for making the order and delivery process smoother.

How to Make Ordering and Tracking Delivery Easier

Here are some final recommendations for making your new GM vehicle order and delivery tracking process quicker and simpler:

  • Provide your dealer with multiple contact methods like phone, email, text to get hold of you.
  • Give the dealer your GM order number to expedite tracking status checks.
  • Download the MyChevrolet app and create an account for mobile updates.
  • Learn to decode status codes and terminology on the GM order tracking site.
  • Set calendar reminders to check your order status every week or two.
  • Be patient and understand manufacturing delays or transport issues can alter timelines.
  • Reward yourself for your patience with a fun dinner, trip, or gift when you take delivery.

Ordering and waiting for your customized new Chevy to be built and shipped requires patience. But arming yourself with the above tracking tools and tips will make the process smoother. Before you know it, you’ll be picking up the keys and heading out on your first drive and adventures in your new GM vehicle.

In summary, here are the key things to remember when tracking a GM vehicle order in transit:

  • Factory order to delivery typically takes 4-10 weeks
  • Use the GM order tracking website for basic status
  • Download the MyChevrolet app for detailed production updates
  • Call your dealer regularly for personal status reports
  • Check window sticker codes when the vehicle arrives at the dealer
  • Be patient if timelines shift due to manufacturing or transport delays

We hope this guide helps you track your new Chevy truck, car, or SUV from the moment the order is placed until it safely arrives at your dealership. Enjoy that first drive home and many more future adventures in your new ride!

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