The Ultimate Guide to Actually Speaking to a Human at Evri (Formerly Known as Hermes)

Trying to get hold of customer service at delivery company Evri (formerly known as Hermes) can feel impossible – you get stuck in an endless loop of automated messages and bot replies. This guide will explain the best ways to actually speak to a real person at Evri so you can query deliveries, get tracking updates, and make complaints.

Getting through to a human being at Evri is notoriously difficult, with customers complaining endlessly online about being sent round and round in circles whenever they try to contact the courier.

After receiving yet another email saying a parcel will be delayed or talking to yet another chatbot, you probably feel like screaming “Can I speak to someone who’s actually human!?”

This guide will provide tips on the best ways to get through to a living, breathing customer service agent at Evri so you can get answers about your parcels. We’ll cover:

  • Using Evri’s live chat function
  • Contacting via email
  • Trying the customer service phone number
  • Reaching out on social media

Read on to finally learn how to speak to a real person at Evri!

How to Use Evri’s Live Chat to Speak to Someone

The best way to speak to a human at Evri is via their live chat customer service on their website. However, their chat function is notoriously temperamental.

Here are tips to successfully connect with an agent:

If you replies from a bot try typing “I need a human”

  • Be ready at peak times. The live chat is only open during working hours, usually 9am-5pm. It gets very busy, so you’re more likely to connect with someone if you log on first thing in the morning.
  • Don’t close the window. Even if you get a message saying no agents are available, keep the window open. You may get through eventually.
  • Keep trying. It may take multiple attempts over several days to get into the live queue and speak to someone. Persistence pays off.
  • Have your tracking number ready. This will make it easier for the agent to look up your parcel and give you updates.
  • Stay polite. Even if you’ve been frustrated trying to get through, being polite with the agent will get better results than anger.
  • Ask to speak to a manager if needed. If an agent cannot resolve your issue, request to speak to someone more senior for assistance.

Evri’s chat agents can help with tracking parcels, explaining delivery issues, arranging redeliveries, processing refunds and handling complaints. Speaking to someone via live chat is the easiest way to get assistance – if you can get through.

Contacting Evri Customer Service Via Email

If you can’t reach someone through live chat, emailing Evri customer service is the next option.

  • Use the contact form on their website – this goes directly to their team rather than a no-reply address.
  • Send to [email protected] – a direct email address for their customer service team.
  • Tweet them – the Evri Twitter account @Evri_Delivery can also help some customers who publicly tweet their issues.

When emailing:

  • Give your full name, address and tracking number.
  • Explain your issue clearly and politely, with the outcome you want.
  • Attach photos if relevant, e.g. of damage.
  • Chaser every few days if you don’t get a reply.

Emails are usually answered within 5-7 days but can take longer. Speaking to someone directly via live chat gets quicker answers, but email still works if you can’t get through.

Is There An Evri Customer Service Phone Number?

Evri does not advertise a customer service phone number on their website. This is because they want to reduce calls to encourage use of their live chat for support.

Some old Hermes phone numbers may still work, but hold times are extremely long – over an hour in most cases. Calls are likely to eventually go through to automated messages rather than human agents.

Contacting by live chat or email is faster and more effective than trying to speak to someone via phone queues.

Reaching Out to Evri on Social Media

Frustrated customers often take to Twitter and Facebook to publicly tweet at Evri about their delivery issues.

  • Tweet @Evri_Delivery with your query and tracking number
  • Comment on Evri’s Facebook page
  • Reply on Evri’s LinkedIn or Instagram accounts

A social media complaint will usually get a response from a human agent within 48 hours. However, they’ll often redirect you to use live chat for proper assistance.

Public tweets and comments should be polite – being rude seldom gets good results and your complaint may be ignored. But social media does offer another avenue to potentially speak to real person.

How to Speak to a Human at Evri – Top Tips

To summarize, the top tips for actually speaking to customer service at Evri are:

  • Try the live chat repeatedly – early morning is best
  • Email customer services if chat isn’t working
  • Avoid phoning old helpline numbers – this takes too long
  • Tweet or comment on social media to get a response
  • Stay polite in all communications for better results
  • Persist gently until you get through to a human

It can be incredibly frustrating to need help from Evri but only get automated responses. However, being patient and using all the contact options eventually allows you to speak to a real person who can hopefully assist.

The key is not to give up! If you persevere with live chat, email and social media, you’ll get your chance to speak to a human at Evri.

How to Speak to a Human at Evri for Parcel Queries

If you need to speak to Evri about a particular parcel delivery, make sure to have your tracking number and address details ready before contacting them.

Possible parcel queries you may need human assistance with include:

Having your tracking number speeds up the process of getting information on your parcel when you speak to an agent. Make sure to also give your full address and details of what happened with your delivery.

Speaking to a human is particularly important for getting parcel problems resolved, like arranging redelivery for missed parcels or claiming for damaged items. Automated systems can’t offer that personalized service.

How to Complain to a Real Person at Evri

If you’ve had a particularly bad experience with Evri that needs complaining about, you’ll need to speak to a real human agent, not just submit an online complaints form.

Reasons you may need to urgently speak to someone about an Evri complaint include:

  • Repeatedly missed deliveries
  • Severely delayed parcels
  • Bad courier behaviour e.g. throwing parcels
  • Extremely damaged parcels
  • Complete lack of communication

When complaining:

  • Clearly explain what happened and why it’s unacceptable
  • Give evidence like photos if you have them
  • Be firm but calm when stating how you expect the issue to be resolved
  • Ask for compensation where appropriate
  • Request to speak to a manager if needed to escalate the complaint

Good reasons to ask to speak to a higher up are if an agent cannot help resolve your complaint, you are unhappy with how your complaint was handled, or you feel you did not receive fair compensation.

Speaking calmly but directly about what went wrong and how you want the issue resolving leads to the best outcomes when complaining directly to a human about poor service from Evri couriers.

Top Tips for Speaking to Someone at Evri

To finish, here are top tips to remember when trying to talk to a real person at Evri customer services:

  • Use live chat during peak hours – it’s best to speak directly
  • Email as a backup if you can’t get chat to work
  • Avoid old phone numbers – you’ll wait too long
  • Be polite, calm and clear in your communication
  • Have key details like tracking numbers ready before contacting
  • Persist with different contact options until you get through
  • Ask for a manager if your issue isn’t resolved
  • Provide evidence like photos if you are complaining
  • Don’t give up – keep trying gently but firmly!

With determination and patience, you can get through the automated messages and speak to a real human at Evri. Just use all available options, prepare your details, stay polite but firm, and don’t take no for an answer!

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