Why Is Ontrac So Bad?

Ontrac has become notorious as one of the worst delivery services in business today. With extremely poor Ontrac package delivery and claims of Ontrac stealing packages, it’s astounding this company is still operating. In this article, we’ll explore why OnTrac is so bad, look at OnTrac reviews and ratings, and examine why a delivery service with 1.2 out of 5 stars is still in business.

What is Ontrac’s Reputation for Package Delivery and Tracking?

Ontrac has a terrible reputation when it comes to delivering packages on time and providing accurate tracking information. The overwhelming majority of reviews for OnTrac are negative, with most customers giving them just 1 or 2 stars out of 5.

Common complaints include:

Overall, Ontrac seems to have systemic issues with their delivery operations and tracking systems across the board. Their OnTrac package delivery is subpar at best.

Why Do So Many Customers Report Ontrac Stealing Packages?

With the rampant issues in their delivery process, it’s no wonder that many customers suspect Ontrac of outright stealing their packages. There are countless reports of customers receiving texts that their package has been delivered, only to find nothing there.

In many cases, customers have security cameras that confirm no Ontrac delivery driver even came to their home. Other times packages are marked as delivered to the wrong address. This had led to suspicions that Ontrac drivers are stealing packages for personal gain.

While there’s no way to prove criminal intent, it’s clear Ontrac has serious gaps in its delivery and tracking processes that allow packages to routinely go missing under suspicious circumstances.

How Does Ontrac Have Such Bad Reviews Yet Stay in Business?

When you look at Ontrac reviews online from both customers and employees, they are overwhelmingly negative. Ontrac has a 1.2 out of 5 star overall rating on Trustpilot, with 92% negative reviews. Their rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an abysmal F grade.

Despite these awful ratings, Ontrac remains in business and continues to attract shipping customers. Here are some factors that allow them to survive despite their terrible reputation:

  • Low rates – Ontrac offers some of the lowest rates in the industry for ground shipping. For businesses, this can make them hard to resist.
  • Regional dominance – Ontrac is heavily concentrated in western states like California. Their market penetration in these areas makes them hard to avoid.
  • Lack of alternatives – For intrastate shipping and last mile delivery, there are few options beyond the major carriers like FedEx and UPS which are more expensive.
  • Inertia – Some businesses have used Ontrac for years and continue working with them out of habit despite the obvious issues.

Essentially, Ontrac is able to retain just enough business with their low rates and regional dominance to stay afloat. But that doesn’t mean their terrible service should be tolerated.

Should You Ever Use Ontrac for Your Packages?

Based on overwhelming negative experiences, the consensus is you should avoid using Ontrac at all costs. The potential downsides of lost, stolen, and delayed packages simply aren’t worth whatever minimal savings Ontrac provides over better carriers.

Some specific situations where you absolutely want to avoid Ontrac include:

  • Time-sensitive package delivery
  • Valuable or fragile item shipping
  • During peak holiday shipping periods
  • If signature confirmation on delivery is important

The slightly lower rates you might get with Ontrac pale in comparison to the stress and frustration caused by their unreliable delivery track record. Only use Ontrac if you truly don’t care when or if your packages arrive!

Key Takeaways on Why Ontrac Reviews Are So Bad

To summarize, the key reasons why Ontrac is considered among the worst delivery services today include:

  • Terrible delivery timeliness resulting in extremely late packages
  • Inaccurate or nonexistent tracking information
  • Packages marked delivered but never received, indicating theft
  • Awful 1.2 out of 5 star customer satisfaction rating
  • Over 92% negative reviews on Trustpilot and F rating on BBB
  • Persistent issues with drivers, tracking systems, and customer service
  • Continues operating through low rates and regional dominance

Overall, Ontrac has earned their abysmal reputation over years of terrible performance and customer experiences. Yet they manage to stay in business despite clearly being one of the worst delivery providers in the nation. Whenever possible, avoid using Ontrac for your package deliveries.

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  1. I’ve sent this article to Vitacost in hopes they’ll quit using this company. Vitacost sent me an email the next day saying they would send it to the department within Vitacost that handles these issues. We shall see.

  2. I ordered from Temu recently and they used ontrac as their shipper. After not receiving package on time checked with ontrac customer service only to be told package was delivered to wrong facility. Since package has been delayed for a week with no update of when it will delivered.

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