What Does “Crossing Border and In Transit to Carrier Hub” Mean For Your Landmark Global Package Tracking?

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When you are tracking a package and receive an update saying “crossing border and in transit to carrier hub”, it can be confusing to know exactly what is happening with your shipment. This article will explain the meaning behind this Landmark Global tracking status and give you an idea of what to expect next.

What Does “Crossing Border” Mean for My Package?

If you have received a “crossing border” update, it means that the shipment is in the process of moving from one country to another. For example, if your package originated in China and is destined for delivery in the US, it would cross the border when exiting China on its way to the destination country.

Crossing border” tracking updates usually mean the package has cleared export customs and inspections in the origin country and is now making its way towards the destination country’s entry point and border crossing. This status indicates progress – your package is moving closer to you!

Why Might My Package Say “In Transit to Carrier Hub”?

The “in transit to carrier hub” status means your package is on the way to a central sorting facility or transportation hub, often in the destination country. This hub is operated by the carrier or postal service responsible for the final delivery of your item.

Packages are sorted and grouped at hubs so they can be transported more efficiently to regional facilities and ultimately to local delivery channels. So “in transit to carrier hub” means your package is getting closer to the local trucks that will bring it to your door.

What Comes After “In Transit to Carrier Hub”?

Typically after arriving at the destination carrier hub, your package will undergo some sorting and processing. It may receive an “Arrived at facility” scan when entering the hub.

Then, it’s back on the road for transit from the hub to your local delivery unit. You’ll likely see a “Departed from facility” scan when it leaves the hub and is sent out for final delivery. The next update would be an “Out for delivery” alert when it’s on the local truck for final transportation to your address.

So in summary, “In transit to carrier hub” means your package is making good progress – it has entered the destination country postal flow and is being routed for last mile delivery.

Other Things to Know About This Tracking Status

A few other helpful points about the “crossing border and in transit” status:

  • It’s common for packages from overseas to receive this update multiple times as they pass through transit hubs and cross borders
  • Delays can occur during lengthy customs procedures at international borders
  • The package is in the transportation network but may not have received detailed scans yet
  • It’s typically handled by the postal service or carrier once in the destination country
  • Your package is in transit and on track, even if it feels like you’ve been waiting awhile

When to Contact Landmark Global

You may want to check in with Landmark Global customer service if you don’t see any further tracking updates for several days after the “in transit to carrier hub” scan. This could indicate an unexpected delay or issue.

But in general, “crossing border and in transit” means your package is making steady progress through the international postal network, with the final delivery coming soon. So watch for additional scans and check your mailbox – your Landmark Global parcel should arrive shortly!

In summary:

  • “Crossing border” means the package has left the origin country and is on the way to the destination
  • “In transit to carrier hub” indicates the package is moving from border to a sorting facility en route to you
  • This status is common for international shipments and shows your item is in transit as expected
  • Delays can happen but the package is now in your country’s postal network for final delivery

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