FedEx International Shipment Release Import(Explained)

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International Shipment Release FedEx – What Does This Import Tracking Status Mean?

When shipping a package internationally using FedEx, you may see the tracking status “International shipment release” at some point during the delivery process. But what exactly does this import tracking update mean?

Understanding international shipment release FedEx status is important to track your package’s progress across borders. This status indicates your package has been cleared through customs and released for delivery in the destination country.

In this article, we’ll explain international shipment release FedEx in detail – from customs clearance to final delivery. Read on to learn what international shipment release means and what comes next to get your package to the recipient.

What is International Shipment Release with FedEx?

International shipment release is a tracking status and milestone that means your FedEx package has cleared customs in the destination country and been released for delivery.

This import status indicates that duties, taxes, and customs clearance procedures have been completed. The package has entered the FedEx network in the destination country and will now make its way to the recipient.

So in short, international shipment release shows that your package has been approved through customs and formally handed over to FedEx in the import country. Release confirms your package meets customs regulations and has any required duties/fees paid for import clearance.

This status marks a major step forward, but there are still final delivery steps before your package will be delivered to its end location.

Why is International Shipment Release Important for Tracking?

International shipment release is one of the most critical FedEx tracking statuses for cross-border packages. Here’s why it matters:

  • Signals Clearance Through Customs: Release means your package has been cleared through customs checks and released after meeting import regulations. This crucial status indicates your package has passed customs.
  • Provides Delivery Confirmation: Once released, you know FedEx now has your package in-country to complete delivery to the recipient address. Release confirms it will continue transit.
  • Marks Progress in Destination Country: After customs, your next tracking update will be further progress within the destination country. Release is the pivot point to the final delivery stages.
  • Estimates Delivery Date: Release means the package is now moving within the regular FedEx network and a delivery ETA can be more reliably calculated.

So in essence, international shipment release Fedex signals your package is past customs hold-ups and on the home stretch! The release milestone is vital for predictability.

What Comes Before International Shipment Release?

To understand what international shipment release means, it helps to know what tracking statuses normally come before it. Here is a simplified overview of the early steps:

  • Shipment information sent to FedEx
  • Package picked up and in transit origin country
  • Leaves origin country/Arrives in destination country
  • Package being processed by customs for clearance
  • International shipment release – Passed customs and released!

It is common for a package to be held in customs for a period of time before being reviewed and cleared for release. So you may see no tracking updates during customs processing.

International shipment release comes after your package makes it through this customs clearance bottleneck. The release then opens the path for final delivery.

What Happens After International Shipment Release FedEx?

Once your package is released after customs, what are the next steps? Here is what typically happens after international shipment release:

  • Transferred to importing FedEx operating company
  • Arrives at FedEx facility in destination country
  • Departs FedEx facility for delivery
  • Out for delivery/Delivered

Once FedEx has your package in the destination country, the process looks similar to a domestic shipment. The package will transit between facilities until arriving in the area of the delivery address.

A FedEx courier will then pick it up for final transportation and delivery to the recipient. The entire international process end-to-end may take 5-10 days on average.

How Long Until Delivery After Release Status?

Many customers wonder – “How long after international shipment release will my package be delivered?”

Unfortunately there is no one simple answer, as transit times vary significantly based on:

  • Origin and destination countries
  • Specific FedEx international service used
  • Package final mile distance
  • Destination backlogs and delays
  • Weekends and holidays
  • Unforeseen issues

But in general, you can expect delivery in 2-5 days after your FedEx package shows international shipment release. This estimate assumes no major ongoing delays at the destination.

Closer to delivery, the tracking will show more Useful fighting update like “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”. The shipment release milestone is a major step forward, even if it still means a few more days of patience.

International Shipment Release vs. Customs Status

FedEx tracking will show both detailed customs statuses and the overall international shipment release milestone. What’s the difference between these tracking updates?

  • Customs Status – Specific steps in the customs clearance process like “In customs” or “Customs clearance completed”.
  • Shipment Release – Indicates the whole customs process is finished and package released to FedEx for delivery.

The customs statuses indicate your package’s progression through specific customs processing. International shipment release signifies all customs steps are fully complete upon release.

So release marks the crossing point after customs and hands your package fully over to FedEx in the destination country. Customs statuses are granular steps within clearance, while release marks absolute completion.

Why is My Package Still in Customs After Release?

Sometimes a package tracking may still show a customs status even after the global release milestone. Don’t be alarmed if you see this!

There are a couple reasons your tracking might display customs statuses after the overall international shipment release:

  • Multi-Stage Customs – Some countries have customs process steps that occur after initial release as well as at airports.
  • System Delays – Lag time between different tracking databases. Status updates may not all change simultaneously.

So even after release, some later country-specific customs steps may still show in the tracking. It’s typically nothing to worry about if you’ve seen the global release confirmation already.

International Shipment Release Meaning for Exports

While we’ve focused on international shipment release for import packages, the status also applies to export shipments leaving your country.

For exports, international shipment release indicates your package has cleared customs and inspections to legally exit your origin country. This step verifies your export meets security rules and is approved for international transit.

So for outbound shipments, you can expect to see release status after initial customs clearance for export before the package departs your borders. It signifies compliance for exporting and handoff to FedEx.

Using FedEx Delivery Manager for Release Updates

The easiest way to monitor and get alerts about your package’s international shipment release status is with the free FedEx Delivery Manager service.

After creating a Delivery Manager account, you can:

  • Enable email and push notifications for release status
  • See all your package tracking details in one dashboard
  • Get estimated delivery dates as the package progresses
  • Customize delivery instructions and preferences

Signing up for Delivery Manager is the best way to keep tabs on your package every step of the way until its international shipment release and final delivery.

Key Takeaways – International Shipment Release FedEx

A quick summary of the key points on what international shipment release means:

  • Signals customs clearance is complete in the destination country
  • Package has been approved for import and released to FedEx
  • Major milestone showing transit will now continue to recipient
  • Allows an estimated delivery date to be calculated
  • Next steps are transit to delivery address in destination country
  • Signifies package met all customs and import requirements

Knowing these FedEx shipment release details will help you track packages across borders and understand where they stand in the international shipping process.

The release milestone means your package has passed a major hurdle and is on the final leg of its journey! With attentive tracking and a little more patience after release, your long-awaited package will soon arrive.

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